Super Male God System Chapter 89 - Meeting

It has been ten years and Chu Yunyi met his ex best friend again ten years later, but in the prison of Nebula. Chu Yunyi looked at Huo Tiancheng through the glass, trying to remember the proud look of Huo Tiancheng that year, and also remembered him on the stage. The appearance of the superstar was long gone and the Huo Tiancheng in front of him is decadent and he does not look like a young man in his twenties. His hair was shaved and his face was not very clean. At this time, a pair of gloomy eyes looked straight at Chu Yunyi.

You win.

Huo Tiancheng was the first to speak. His voice was hoarse and weak, but what he said was ridiculous. It was unknown if he was mocking his own greed or everything else.

Chu Yunyi originally had a lot of things to say, but at this time he couldn't say anything at all. Looking at his ex close friend in front of him, he wanted to ask why he took his sound spirit back then, but at this time, everything seemed to have lost its meaning.

So what if he got an answer? The events of that year have already happened, and what has happened cannot be changed.

The two looked at each other. Huo Tiancheng looked at Chu Yunyi, who was calm in front of him, but he remembered how he saw the other party control the music in the live broadcast. The feeling was completely different from himself. Huo Tiancheng knew that although he was into music but in fact, he had no talent. For him, music was what makes him stand on the cool stage, and what makes fans cheer for him. After seeing Chu Yunyi, he had to admit that Chu Yunyi was much better than him.

Because in Chu Yunyi's heart, no matter when or where he stood, it was his stage.

I don't regret what happened then.

He spoke again, this time with a kind of pastoral discomfort in his voice, but Chu Yunyi nodded calmly and looked at the other side for a long time before giving the answer.

Well, we're not brothers anymore since then.

Yes, Chu Yunyi was raised by the Huo's. He and Huo Tiancheng should have been very close brothers, but it was because of the original sound spirit that caused the two to no longer be in contact. Now they meet again after many years. Huo Tiancheng has paid the price for his actions, and Chu Yunyi has finally learned to let go of everything.

The two did not know what to say afterwards, so Chu Yunyi left the cell here and came to Mrs. Huo. He wanted to see Mrs. Huo, because in his young age, Mrs. Huo was like Chu Yunyi's mother.

Because the memories of his parents' passing away were sealed, Chu Yunyi as a child rarely thought about his parents. When he came to the Huo family, the one who was very good to him was Mrs. Huo. She almost loved him as her biological son. Without caring for what happened later, Chu Yunyi sometimes even regarded Mrs. Huo as his own mother.

It was only then that this person, who was like a mother in Chu Yunyi's heart, did what Chu Yunyi could not forgive.

Leaving the Huo's house that year was not only because his sound spirit was taken away, but actually because of the betrayal.

This was the shadow that still lingered in Chu Yunyi's heart.

They met again after ten years. Mrs. Huo, who was once gentle and kind, still bears a kind heart of compassion. After seeing Chu Yunyi, she first smiled, and then laughed, just like that year.

Perhaps Zhan Rui was right, Chu Yunyi can kill the enemies on the battlefield, but in front of these familiar people, he was too weak, and now even facing those who have hurt him, Chu Yunyi does not have a fierce desire for revenge.

Long time see, are you okay?

Chu Yunyi looked at the slightly older woman in front of him, and finally cleared up his mood and asked this.

Mrs. Huo nodded. Although she was simple, she still had her temperament. She looked at Chu Yunyi at this time, and she sighed a bit.

I'm okay. Although I'm here now, at least I'm calm. My child, I'm sorry to you and your mother.

She said an apology in her mouth, but she did not regret it on her face. She probably would do it again, after all. After all, between her son and her friend's son, if there was a choice to make, her own son came first.

Of course, Chu Yunyi understood her meaning, and did not say anything about the sound spirit, but only mentioned some childhood things, even though that time will never come back.

Auntie, I'm leaving now. I will come to see you when I have time. I hope you take care of yourself.

Standing up, the hatred in Chu Yunyi's heart has been sorted out. He already knew the choices of these people he once cared about but he was calm now.

Seeing Chu Yunyi standing up, Mrs. Huo did not speak, but when Chu Yunyi turned and left, looking at the other person's back, she finally spoke.

Yunyi, both Tiancheng and I are sorry for you, he, he just wanted to stand on the stage too...

After hearing this, Chu Yunyi stopped for a moment, but did not turn back, did not answer, and then strode out towards the outside.

Why wouldn't he know what Huo Tiancheng liked? They have been as close as brothers for ten years. From the age of seven to seventeen, the most important person in Chu Yunyi's life was Huo Tiancheng and their dreams were intertwined. Their future should be bright but because of that day, everything changed.

Chu Yunyi did not want to forgive, nor could he forget this matter.

To stand on the radiant stage, first of all, you should let yourself shine first.

Not long after, the Hou family was sentenced. Because the crime of taking away the sound spirit of others was serious and having deceived the public, the Huo's industry was not saved. Mr.s Huo was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and Huo Tiancheng was charged seriously for fifty years, as well as Mr. Huo. Moreover, anyone involved in the incident was sentenced and then locked in the tightest military cell on the Nebula continent.

On the day of their sentence, Chu Yunyi did not know why but he had rushed back to the base with Zhan Rui.

He already knew his own goals and the beliefs and everything can no longer stop him!

Life back to Hancheng has been a good one and the existence of dual sound spirits has brought a lot of benefits to the army, allowing many soldiers to grow their abilities quickly, and Chu Yunyi's inspiration also broke out. He wrote a lot of tunes, some of which were about war, some of them are for the dead soldiers, and some of them were used to comfort the living. His existence has become the most special existence in Hancheng's army.


At this time, 618 finally had the opportunity to communicate with Shadow. Every time it wanted to talk to him, he ignored it completely so it didn't know what to do.

618 finally learned a lot about Xiao Qingrong after that incident, and secretly chatted with Shadow.

[Shadow, can I ask you something about the host?]

The system does not allow automatic snooping on the host's privacy but 618 thinks that Shadow is part of the host. If Shadow tells it, isn't it equivalent to the host telling it?

It is not surprising for Shadow when he heard this question from 618, because sooner or later, 618 will find out more about the existence of other personalities so he did not hide it at this moment and said...

I can't say something. When he is willing to tell you, he will tell you, but I must remind you that you must pay attention to one person. Dr. Xiao is not the most terrifying among us, he is just a pawn. The most terrifying one is Rong Rong, who is hidden in the deepest part of his personality. I have only seen him a few times, but he feels very terrifying to me. I can't say anything about it but you just need to pay attention.

618 remembered the name 'Rong Rong' and it felt that it's a bit strange. What exactly did the host experience to produce such a split personality? No matter Dr. Xiao or Shadow, they don't seem like the same person at all. How can they live together in one body?

[Then how did you appear?]

618 doesn't know much about the split personality disorder on the earth, so 618 was really curious. Where do all kinds of personality come from?

Shadow was sitting on the swing with a mysterious look, and then a connotative expression appeared.

You, you really are a silly system. Of course, our personalities appeared because of what happened to the host personality. I don't know about others, but do you understand Dr. Xiao? He likes to eat waist because of that incident. After the incident with the hosts kidney being dug out, Dr. Xiao appeared, and his favorite thing to do was to eat other people's waists and tonic shape... Do you understand now?

He gave the answer cheerfully, and Shadow didn't know if this 618 could understand, but after that, 618 asked nothing and he didn't say anything.

The two people concealed this very well. Xiao Qingrong never knew about the two's private communication. Over time, Chu Yunyi's ability became stronger and stronger. The black and white twin angels became famous on the battlefield. In the fifth year of Yunyi's entry into the army, under the joint offensive of Xiao Qingrong and Shadow, the alliance was finally defeated and they finally signed a peace agreement.

This is what Chu Yunyi's father has always wanted to do, and now, it is finally completed by Chu Yunyi.

However, Chu Yunyi was attacked on the battlefield. He died of an illness within a few years after the peace agreement was signed. However, he left behind a legacy and his songs that he left were always remembered and towering above the nebula continent are two statues on Continental Plaza.

There was a white seraph statue that had a clear blue pupil with a holy sword, while the black seraph statue held the opposite, holding a horrible death scythe and as they looked at each other, it outlined the most memorable scene of the war...

Since then, the red rose has become an army medal, the white rose has become a symbol of peace, and the existence of the six-winged angel will continue to pass on Chu Yunyi's longing for peace...