Super Male God System Chapter 94 - Orders

The two young masters came this time with very large bags, and they packed up a lot of snacks. Tang Tianning also borrowed a bag from the show group and packed these snacks. As of right now, they have not eaten yet, so the three of them secretly gathered together to eat cookies, and the show crew didn't say anything, after all, the rest had not arrived yet. Under normal circumstances, the snacks and the like would all be put away, just like how they had to hand in their mobile phones and gaming consoles. The two young masters didn't eat in the morning. If they were really hungry, it wouldn't be too good, so they closed an eye.

This cookie is very delicious, is it low-fat? It suits me but after this show, I think I will at least lose ten pounds.

Chen Mingze commented on the cookies brought by Tang Tianning and opened his mineral water to take a sip. He actually didn't look fat at all. This whole body looked very lean, probably because of foreign genes.

That's true, this village has nothing, and it should be easy to lose weight. Tang Tianning nodded. Watching Xiao Qingrong also eating cookies bit by bit, he felt that he was like a hamster, with a drum in his mouth. It was cute.

At this point, the two who used to be like a spoiled brat had changed more or less, but they hadn't noticed. Meanwhile, like a greedy ghost, Xiao Qingrong enjoyed the feeling of the cookies blooming in his taste buds, and his face showed an expression of enjoyment. However, little did Xiao Qingrong know that this expression will later become his dark history.

Is it so delicious? Seeing the expression of enjoyment by Xiao Qingrong, Chen Mingze felt that the cookies in his hand were different. After asking the question, he stuffed cookies into his mouth, and his mouth also bulged, and he looked a little cute, but his arrogance was gone.

On the contrary, Tang Tianning ate his cookies quietly, and looked at Xiao Qingrong and Chen Mingze with a smile in his eyebrows. Such a picture was very beautiful. Of course, it would be better without Xiao Qingrong's dark skin.

Just when the three shared a packet of cookies peacefully, another car came from the village entrance. After stopping, the door was opened, and then a girl came out. The girl had her hair braided into a hip-hop braid, with exaggerated makeup painted on her face, and she should be wearing hip-hop style clothes, but anyways, she looked messy. When she got out of the car, she attracted the attention of all the villagers. Compared with Xiao Qingrong's boldness, playing with these children from the city, most of the children in the village were afraid of the children in these cities, and the appearance of this girl shocked them. Children could still dress like this...

The girl who got off the car didn't look like a cool tyrannical drag, and she had a gentle and improbable name, Wen Xuehui.

Compared to Chen Mingze's and Tang Tianning's family, Wen Xuehui's family was not that rich, but who was Xiao Qingrong? As a man who has read the data, he naturally knew. Although Wen Xuehui looks like a rebellious middle school girl right now, this girl will be the most powerful super diplomat in the world in the future. Moreover, her family has been an official for more than three generations, and she was still one of a kind in her family. Such a girl was sent to this program because her elders wanted to make Wen Xuehui understand the meaning of bitter sweet thinking.

Thinking of the data Xiao Qingrong saw, this girl with a gentle name later defeated the diplomats of other countries, and her every word of defending the country became a network quote. It could be said that she was very powerful.

At the moment when he saw the girl, Xiao Qingrong had recovered his consciousness, or he had taken his body back from the greedy ghost. Although the greedy ghost liked to eat, he would not deliberately trouble Xiao Qingrong. Xiao Qingrong still understood this point.

Wen Xuehui's name was added without hesitation. Xiao Qingrong felt that his circle of friends had to be rolled out first. In that case, it would be easier to do what he wanted to do in the future.

Wen Xuehui, who got off the van, was just like Chen Mingze and Tang Tianning, with a frown and indescribable boredom and apathy. After looking around, she was even more annoyed, then she sat on the black luggage. She didn't seem to intend to communicate with people around her.

Chen Mingze and Tang Tianning also saw the little girl sitting there, and Chen Mingze raised an eyebrow, his voice sulking.

Oh, a hippy? This makeup is quite professional!

Chen Mingze, who came back from abroad, actually hated hip-hop culture and thought that hip-hop culture was a kind of culture that made him... um, feel unacceptable.

It was probably because his family had British and French relatives. Chen Mingze had the pride of the British and the romance of the French. Of course, he had more or less the pride of his own country. He chose to return to the country because he wanted to break through the sky in his own country. [TN: Meaning he wanna succeed in his own country]

I've met her.

Tang Tianning had a serious look on his face, and his beautiful face at this time was seriously looking at the girl sitting on the black box. His eyes blinked constantly as if thinking of the identity of the other party.

Oh? Do you? Chen Mingze looked curiously, wondering what was strange about the girl.

The two of you come with me. I wanted to inquire about her identity. As a result, they saw that their common 'good friend' Xiao Qingrong walked towards the little girl.

What is the first step to making friends? Xiao Qingrong could tell you that it was a conversation.

In the witness of all the cameras, Xiao Qingrong walked to the girl with exquisite makeup. At this time, the strong contrast made the photographers shoot wildly. Sitting on the black bag, Wen Xuehui was cold and her face was too thick. Some people couldn't see her true appearance, but she exuded a look of do not come close. Moreover, the strange necklaces and jewelry on her arms and necks were really scary.

Hello, I am Xiao Qingrong. Do you want to eat gum?

Xiao Qingrong took out Chen Mingze's chewing gum box and held it to her, causing Wen Xuehui who was sitting there to look up at Xiao Qingrong. At this time, a strange feeling spread in her heart, and she originally wanted to refuse. However, looking at the person in front, for some reason, Wen Xuehui's rejection turned into acceptance.

However, her action was rude and she grabbed the box of gum from Xiao Qingrong, then poured out two gums and stuffed it into her mouth.

This looked no different from a robbery. Chen Mingze, who was standing a bit far away, suddenly got angry, thinking that Wen Xuehui snatched Xiao Qingrong's chewing gum. Although he also saw that Xiao Qingrong gave her the gum, there was an unknown fire in his heart that made him rush over.

Hey! What are you doing! Is it fun to take someone's stuff like that?

As he said that, he stretched out his hand to grab the gum back but Wen Xuehui dodged his grab, and then she jumped off the luggage briskly.

After avoiding Chen Mingze's surprise grab, Wen Xuehui raised her eyebrows and looked at the boy. She knew that he was from a big city like herself, and the boy who was more beautiful than the girl by the side was also from the city.

He gave me food himself, I didn't grab it. After that, she threw the gum box in her hand to Xiao Qingrong. Xiao Qingrong caught it, and looked at the cool girl and showed a smile.

This smile really seemed to be really good but Wen Xuehui seemed to be confused. While chewing gum twice, she said.

I'm Wen Xuehui. I came to this village to participate in the Metamorphosis show. Are you from the village? What's your name?

She didn't look at the two handsome guys next to her. Instead, she asked Xiao Qingrong, who was dark-skinned before her eyes, which stunned the camera operators again. She looked at the small dark boy standing among the three and wondered what the development was.

I'm Xiao Qingrong.

Xiao Qingrong introduced himself again.

Chen Mingze and Tang Tianning looked at each other and knew Xiao Qingrong's affection for this girl, so they also introduced their names. Now, their friendship went from three to four. Although each person had a different personality, the four happily became 'good friends', and the show group almost collapsed because of their confusion.

Fortunately, it only took seven or eight minutes for the last car to come. After the door was opened, a little girl who was wearing a white princess dress stepped out. Not to mention being out of touch with the village, even with the world, she is out of place.

She had a beautiful and perfect face like a doll. The beautiful dress on her body made the villagers widen their eyes. It seemed that they had never seen such a cute girl before. Although it was May, she was wearing a milky white lace dress. The complex pattern on it was beautiful and unusual, and she also wore laced gloves and stood there after getting off the car, as if waiting for someone to pick her up.

Her little chin lifted slightly, holding on like a real little princess, and the staff couldn't stand it anymore. She took her luggage out of the car, two super-large boxes! You could imagine what's inside.

Finally, her eyes fell on Xiao Qingrong's body, and then she looked him up and down and said....

You! The black man, this princess has orders for you. Now help this princess carry the luggage!