Super Male God System Chapter 87 - Chu Ye

When Zhan Rui knew that Chu Yunyi woke up, he immediately went to Chu Yunyi and seeing that Chu Yunyi only suffered from sore arms because he played the violin for a long time, he felt relieved.

Yunyi, it's all because of you this time. If it weren't for you, I'm afraid the entire army would have been wiped out. This time the enemy is so cunning, making our army incapable of resistance. It's something nobody has thought of. You using your sound spirits to kill was something I did not expect. After the war has passed, I will take you back to the coronation. By the way, is that white sound spirit yours? Did you get it back from Huo Tiancheng?

Although Zhan Rui doesn't pay much attention to the music circle, he has seen the sound spirit of Huo Tiancheng. After all, as the only ninth level sound spirit in so many years, this sound spirit with blue eyes is really famous. Moreover, fans that call him angel are not blind, because in everyone's eyes, this sound spirit is really like an angel.

Well, Uncle Zhan, that's my sound spirit, called Shadow. I don't know how but he suddenly escaped Huo Tiancheng's spiritual connection and came to the battlefield. He won't leave and will stay here with me in the future.

Thinking of what he was about to do, Chu Yunyi had no regrets, and his eyes were looking at Zhan Rui at this moment, full of persistence and firmness.

Zhan Rui heard this and he looked at Chu Yunyi with a complex look, as if he had seen his friends.

Yunyi... you really have your own ideas just like your father, but... are you really planning to stay on the battlefield? The battlefield is no simple matter, and you have seen it, and you may even lose your life at any time. You have two sound spirits and both of them are so powerful, at least level nine. Do you really want to keep the sound spirits in the army?

Although it is said that if such a sound spirit stays in the army, the combat effectiveness in the army will be greatly increased. Whether it is listening to music to increase one's abilities or let the sound spirits fight the enemy, it is very beneficial, but Zhan Rui does not want to endanger Chu Yunyi at all

Chu Yunyi nodded and looked at Uncle Zhan, who was kind. He knew that the other party was worried for himself, but he had made a decision in his heart, so there would be no remorse.

Yes, Uncle Zhan, even if I go back anyway, me killing with my sound spirits should be spread out soon. Even if I would go back to enter the entertainment circle and have a concert, no one would listen to me. My sound spirit can kill and it is also a ninth level sound spirit so everyone will be too afraid to listen to me so it is better to stay in the army. If it is okay, I can help the soldiers to improve their ability. If the battlefield needs me, I can also let the sound spirits go to the battlefield. Who says that the sound spirits' role is to assist? My sound spirits like the battlefield very much.

The person who knows the sound spirit most is the master. Chu Yunyi can feel the feeling of Xiao Qingrong. He yearns for peace, but the sound spirit born from the darkness is full of depression and killing. If this sound spirit is not let out, who knows what will happen, so Chu Yunyi feels that staying in the army is a very good idea.

Looking at the child, Zhan Rui knew that even if he said something, he can't change his mind so he could only sigh and reach out and patted the child's shoulder.

Yunyi, you're like your father. No matter what others say, as long as you make a decision, you will never regret it. I am not saying that you will not be allowed to stay in the army, but it is too dangerous here. You must promise me that you should always protect yourself first. You are a musician, a musician with two ninth level sound spirits, I hope you can be clear on how important you are.

No matter whether it is selfishness or obsession, Zhan Rui does not want to see what happened 20 years ago repeat itself.

Twenty years ago, Zhan Rui was on the scene on the war where Chu Yunyi's father sacrificed himself. His ability was also mutated. However, Chu Yunyi's father was willing to sacrifice himself and he will always remember the moment when his friend lied down after killing so many enemy troops. He doesn't want to see the same thing happen to Chu Yunyi.

He watched Chu Yunyi's father die there and listened to the other party's words before he died.

What would his friend choose if he was alive now? Will he allow Yunyi to go to the battlefield?

This is an unsolvable answer and Zhan Rui does not know how to answer it.

Uncle Zhan, rest assured, I will protect myself, and I believe that what dad could not do, I will definitely be able do it!

Chu Yunyi showed a smile, causing Zhan Rui to stare blankly for a long time. For a while, the face of his friend and the child's face gradually overlapped, as if to make Zhan Rui back to that year.

At that time, his friend was so firm, telling him that war would stop and peace would come, but that day, his friend would never be able to see it...

Good boy... good boy...

With a kind smile, Zhan Rui told Chu Yunyi something about Chu Yunyi's father and mother before returning to manage military affairs. Chu Yunyi felt it was necessary for him to stay in the army because what he wanted was peace and there is only one reason for the stop of the war, that is, one party must be defeated!

The army finally restored order. At three o'clock the next morning, support from the rear had also arrived. The soldiers and the generals who came were very curious about Chu Yunyi.

Bringing reinforcements this time is the well-known General Chu Yan in the army. He has a good relationship with Zhan Rui. They are friends who can drink and eat meat together. After seeing that Zhan Rui is all right, he was relieved.

The two sat in the tent, and Chu Yan brought the latest news.

The musician that appeared is Chu Yunyi. His two sound spirits have not been tested yet? One of them looks like the sound angel of Huo Tiancheng. You can hide this from others, but not from me. Are you giving me the truth?

God knows, Chu Ye was shocked when he saw the live broadcast. As a general, he went to the battlefield a lot, and he saw a lot of horrible scenes, but he never saw a battle like this one. It was as if the battlefield had become a huge stage and everything was in the hands of Chu Yunyi, and the two angels, like an angel of death, caused Chu Yu to see the hope of victory. If the level of the sound spirit continues to rise, wouldn't they be able to do more?

Doesn't it mean that their Nebula continent may finally win this war.

The video of the sound spirits killing the enemies has spread rapidly on the Internet. Usually, the government will control the information and prevent the things on the battlefield from spreading out, destroying the peaceful life of many ordinary people. However, this time is not the same. The appearance of Chu Yunyi and the sound spirits made the ordinary people on the side of Nebula see the new victory, the dawn of hope, and the rise of the strong!

This is like the rise of a hero. Many people have the idea of ​​worshiping heroes. Now Chu Yunyi has begun to be shaped as a hero by the nebula continent. Because this era is too turbulent, a hero needs to stand out to tell everyone in the Nebula continent how powerful they are and how powerful their army is!

The dawn of victory is always on their side!

Today's Chu Yunyi is the dawn!

Yes, you're right. That white sound spirit is the sound spirit of Huo Tiancheng. Ten years ago, the Huo family used a magic potion to steal Yunyi's sound spirit. Yunyi was only seventeen years old at that time, so his sound spirit is white. Later, this black sound spirit was born some time ago. It may be because Yunyi encountered life and death in this war, so the white sound spirit was summoned back.

Zhan Rui does not intend to hide anything. Now that the higher ups already know, it is better to let everyone know the importance of Chu Yunyi and his thoughts instead of concealing the existence of Chu Yunyi.

There is such a thing... No wonder, no wonder Huo Tiancheng said that his sound spirit was dead before. The sound spirit came to find its real master. Now everyone in the world knows Chu Yunyi's two sound spirits. Hehe, I used to think that those musicians could only sing, and the result was high. However, now that I see these two sound spirits on the battlefield, and that song, I was so excited. There are two sound spirits , and they are really amazing!

Chu Yan has a good opinion of the people who protect the army, not to mention that this raid was unexpected. If it is not the two sound spirits of Chu Yunyi, Hancheng base would have been annihilated and fell to the enemy.

Well, so when I go back on the Chinese New Years, I will definitely award them.

Zhan Rui expressed his attitude and supported Chu Yunyi, while Chu Yan nodded.

This commendation is definitely necessary, but you don't have to wait for the Chinese New Year. I came here for two reasons, one to bring reinforcements and the other is to help you. I will not hide it from you, the Huo family have already been caught and about the research on ability mutation of that year, and the twin sound spirits, the people above are very concerned. This time, I plan to let you go back and take Chu Yunyi to test his sound spirit, look at the level of these two so the higher ups can be rest assured. The above is still very friendly and in order to please Chu Yunyi, the Huo family is gone now.

Chu Ye knows some things about Chu Yunyi, so it can be considered a good deal to Zhan Rui. After all, who knows what level is Chu Yunyi's sound spirit?

Ninth level? Hehe, maybe it's the tenth level...