Super Male God System Chapter 95 - Housing

This little girl dressed as a princess was called Qiu Wanwan. Her family didn't own any mine, nor was she in the entertainment industry. They were no high-ranking officials, but the ancestors of this little girl were. The girl has gone awry, but backing her up, her father was the president of a calligraphy association in a provincial region, and her grandfather had a lot of reputation, anyway, she was the kind you can't mess with...

Counting up, her Qiu family could be regarded as a famous family throughout history. It could be said that from the ancient times to the present, the number of things that they have dabbed on cannot be counted with just one hand. Although they used to do painting and calligraphy, these years they have also engaged in a lot of antiques, but this wasn't important, the important thing is they style the homes of others.

It was said that when the museum in Forbidden City was completed in the early years, half of the things in the museum were donated by the Qiu family. From this, we know how the girl's family is... uhh, rich.

However, although her family is like this, there was suddenly a girl like Qiu Wanwan was born there. Her other family members were worthy of their family name. Only this little girl, because her father was rebellious when he was young, he had a relationship with an American woman. Then, it was soon found that the woman was pregnant and although the family did not really agree, they did not want to kill the child so the woman gave birth to the child. This is Qiu Wanwan.

Before she was ten years old, she lived with her mother. Her mother started a toy company. It's a company specializing in dolls called BJD dolls. It is a ball joint doll and the doll's body is connected together by the ball, and then the doll can make more moves, and each of them is very delicate. [TN: Can't explain how a BJD doll really look so just look it up on google images. They look pretty neat]

Of course, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that this thing is expensive and for the doll of Qiu Wanwan's mother company, it has the lowest price of four or five thousand dollars, and the highest price of several million dollars.

After Qiu Wanwan turned ten, her mother sent her to the Qiu family, which caused a lot of turbulence in the Qiu family. Because Qiu Wanwan was the only girl of this generation, she was endorsed by the Qiu family and was treated as a princess. After arriving at the Qiu family, no one made any trouble for her and all they did was spoil her. Moreover, when the photographer went to Qiu Wanwan's house to pick her up, the servants of this Qiu family were shouting little princess. She had a more comfortable life than a princess.

Also, Qiu Wanwan, whose English name is Alice, is derived from Alice in Wonderland.

So, this... she can be said to be 'True Princess'.

Xiao Qingrong didn't dislike such a girl. She wasn't really respectful of people, but it was because she had been treated as a princess all her life. She was accustomed to commanding others and she didn't feel that it was wrong because it was a habit for her.

Chen Mingze looked at Qiu Wanwan with eyes full of disgust. He originally thought that Wen Xuehui was already unique enough for him. The 'Princess', who was already over age, was even more unique...

Tang Tianning also looked at the girl who was wearing the dress in front of him quite interestingly. He was afraid that this girl had gone to the wrong place since she came to a place like the countryside to wear this lace princess dress.

Wen Xuehui, who was also a girl, looked at Qiu Wanwan and frowned, and wondered Just what is this girl wearing?

Xiao Qingrong was still calm. He walked over and knew that because he and Qiu Wanwan had a high degree of affection, she called for him. She was in a strange place and the people around were all strangers, so of course Qiu Wanwan would choose Xiao Qingrong, since their affection was at 50%.

Hello, I'm Xiao Qingrong. Is this your luggage? There's a lot...

Xiao Qingrong opened his mouth, and he noticed that the girl's ears were a little red. He knew that the little girl was probably a little nervous and shy, so his smile was more gentle, and his brown eyes fell on her.

Qiu Wanwan was really nervous. She was fine when she was abroad. After returning home, she had been unable to integrate into the domestic environment. She was surrounded by her cousins and she had never played with strangers at all. This was a strange situation for her, but thinking of her Grandpa's words, Qiu Wanwan's face turned a bit stern, she didn't want anyone to see her vulnerability.

Now seeing Xiao Qingrong's smile, the tension in her heart subsided a lot, and then she nodded a bit aggrieved.

Yes, it's all mine, but I can't carry it. Can you help me?

Suddenly, the princess turned into a pitiful little cute girl, and her lovely big eyes looked at Xiao Qingrong, causing all the photographers who took the photos to wonder if the people who came this time were all two-faced?

This little princess was obviously a different person when she was at home, and she also sulked when she was in the car. She was annoying and embarrassing to speak to. She claimed to be a little princess, but now... hehe, when she met this black kid, she now looks like a different person?

Okay, you look so beautiful and look good. I am fourteen years old. How old are you?

While holding a bag, Xiao Qingrong asked, and Qiu Wanwan finally reached out her hand and held the other bag. Both of her bags were pink and tender, very girly.

Chen Mingze wanted to tell Xiao Qingrong not to help, but watching Xiao Qingrong talk to this strange little girl, it wasn't a good idea to not give Xiao Qingrong face, and he could only watch the other person walk in front of them with a bag.

The four finally arrived, and the show crew was relieved a lot. Although imaginary tears, collisions, and the like did not happen, such a weird situation, if filmed, was also very fun. [TN: I guess I messed up, it's four people, not five. Gonna change that in the previous chapters]

Welcome the four young masters and misses to Xiaojia Village. In the next week, you will go to Xiaojia Village for self-reliance and learn to survive by yourself. Now, please hand over the snacks, food, and drinks that you brought. All mobile phones, electronic products, etc. are to be given to the show crew, and only daily necessities can be kept!

The director hurriedly held the microphone and shouted. The four young masters and mistress really sneered at hearing the words, and they did not like such rules.

But it was useless even if they did not like it. Chen Mingze had already handed over everything, so he straightened out his bag, covered it, and lifted it up. Tang Tianning, who was on the side, also organized his luggage.

Later, Wen Xuehui opened her own bag. A few boys couldn't help looking at it secretly. They found that the box was clean and the clothes were put in some small bags. For snacks and the like, Wen Xuehui just took out her mobile phones and electronic products and gave them to the program group.

It can be said that Wen Xuehui's bag was nothing special. It didn't not look like a girls at all, and the constitutional encyclopedia inside it made the show crew and the people on the scene stunned.

We can't bring electronics, but books can be kept, right?

The director glanced at the book, and for the first time, he felt that his show group was so positive, and nodded quickly.

Yes, you can keep it!

Then Qiu Wanwan, her two big pink bags successfully attracted everyone's attention, and even Chen Mingze couldn't help but look at it and was curious.

The first box was quickly opened, and everything exposed inside made everyone hold back, because it was a BJD doll that was about the same size as the box, almost exactly the same as Qiu Wanwan. The skirt worn on its body was a light blue princess dress, which looked so real that Xiao Qingrong couldn't help but take a second look.

Some people in the show group don't know what this thing was, but looking at such a degree of sophistication, they also know that it was very expensive, so after checking it and making sure that there was nothing else in it, they handed it back to Qui Wanwan.

The other bag contained clothes and cosmetics, both of which were in small samples.

After checking the luggage of the four children, the director spoke again.

Okay, then the crew will take you to see where you will live for the next week. Put your luggage away, we are about to start a new mission!

Seeing that they were so cooperative, the director felt a little weird. Then he looked at the black guy who wasn't afraid of the scene and the camera. The director felt tired for some reason as he saw this. Is it pleasant?

Director! Can I apply to live at Qingrong's home! I want to live with Qingrong!

The director who just said that the children were so cooperative had to eat his own words in minutes.

Chen Mingze raised his hand to hold Xiao Qingrong aside and patted Xiao Qingrong's shoulders like a good brother.

I want to live in Qingrong's house!

Tang Tianning, who heard this, frowned. Turning his head to see Chen Mingze holding onto Xiao Qingrong's shoulder again, he could not help but stretch out to grab Chen Mingze's hand.

Qing Rong is still a young man. Don't put your weight on him. After that, he turned his head and looked at the director.

Director, I also want to apply to live with Qingrong. We are all boys. It is convenient to live together. Also, Qingrong can take us to see the village. What do you think? I think it's a good idea

Everything was already planned and yours parents have accepted! Of course it is not good! The director said fiercely in his heart, but he still smiled.

But the show crew has already arranged a place for you...