Super Male God System Chapter 88 - Thirteenth Level

When Zhan Rui said that he would take Chu Yunyi back to the main city of the Nebula to test the sound spirit level, Chu Yunyi remembered that after Xiao Qingrong awakened, he didn't go to test him. Although he was brilliant on the battlefield, he doesn't even know the level of his sound spirits. So now that he is going back, it is time to go test their levels.

Yunyi, this time, we are going back, not only to test your sound spirit and reward you, but also to deal with the Huo family. At that time, your mother and Madam Huo were close friends, so I entrusted you to her. I just wanted you to live a peaceful life, but I did not expect that Mrs. Huo was greedy enough to make you live that kind of life, so we have to go back and get justice for you, and you have to get justice for yourself too!

Zhan Rui looked at the child in front of him, knowing what the child was like that because of all the suffering he had gone through. It was because of this that he felt more distressed for the child. It was fair for him to be taken back so he could get himself justice.

So this time Zhan Rui also planned to go back, just to get justice for Chu Yunyi.

Uncle Zhan... Chu Yunyi didn't know what to say for a moment. In his mind, the gentle face of Mrs.Huo surfaced, he didn't expect Mrs.Huo who who was such a gentle person was able to do such a thing. Even if she was able to forgive herself, it's a pity that Chu Yunyi knows that he will never forgive her.

Huo Tiancheng was once his friend. He thought that he was the closest person in the world, but in the end, the closest person chose to betray him in order to take his sound spirit. For the seventeen year old Chu Yunyi, that was a hard thing to accept.

Good boy, I know that you are soft-hearted, but this matter cannot be taken lightly. How did they treat you in the first place? I asked them to take good care of you, but instead of taking care of you, they did that to you. Fortunately, your sound spirit is okay, if anything were to happen to it, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself...

In this world, there are always some beliefs worth sticking to, and it's the same for Zhan Rui. He insists on the agreement with his friends and hopes to fulfill his friends 'dreams. Protecting his friends' children is also his beliefs.

I see, Uncle Zhan, I will get justice for myself.

All those pains could not be healed because of mere words, or being alone. At this moment Chu Yunyi finally felt the warmth, because in this world, there was finally someone who cared for him.

He didn't know yet but because of Su Yanqing's live broadcast, his name has now spread to the entire nebula continent, and his black and white dual sound spirits are something everyone talks about, including the relationship between the white sound spirit and Huo Tiancheng. As of right now Huo's Group has also been taken over by the government and even Huo Tiancheng's original entertainment company was forced to be investigated. These have left netizens with big brains and speculation.

However, it was worth confirming that the white sound spirit was definitely Chu Yunyi's, not Huo Tiancheng. Otherwise, how could these two sound spirits be so effective together?

It was precisely because of this that when Zhan Rui and Chu Yunyi rushed to the nebula's capital, Nebula City, everyone discovered that the world had already changed.

General Zhan, you came back with our hero, is this Yunyi? Sure enough, a tiger's father does not beget a dog. Like his father, he is an excellent soldier!

This was an elder of Zhan Rui, who was also in the army in the early years. When Zhan Rui was a recruit, this person was a general.

Haha, you are scaring the child.

Mr. Zhan spoke aside. He had seen Chu Yunyi earlier, beckoning towards Chu Yunyi, and telling Chu Yunyi to come over.

Chu Yunyi came up nicely, and Mr. Zhan reached out and patted Chu Yunyi's shoulder.

Good boy, your father was also a soldier in my hand. You are even better than your father. This time we old guys will accompany you to test the sound spirit. I am very interested in your sound spirit. Yes, your mother is a gifted research scientist, and we are all proud of your parents.

Mr. Zhan already knew what happened to Chu Yunyi, and it is precisely because of this that he understood even more that how difficult it is for a person in the mud to bloom flowers in the mud after many years.

The child was able to stick to his music philosophy without being disturbed or affected by anything. It was an amazing thing.

Grandpa Zhan, I'm also proud of my parents. Chu Yunyi nodded. During this time, he already knew what his parents had done and what their belief was.

The place where the sound spirit level is tested is in the largest square in Nebula City. Generally, there are countless psionics here to come and go to test their own abilities every day. However, due to the special circumstances, the entire square was empty. It was reserved to test Chu Yunyi's two sound spirits.

The people present were either senior officials or people in the army. It can be said that each of them was high in status. At this time, they all wanted to see what level Chu Yunyi's sound spirit was, and whether he could take responsibility for opening up a new future.

They have been in war for too long, and they urgently needed a hero, a hero who stood out, to tell everyone what they should do!

Standing on the ability test stand, Chu Yunyi looked at the two sound spirits floating beside him and asked.

Will you come out?

In fact, they did not have to show their own appearance in front of anyone, but Chu Yunyi respects the two sound spirits very much, so it is necessary to consult.

The next second, everyone standing on the square saw the two sound spirits that appeared next to Chu Yunyi for a moment. Standing next to Chu Yunyi in black and white. The huge white wings and black wings are shocking. A white and black feathers fell to the ground in a gust of wind, and then disappeared into the starlight on the ground.

Even if you have seen such a thing in the video, when you really look at it at such a close distance, there was still a huge shock spreading in everyone's heart, because this scene was the same as the one before. However, there were no emotions in their eyes and just standing there made people feel an unspeakable aura, which oppressed everyone invisibly and put everyone's eyes on the two sound spirits. They were not willing to move or dare to look somewhere else, as if just by blinking, the other party would disappear.

The only person who was not nervous at the scene was Chu Yunyi. Standing on the ability test stand, Chu Yunyi reached out and put his right hand on the ability test stand. Then everyone saw that the ability level originally belonged to the ability class. The lights start to light up layer by layer...

The highest level of ability is the thirteenth level. In the entire nebula continent, there are not more than ten people with a level thirteenth ability, and it was estimated that there are only a thousand people with a level thirteenth ability in the whole universe.


The lights in front of Chu Yunyi gradually lit up one by one from the first one to the ninth, making the people around also feel assured.

Then, the tenth light turned on and Zhan Rui flushed with excitement on the side, but Chu Yunyi was still calm.

The eleventh light turned on, and there was a lot of discussion in the crowd, because this was the first time that a sound spirit broke through the eleventh stage, and even Mr. Zhan felt that everything that happened was amazing.

The twelfth... At this moment everyone's face has become tense and anticipating, because everyone knows that the twelfth lamp is already on, and if the thirteenth is also on, then their nebula continent is about to have a new thirteenth level ability! Moreover, it is a sound spirit.

Chu Yunyi stood there and when he looked at the twelve lights that lit up, he finally became tense.

He understood the meaning of the thirteenth lamp. If his sound spirit can reach the thirteenth level, it will be a new class, which proved that he was one step further to his dream.

Under the expectations of everyone, the thirteenth lamp turned on after all. At this moment, these senior officials on the field couldn't help cheering. Chu Yunyi's face showed a smile and he looked at his two spirits, although the two sound spirits were still expressionless.

Shadow has long known that his own personality is very powerful, so the thirteenth level was easily achievable. Besides, isn't it normal for the two sound spirits to be in the thirteenth level?

Yunyi, congratulations, you have become our twelfth and thirteenth level masters in our nebula continent. I am really happy for you!

Zhan Ruixin ecstatically congratulated, and the people around him also came around. They felt that the appearance of Chu Yunyi may change the situation of the nebula today, but the two sound spirit disappeared automatically, leaving the congratulate confused.

Chu Yunyi was in a good mood. After knowing that Xiao Qingrong and Shadow were more powerful, he could do more things, so he was very excited, and the military officially awarded Chu Yunyi a crown and he got an official position.

He intends to continue to stay on the battlefield, so these generals were very grateful, because everyone knew that the peace in the nebula continent today depends on these soldiers.

On the afternoon of the same day, Chu Yunyi's test of the sound spirit was released. It was a sign of the military's intentional release. Chu Yunyi, a musician who had a twin sound spirit and has a thirteenth level sound spirit, quickly passed on, causing the entire nebula continent to be turbulent, but what about Chu Yunyi?

After a lapse of ten years, he finally met his former friend, Huo Tiancheng.