Super Male God System Chapter 93 - Take My Food

Tang Tianning took two chewing gums and put them in his mouth. In fact, he was generally indifferent to such things, but this time it was stolen from Chen Mingze and it felt especially delicious.

Passing the gum box back to Chen Mingze, Tang Tianning introduced himself.

I'm Tang Tianning. Let's be friends from now on. You can call me Tianning.

As he smiled, his delicate girl-like face was very beautiful at this time, causing the photographers on the side to give a high-definition close-up, after all, people like to see beautiful things, and now, Tang Tianning's appearance was very beautiful.

Okay, hello Tianning, you can also call me Qingrong, yes, I am fourteen years old this year, you guys... seem to be older than me?

Xiao Qingrong does not mind pretending to be tender. After all, at this age, they were still cultivating their sense of responsibility.

Oh? Then I'm sixteen years old, two years older than you, you call me brother Tianning Tang Tianning smiled and thought. If it was the past, I would have ignored this kind of black person, but for some reason, as I look at this boy with brown pupils in front of me, I don't know why, but I feel particularly comfortable with him.

I'm also sixteen. Qingrong, call me elder brother Ze. Since you will call Tang Tianning brother, you have to call me elder brother because I'm born first!

Chen Mingze also hurried to speak, as long as Xiao Qingrong called him elder brother, it was beautiful, and he would be able to take advantage of Tang Tianning.

Tang Tianning smiled when he heard this, but did not answer, but instead looked at Xiao Qingrong. Xiao Qingrong did not object to their words, took a serious look at Chen Mingze and spoke.

Elder brother Ze, rest assured, if you are in the village, I will treat you well!

After speaking, he turned to Tang Tianning and smiled.

Brother Tianning, I will also catch fish for you to eat. There is a river in the village. I often go to catch fish, and I will grill the fish for you.

In a few words of work, the three people are quite close, and the staff on the side were a bit stunned. They originally thought that the two wealthy young masters would start a fight but they instead made up after this young man from Xiaojia village spoke.

Watching their show turned into a show of talking and making friends. The camera crew also felt a little strange. In the past, these 'bad-tempered' young men would lose their temper or find a way to grab the shots for themselves but these two suddenly changed. God knows that the young master Chen Mingze smashed his bedroom before he came, and Tang Tianning, who had a sulky face all the way here was now laughing.

By the way, I also have something to eat, do you eat chocolate?

After chatting with Xiao Qingrong and Chen Mingze for a while, Tang Tianning remembered that he had brought food, and he wanted to come out to please his new friends, and the program team immediately started talking.

You can't eat food in the trunk from now on! The rules of the show group are like this, snacks, mobile phones, game consoles, and any entertainment facilities are not allowed!

The director of the show group stopped Tang Tianning. As a result, Tang Tianning didn't speak yet, and Chen Mingze on the side stretched out his hand and held Tang Tianning's shoulder, then began to fight with the show group.

Now people haven't come yet. We came first. Why can't we just eat some snacks first? In the morning, we didn't eat anything. We just got off the plane. Do you want to starve us to death? Besides, we want to get these things to give to Qingrong to eat. These things, since we can't eat it, can't we just give it to Qingrong. Is that against the rules?

Chen Mingze talked, and then blinked at Tang Tianning. Tang Tianning was a little uncomfortable when Chen Mingzhe put his hands on his shoulders but at this moment, he also knew that Chen Mingze was helping him. Thinking of his luggage, they couldn't use it anyway so it's better to give it to Qingrong. They had just heard Qingrong talk and he has been in this village for a long time and hasn't been out. They are sure he hasn't seen many things...

The two had unknowingly stood on the united front. They did not find out how strange and wonderful they were to Xiao Qingrong at first sight. The relationship between people was originally full of suspicion, but these two rich young masters from the city, when they saw a black kid in the countryside, they ate chewing gum and chatted together.

As for what they were feeling? It was as if a poor man suddenly appeared among the millionaires, and these millionaires also pleased this poor man, which made people feel very wonderful.

Yeah, we have to wait here and don't we know how long it will take. You can't keep us hungry, right? Director, we will obey your arrangements but me giving food to Qingrong. Yes, it doesn't violate the rules right?

Tang Tianning also spoke, leaving the director speechless, and he was guessing that the two rich children must want to hide the food through this rural child, and then secretly use it...

However, the reason was so clear that the director could not refuse, and could only agree to let them open their bags.

The two got their bags, and they opened them directly without caring about the people in the back.

Qingrong, come and get chocolate!

In this case, if Xiao Qingrong was an ordinary rural child, he would shrink back, and he would not take stranger's things, but for Xiao Qingrong, these two people had a 50% favorability with him, so they could be trusted. He didn't feel embarrassed at all and walked towards the two and took the chocolate box in Tang Tianning's hand.

This box was very high-end, it was a kind of foreign chocolate. Chen Mingze glanced at it and immediately laughed.

I also like to eat this brand, but I haven't eaten much since I have gained weight recently.

Young master Chen, who lived abroad, of course, ate chocolates. Then he found in his own bag, the cookies, water, and a black bag that he liked to eat. Tang Tianning glanced at it and he noticed that the biscuit was also a low-fat biscuit, and water was a very good brand from abroad, with a bottle that cost more than forty dollars.

Qingrong, you just take these home to eat. These are my favorite foods. I think you will definitely like them.

Tang Tianning offered them to Xiao Qingrong. In fact, he did like these snacks very much, but the thought of making Xiao Qingrong happy made him feel happy.

Xiao Qingrong did not refuse and kept watching the pile of snacks, he nodded his eyes narrowly.

Okay, thank you brother Tianning.

This kind of reaction made the cameraman think that the child was so thick-skinned and casually took away people's stuff. Moreover, the snacks did not look like ordinary snacks. Can the snacks eaten by rich children be cheap?

Aside from Tang Tianning, Chen Mingze also prepared a lot of snacks. At this time, when he saw Tang Tianning's response, he took out all the snacks.

Qingrong, take these back too. Anyways, the show crew is so unwilling to let us eat it and I'm worried that it might expire soon so eat it for me.

Chen Mingze said. Suddenly, as if he was thinking of something, he opened the black bag in his bag. As soon as he opened it, the mess inside it suddenly fell into the trunk. Chen Mingze saw the thing he was looking for. He reached out and took the gum box scattered on the right side of the box, and handed it to Xiao Qingrong with a smile.

Well, there's a box of chewing gum, you take it!

This flattering look was really unbearable.

Xiao Qingrong came over and reached out to pick up the gum. After seeing Chen Mingze's bag messed up, he squatted down.

Elder brother Ze, let me clean it up for you.

Xiao Qingrong said, reaching out to help Chen Mingze pick up things. Chen Mingze didn't dislike his little black hand at the moment. Instead, he raised his lips toward Tang Tianning. He didn't know what he was laughing for, but he didn't stop. Then, he saw a black card in the corner and he sighed. He reached out and took the card back, and then a distressed expression appeared on his face.

Why did they put this card in my bag for this broken village?

After speaking, he put the card back in his black bag. Xiao Qingrong was not surprised by the black card. After all, Chen Mingze was a young master. A small black card was nothing at all.

Since Chen Mingze was not an adult yet, this little black card was definitely a secondary card for his family. Many banks had secondary cards for the young.

When the camera crew saw this black card, they couldn't wait to put the camera up to shoot. Just the action of Chen Mingze has already made the director see the breaking point! Although everyone knew that these children who came to the show were rich, they rarely got a black card. Although they don't know whether this black card was real or not, just seeing it had already made people find it amazing.

The director stood there, and suddenly felt that this time the show might have bursting points without tearing it. Seeing the appearance of Chen Mingze and Tang Tianning, it seemed that they wanted to please the black boy, isn't this... people like?