Super Male God System Chapter 9 - Success

Xiao Qingrong was speechless, how?

How is it possible for the other party to make them already?

Even if they were born again, they couldn't possibly accomplish so much with so little time right?

Seeing the host seemed unhappy, it didn't know how to respond, it could only know so much...

[ I'm sorry host, I couldn't find any other useful information, Rebirths are special. All of it is being sealed and is highly confidential, I'm so useless...(;________;) ]

TN: Added them faces, system is a coward. It sounds so emotionless without these

Speaking of which, 618 felt like the most useless system in the world, it couldn't even help its host, and if it did, it would only be in the way...

Fortunately, Xiao Qingrong already knew it was of no help, so he didn't expect much.

It's alright, I don't need to develop the Medical Pod or Pupil Scanner. If someone else can do it better, let them. However, can you look up any other information related to this person?

Xiao Qingrong still felt grateful though, now he wouldn't have to invest so much time and energy in useless activities. Otherwise he would have to spend countless hours on things he didn't even find interesting, the last thing he wanted to do was forcing himself to do something.

[ I know! His name is Zhang Zirui. To be precise, it's Xin Ye's grandson, after some investigation, the matter in which you were sent to prison is also related him! ]

Indeed, only now did 618 remember such an important piece of information...It immediately felt angry. Why were humans so bad, why couldn't they be like calculators!

Xiao Qingrong was accustomed to 618's slow processing. In fact, Qingrong already guessed something similar after listening to the investigation. Since he was never meant to go to prison, his future was changed. This means someone must have known about his existence and wanted to change it.

However, Xiao Qingrong still found it odd. Technologies like the fully-autonomous cars weren't simple to recreate. It was fine that he wanted to plagiarize, but how?...

Xiao Qingrong was obsessed with this issue, and Zhang Zirui was going crazy...

While Qingrong thought Zirui had the Main Character Syndrome because of his chance to relive his life again. Zirui's first intention was to approach the future scientist aka Xiao Qingrong, but he did not expect the scientist he respected so much was a fraud. The Super Inventor System which originally intended to bind Xiao Qingrong as its host changed its mind and bound itself to Zhang Zirui due to his stable mental power.

At the time, Zhang Zirui suddenly understood that the greatest scientist of the century was just a systematic trained cheat. It was all fake, Zirui was so angry and shamed that when he found out his father's illegitimate son went to school with Qingrong. He devised the accident, killing his father's illegitimate child and sending Xiao Qingrong to prison, hitting two birds with one stone.

In his opinion, Xiao Qingrong, who he respected, was just an ordinary person! The so called great inventions were all because of the system! This made Zirui depressed, so he decided to replace Qingrong to become the greatest scientist of the century!

After receiving the system, Zirui was thrilled. Among the several options available, he decided that the fully-automated car production would yield the greatest benefit to the country. After nearly a year of research, it was finally made, however, what he didn't expect was that during the press conference, it would be raided by police.

After his capture and arrest, even with how useful the technology was, he was about to be sent to jail. In order to prevent himself from going to jail, he took the initiative to mention details about Medical Pod to the higher ups. In turn, he was allowed entry to the National Academy of Science, of course, it wasn't official, but as a prisoner. This meant any kind invention he made would be owned by the state! Since all those enrolled in the National Academy of Sciences were lunatics when it came to scientific research, he didn't like this kind of messy research, but he still had to pretend to like it...

This is probably what's called...a friendly twist of fate?

If it wasn't for Xiao Qingrong meeting Xin Ye, he would never have chosen to betray his daughter for the chance to be released from prison, who was Zirui's mother. In any case, the fully-autonomous car had huge benefits, afterall, Zhang Zirui was going to use it to reach the peak of life. Unfortunately, he met a ghost on the road.

However, this only happened due to his poor choices and wanted a monopoly. Considering that the original Xiao Qingrong donated the Medical Pod to the country unconditionally, the Pupil Scanner was researched together with the national scientific research department, so it wasn't his invention. The technology for the fully-autonomous car was also a cooperation with the country.

618 still couldn't find any other useful information about him, but Xiao Qingrong's experiment had begun in full wing!

While Qinglong had chosen five people for his experiment. Many wanted to be first, as the gang was huge, it didn't help that many were fighting for the spots.

These five people were either blind or had missing limbs. After taking their measurements, he immediately moved on to production. Probably due to his latest experience, the prosthetics were produced even faster. In a month, the five test subjects were ready for installation.

I, I can see...The blind man couldn't believe it. His eye was slashed by a knife during a fight, he could only choose to give up on his right eye. After installing the prosthesis, light entered his eye again in ages, he was overwhelmed with excitement.

Others also had similar reactions. Those who had their limbs reconnected again couldn't help but flail it around, the sensation of moving their arms and legs was exhilarating. A 24 year old man was constantly stroking his new mechanical legs, he could even feel his two new legs touching the ground. His eyes were red, it felt great to have legs again!

Xiao Qingrong stood in front of them and started recording data for his experiment.

How do you feel when you move around? Do you feel any friction and pain?

A young man who just regained his legs responded, his name was Cheng Liang.

It doesn't hurt, it feels great. It feels very natural as I walk, I can feel the temperature of the floor, and even feel my legs with my hand. Dr. Xiao, I'm not dreaming am I? Is this real?(TN: (ง◉ ͜つ◉)ง That's how you become a doctor)

Of course it's all true. These are high-sensitive mechanical prosthesis, it can simulate human senses. For example, when you said you could feel the ground, that's one of its features. It's also equipped with solar panels, it can be recharged by basking in the sun or directly from other energy sources, understood?

Xiao Qingrong was very satisfied with his experiment. It was becoming more convenient, along with its comfort level close to that of real limbs, it's almost complete.

Thank you Dr. Xiao, I will definitely pay attention, and charge it well!

As long as he was able to stand, Chen Liang felt like he could do anything, even if he had to stand under the sun all day long to charge it, he was willing!

As for you, are there any discomfort in your eyes? Is it balanced when seeing with both vision? Does the rotation of the eye have any sort of effect when you move it?

He kept inquiring, the blind man quickly responded. Fortunately, all the results were good, all within Qingrong's calculation range. After all the data were recorded, he returned to the villa to rest.

Xin Ye was very pleased with the result. He was already accustomed to the returns of his fingers. He could now do most tasks with the unique feeling his fingers gave him.

After Xiao Qingrong was done eating, he was about to rest when he heard a knock.

Come in.

Qingrong knew it was Liang Xin, he probably waited long enough for a chat.

As soon as Xiao Qingrong's words fell, Liang Xin came in and gave Qingrong a complex stare. He did not expect that he would seek help from such a person one day.

7543, has your high-sensitivity mechanical prosthesis been completed? It's able to help many other people right?