Thunder Martial Chapter 100 - Chased by an Imperial Sky Expert


A Zhen Yuan Realm Expert who was running too slowly was hit by the green light and his body instantly exploded, dying without a complete corpse.

Ah... Damn it, don't come over. You are from Cloud City, this is the Azure Dawn Secret Law

Some people had extraordinary experience and their faces became pale after knowing that Wang Qiong is from Cloud City.

The strongest technique in Cloud City is the Azure Dawn Secrete Law. It was an existence similar to the Wu Zong Sect's, Wu Zong Art, one of the strongest techniques in the southern region.


The sky was full of green light, like a sharp sword and its aura was overflowing. Anyone the green light touched is immediately killed.

You are a member of Cloud City and we are members of the Wu Zong Sect. Do you really think that your Cloud City would want to start a war with our Wu Zong Sect?

Some disciples cried out in alarm as they backed off, their eyes filled with fear.

This is the territory of Cloud City. Your Wu Zong Sect came here to provoke us, you are courting death. Wang Qiong's expression was ice-cold. To dare make things up for him and even said that he is in a love triangle with his sister, these people were already on the death list.

Are you provoking the dignity of our Wu Zong Sect? Do you want to start a war with our Wu Zong Sect?

Hmph, are you even worthy? Wang Qiong coldly snorted as a cold light filled his eyes. The green light flickered continuously and more disciples of the Wu Zong Sect died.

The Azure Dawn Secrete Laws is the strongest techniques in Cloud City and it included both cultivation techniques and battle skills..

An extraordinary cultivation technique could create a powerful sect, which was the case for Cloud City and the same for Wu Zong. The reason why Wu Zong was so strong was all because of the Wu Zong Art.

In the forest, Wang Qiong wore a green armor and it was shining with a green light. Like a spider web, cracks filled the entire armor due to the previous attack of the gray-robed elder, his face was cold and filled with killing intent.


Once the Azure Dawn Secrete Law appeared, it started to glow with a green light. The sky was filled with that green light and it was as if a sharp sword was thrusting out.

A disciple who had been slashed by the green light was torn apart as if he is tofu being cut by a sharp sword.

Wang Qiong's eyes were cold and filled with killing intent, these people had touched his bottom line, they had to die, he did not plan to let any of them go.

Run. Go back and report to the Grand Elder! The group of Wu Zong Sect disciples frantically retreated as they shouted in panic. Wang Qiong is in the Zhen Yuan Realm and if he catches any of the Xiantian Realm experts, it would mean instant death, not to mention that the ones who ran too slowly had all died under the green light.

In the sky, the Roc Scream sounded, but they did not dare come down. Even they were frightened by Wang Qiong's killing intent.

People of Cloud City, this is a provocation to the prestige of the Wu Zong Sect. If we go back and report to the Sect Leader, we will definitely destroy your Cloud City.

Cloud City, prepare to accept the wrath of our Wu Zong Sect.

Some of the men in black knew that death was inescapable so they threatened.

Who was Wang Qiong? He is the son of the Cloud City, City Lord. With his high position, how could he care about the threats of these unranked disciples who had never even cultivated in the Wu Zong Art before.




Figures flashed one after another, rapidly rising into the air like artillery shells as they jumped towards the back of the Roc. They were scared out of their wits and at this moment, they could only flee in fear. They didn't even dare to say ruthless words anymore.

You want to leave? It won't be that easy Wang Xiong's eyes flashed with a cold light, he suddenly flew and like an Imperial Sky Realm expert, he floated up, the green light surrounding him was dazzling and many rays of green light were like sharp blades, flying towards the Rocs.




The green light swept past and killing intent surged out. the Rocs spread its wings and flew high into the air as it cried out in fear but it was unable to surpass the green light and it was swept over. In an instant, the Rocs hard black feathers were like tofu as they were easily pierced through by the green light.

Blood rained down like a rain of blood as roc after roc descended from the sky and smashed into the dense forest.

In one attack, he'd annihilated four Rocs but and there was another that was extremely far from the green light. The Roc barely dodged it and was lucky enough to survive and on the Roc's back was only one black-clothed man that was on the verge of being scared witless.

Go, go quickly! When he saw the Rocs fall to the ground one by one with his companions on their backs, the black clothed man let out a hysterical shout, urging the Roc to increase its speed. In the blink of an eye, everyone was dead and he was completely terrified.

Damn Wang Qiong landed on the ground and could only watch as the Roc bird disappeared. After all, he is not an Imperial Sky Expert

Wang Qiong was worried about his sister's safety so he didn't stay any longer. He only coldly glanced at the corpse on the ground and chased after them.


Zi Chen brought Wang Xian'er and escaped frantically. Even though there were no traces of the Roc in the sky, the two of them did not dare to be careless.

While escaping, Zi Chen appeared to be very careful, trying his best not to reveal any large traces.

They did not know that all the black-clothed men were dead. They only fled in a frenzy without stopping for a moment. At the same time, because of the gradual recovery of their injuries, the scars left behind by the two of them became less and less.

Wang Qiong rapidly pursued and he started to get tired along the way. He also did not bring any rations or water, and after a fierce battle, his stomach was already rumbling with hunger. However, there was nothing to eat here, and what worried him the most was that their footsteps had become fainter and fainter and he was no longer able to accurately determine where his sister was.

Occasionally, the two sides would deviate, and the distance between the two sides would increase further and further.

In the evening, Zi Chen found a hidden place and finally stopped.

We can't stay here for long. Hurry up and recover from your injuries, I'll go get something to eat. With that, Zi Chen ignored Wang Xian'er and disappeared into the forest.

Escaping the whole way, Wang Xian'er was in a very sorry state. There were numerous scratches on her clothes and the faint spring light was revealed. Her pair of enchanting eyes showed that she was somewhat tired.

She sat down cross-legged and began to consume medicinal pills in order to recover from her injuries.

After a while, Zi Chen returned, holding a green fruit, about the size of a walnut, he placed it in front of Wang Xian'er, Quickly eat, after you finish eating, let's go.

Wang Xian'er was hungry and thirsty, she grabbed a fruit and placed it in her mouth, and then immediately following that, she spat out with a 'pu' sound.

Her breath smelled like orchids, her voice was clear and melodious like that of the chirping of an oriole, It's so bitter, how do you eat it?

As she spoke, she threw the fruit to the side.

You can only eat this here or you'll starve to death. Zi Chen said in a heavy voice.

We can eat something else. You have hands and feet, don't you know how to make barbecue meat to eat? Wang Xian'er was very aggrieved. Since she was young, she had never been in such a sorry state.

Making a fire and roasting it is courting death. If you want to eat raw meat, I can get some for you. Zi Chen said coldly.

Then I want to go back. Wang Xian'er shouted.

Then you can leave. Everyone there is from the Wu Zong Sect. If you are to be discovered, you would be courting death.

Wang Xian'er felt wronged, and muttered, How am I so unlucky, I actually bumped into you.

Who told you to chase after me? Zi Chen was also in a bad mood, in the blink of an eye, he thought about how she had saved him and his tone became much gentler as she said, It's about time, it's time to go. If you don't eat, then bury all these.

With that, Zi Chen picked up the green fruit on the ground and carefully buried it.

Eat, why wouldn't I eat? Wang Xian'er pouted, she picked up a fruit and started to bite it, the tears in her eyes flowing fast, she felt wronged.

Under Zi Chen's lead, the two of them continued to flee. A few days later, the two of them ran for who knows how many miles.

the Roc had never appeared and no black-clothed person had chased after them either. It seemed to be safe now.

Just when the two of them felt safe and prepared to head to Cloud City, the disappeared Roc appeared again. This time, even more experts arrived, including an Imperial Sky Realm expert.

The Roc chirped in the sky and found traces of Zi Chen.

Not good, we've been discovered. Let's go. Zi Chen's expression changed greatly and he ran deeper into the forest. Wang Xian'er followed behind, in these few days time, her injuries had already recovered and her speed was even faster than Zi Chen's.

The red light flashed and her body became light once more. She returned to her normal body and ran through the forest.

Suddenly, a wave of aura descended from the sky.

The terrifying pressure was unrestrained. The trees swayed and moved to the sides, revealing an open space. The sunlight fell from the sky onto the dry and wet leaves.

Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er raised their heads, their pupils instantly contracting. Unknowingly, a figure had appeared in the air.

The person wore black clothing and stood in the air. Streams of energy swirled around him, making it impossible to see their appearances clearly. The horrifying pressure greatly reduced their speed.

Imperial Sky Realm Zi Chen's heart was overwhelmed with shock, when he saw an Imperial Sky Realm once again, it was as if there was a sea of shock, causing him to feel a wave of despair.

Zi Chen, how did you offend the people of the Wu Zong Sect? How did you get them to send an Imperial Sky Realm to deal with you, a mere True Qi Realm? Wang Xian'ers beautiful face also paled.

The Imperial Sky Realm expert carried an obvious killing intent; he was obviously not from Cloud City.

You are Zi Chen? The black clothed man stood in the air, looking down at Zi Chen, his voice cold.

Hurry up and leave.

Zi Chen did not bother with the other party as he called for Wang Xian'er to quickly flee. Even though he knew it was hopeless to escape, Zi Chen still wanted to try.

His entire body flickered with silver light as streaks after streaks of lightning surrounded the surface of his body. The blood and energy within his body frantically surged like stormy waves and the pressure exerted by the Imperial Sky Expert instantly weakened by quite a bit.


Wang Xian'er's body released a glaring red light, the aura on her body also became sharp, she instantly broke free from the pressure of the Imperial Sky Expert, her footsteps became light and graceful, her speed became even faster, and she surpassed Zi Chen first.

Let's go!

When she surpassed Zi Chen, she instantly grabbed onto him with her slender, jade-like hands. Then, she wrapped Zi Chen in red light and ran away from the forest at an extremely fast speed.

Oh, interesting. High above the sky, the Imperial Sky Realm Expert let out a disdainful sneer. From high up in the sky, he chased at a leisurely pace, with a group of Rocs behind him.

This life and death situation came extremely fast and unexpected

Wang Xian'er displayed an extraordinary footwork technique, her speed was extremely fast, almost like a beam of light. But an Imperial Sky Realm Expert was also extraordinary, following them in the air at a leisurely pace, with no effort at all.


After a long while, the Imperial Sky Expert finally made his move. A gigantic palm print descended from the sky with a terrifying aura, covering an area of tens of meters.

The endless forest could not withstand this aura and instantly exploded, turning into wood splinters and dancing around like sharp blades.

Wang Xian'ers feet shone, the red light beneath her feet flickered, like a ghost, bringing along Zi Chen, the pressure from the Imperial Sky Expert was useless against her.

The handprint finally landed, leaving a vacuum in a ten meter radius. All of the vegetation instantly exploded and a giant handprint deeply embedded itself into the ground.

The two of them ran as fast as they could, the Imperial Sky Expert behind them continued to attack them, if they were one step slower, their lives would be in danger.