Thunder Martial Chapter 101 - Escape to a small village

In the middle of the forest, Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er fled quickly And above the forest, the Imperial Sky Expert was chasing after them.

Given the massive disparity in strength, there was no way for the two of them to escape. It is a miracle that they are able to survive until now.


Wang Xian'er's feet shone and a red light constantly flashed, repeatedly saving Zi Chen's life.


A terrifying palm print descended, bringing with it endless pressure on the dense forest. In an instant, a huge vacuum appeared wherever the palm print hit.

The grass and trees were all destroyed and a bare palm print was embedded.

His target is me. Leave. Amidst the red light, Zi Chen also in a low voice after sensing that Wang Xian'er is unable to endure it any longer.

Only now do you say it? Wang Xian'er scolded lightly but did not abandon Zi Chen.

If this goes on, we will both die. Your status is noble, why would you accompany an unknown nobody like me to die? Zi Chen said.

Pui! Who will accompany you to death, keep dreaming. Wang Xian'er spat and said, We will not die, they have caused such a huge commotion, the people of my Cloud City must know, as long as we can endure until they come, we will be fine.

But how long can we last? Zi Chen laughed bitterly, at this time, he could no longer hold on, who knew when reinforcements would come.


Just as they slowed down, they were hit by the shockwave of the palm imprint. The two of them suddenly flew forward as boundless energy struck their bodies. Wang Xian'er was slightly better but Zi Chen was not. His Qi in his body churned and he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

His heart was overwhelmed with shock. He was merely hit by the shockwave, yet he is already injured to the point of vomiting blood. If he were to take a direct hit from him, he would most likely be smashed to smithereens in an instant.


Another palm imprint descended, its aura surging with boundless energy.

The two frantically fled.

At this time, the two were running through the forest, passing through many mountain peaks and crossing many rivers. Although their speed was fast, it was still incomparable to the Imperial Sky Experts.


Zi Chen did not know how many times he had been hit by the shockwave. In short, he coughed a few mouthfuls of blood and his injuries were severe. If not for his strong physique and the energy that constantly poured from his heart, he would have died a long time ago.

As for Wang Xian'er, she could not hold on any longer either. Blood was already trickling down from the corner of her mouth and her speed had slowed down by quite a bit.

Zi Chen had already advised her to leave but she refused to do so.

The two of them had already run to the top of a mountain. Right at this moment, The Imperial Sky Expert seemed to have gotten impatient, he unleashed his strongest attack, in an instant, a light flashed and a gigantic palm print appeared, covering the sky and earth and twisting the space around them.


The mountain top was broken by the giant palm print. Many stones were broken and a huge wave of dust appeared. Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er were both hit by the palm print. One of them released a red light while the other released a black light as they were both hit by the palm print and fell down the ravine.

They both fell into a mountain stream, with a gushing river in the middle. It was very deep and with two 'plop, plop' sounds, Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er fell into the water, going downsteams

Hmph, they're like cockroaches.

The Imperial Sky Expert snorted coldly as he flew in the air towards the river below. At the same time, he instructed: Send out the Rocs quickly and search along the way. If they're alive, bring them to me. If they're dead, bring me their corpse.

Yes sir!

Above the Rocs, many black-clothed people answered and they urged the Roc to chase after the river.

Zi Chen was already severely injured but in the last strike, even though the black light helped him block it, he still felt as if his bones were going to explode.

If not for the critical moment where a burst of silver energy gushed out from his heart and protected his internal organs, Zi Chen would have died. But even so, when he fell from the ravine, he had lost consciousness due to his injuries.

Wang Xian'er also did not feel good, previously, when the Imperial Sky Expert attacked, she was the one taking the brunt of the attacks. In his last strike, her protective shield was instantly shattered and when she landed on the river, although she was not unconscious, she is similarly heavily injured.

She used her remaining strength to tie Zi Chen and herself up and in the end, she fainted, causing their bodies to be dragged along the river. During this period of time, the two of them continuously made contact with the rocks, causing numerous wounds to appear on their bodies and their injuries became even worse.

This was a large river that was several hundred li long. Following the river and finding two people was an enormous project.

The silver energy within his heart was automatically healing his injuries. Two days later, Zi Chen struck another large rock, causing him to wake up.

When he opened his eyes, what entered into his vision was the fast flowing water, causing Zi Chen to choke from the water, he slapped his hands randomly, wanting to surface but he felt that his waist was very heavy, as though there was a person there. Lowering his head, he saw that Wang Xian'er who was like a sleeping beauty, quietly lying under him, the two of them is tied up tightly by a red ribbon.

It's her! Zi Chen was moved, he slapped the water surface again, both of his hands were in the air, constantly grabbing for a rock, and after a while, Zi Chen finally managed to grab onto a sharp stone, but before he could use more strength, the stone broke away from the riverbank, causing Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er body to be dragged by the river again.

After repeating this four or five times, Zi Chen finally grabbed onto a large stone and used all of his strength to get Wang Xian'er up first and finally, he managed to climb up with difficulty.

There were more than ten wounds on his hands. They were all made from rocks and blood was flowing out of them. Wang Xian'ers stomach slightly bulged, as if she had drank too much water. ers skin had turned white from the water and her red clothes stuck to her skin, revealing her devilish figure.

Not good, her breathing is ragged, she's in a life-threatening danger. Pulling his hand away from her mouth, Zi Chen cried out in alarm. After that, without caring about whether or not she would be angry afterwards, he stretched his hand out and pressed it against her stomach.

One... two... three... Zi Chen used a lot of strength.


Wang Xian'er began to cough out a few mouthfuls of water and only then did she began breathing rapidly. She slowly opened her eyes, as though she was about to wake up.

Zi Chen heaved a sigh of relief, the worst case scenario did not happen. Looking at Wang Xian'er, his eyes were filled with concern: You're awake?

Wang Xian'ers eyes slightly opened, and without saying a word, she fainted again.

Zi Chen was helpless, he could only carry her. It was not good to stay in this place for too long. Wang Xian'ers clothes are already soaked and is tightly wrapped around her skin.

Along the way, Zi Chen was extremely careful. He would occasionally hear the cries of the Rocs and his speed would increase by a lot.

Several hours later, Zi Chen saw a familiar little mountain village.

This is? Zi Chen's eyes lit up. He was familiar with this place and there were only a few dozen families here. At the entrance of the mountain village, there were many children playing, a few women knitting clothes and some old farmers carrying hoes were returning. Under the sunset, their figures were extremely long.

Zi Chen's arrival naturally attracted the gazes of many people.

Isn't that the young hero?

The young hero is here. Everyone, come and see. The young hero is back

Someone recognized Zi Chen and all of them cried out in surprise and joy as walked forward one after another. Many farmers also put down their hoes and walked towards Zi Chen.

Oh, oh, Big Brother Hero is back. Big Brother Hero is back. He even brought a beautiful big sister with him.

Many children came forward and surrounded Zi Chen, jumping, shouting, and cheering continuously.

Young hero, what's going on?

When the village's old man heard the news and walked out, he saw that Zi Chen was covered in wounds and the beauty in his arms was also riddled with scars.

Let's go back to the village first. Seeing that Zi Chen found it hard to speak, the old man quickly spoke up as well and a group of people walked towards the village.

After returning to the village, Zi Chen drank three big bowls of water before he started to pant.

At this time, many villagers heard the news and rushed over. They were all outside the old man's house, the old man was the village chief and was respected in the village, Zi Chen was in his house, Wang Xian'er had already been settled down.

Young hero, what happened? The old man asked with concern.

Uncle, please bring me something to eat. We are being chased by our enemies and cannot stay here. We will implicate you. Zi Chen's mouth was filled with dried meat as he spoke anxiously. His speech was a little unclear and the old man had to listen twice before he could understand.

Are they companion of the person from before? The old man was very nervous.

No, he's my enemy. Zi Chen said truthfully. He had already eaten all of the dried meat but was only half full.

The last masked man was sinister and left many shadows in the hearts of the villagers. Upon hearing that it was not those people, the old man let out a sigh of relief and said: It's good that it isn't them. You all injured now and the other one is unconscious.

I know but I can't implicate you.

What are you saying? Young Hero, our lives were saved by you and now that you're in danger, we can't just watch helplessly as you die The old man was slightly angry.

Uncle, you don't understand. My enemies are very strong and there are many of them. Compared to the masked man from last time, they are at least several hundred times stronger. Zi Chen did not want to implicate the other party, he just needed to take some food and leave.

Young hero, I may agree to let you leave but the rest of the villagers won't let you leave. Although we are mortals, we are not ungrateful people.

The old man suddenly stood up and walked outside.

Upon hearing that Zi Chen had arrived, all the villagers rushed over upon hearing the news. Knowing that Zi Chen was injured, many of them took their own things, some held eggs, some held dried meat, some held a chicken, while the butcher carried half a pork on his back.

Seeing the village chief come out, many villagers started to open their mouths to speak.

village chief, how is Young Hero? I heard that his injuries are very serious. These eggs can help heal his body.

village chief, I have some jerky for Young Hero.

I have a hare here. It was just beaten this morning and stewed for Young Hero. Let him recover as soon as possible.

What's so special about a wild rabbit? I have half a platter here, and it's definitely a good dish to nourish the body.

Upon seeing the Village Chief coming out, the villagers all spoke with expressions of concern.

The Village Chief waved his hand, signalling for everyone to quiet down.

Fellow villagers, this young hero is seriously injured and is being chased by his enemies. He's afraid of implicating us so he wants to leave immediately. What do you think?