Super Male God System Chapter 85 - Shadow

Hundreds of millions of people saw this life-long battle through Su Yanqing's live broadcast room. The interweaving of black angel and white angel, and the stunning beauty in killing made all people to be immersed in the situation. Although, after the war ended, the live broadcast room was suddenly closed..

The enemy retreated, the base camp's information contact was restored, and the network shield was naturally restored. Su Yanqing didn't notice that his live broadcast room had been closed. He just looked at Chu Yunyi who was on the stage. For the first time he saw that musicians could also look like this!

It's different from those musicians standing on the gorgeous stage. The two sound spirits of Chu Yunyi, although it was unknown why one of them looked like the sound spirit of Huo Tiancheng's, but it was really amazing!

What does it feel like after using the violin excessively?

Chu Yunyi could tell that both his hands and neck were about to be ruptured. After Zhan Rui declared their victory, Chu Yunyi directly fainted on the stage as if he had exhausted all his energy. Under the eyes of everyone, the two sound spirits on his side gradually turned into white and black feathers and disappeared...

Zhan Rui hurriedly asked the medic to check Chu Yunyi's condition. After confirming that Chu Yunyi had just fainted because of excessive fatigue, he was relieved, and led people to send Chu Yunyi to rest. He had to clear the battlefield with the rest and rearrange it.

At this time, Zhan Rui didn't know that everything Chu Yunyi did had been seen through the live broadcast room. When he returned to his tent, he received the news from the army, in addition to knowing that reinforcements were coming, the other was about Chu Yunyi.

Zhan Rui didn't hide it. He told Chu Yunyi's life experience and what happened to him, so that the military could be rest assured. A person with such excellent ability must be controlled. After determining that Chu Yunyi's parents were originally members of the army, they were relieved. As for the sound spirits killing, they weren't worried about that? So what if a sound spirit could kill? If you don't kill people, how could you protect the country?

The army had already started the discussions about the use of sound spirits killing, and naturally it was the same on the Internet. Since many people saw the live broadcast, the discussion on this matter was naturally high! In particular, one of the sound spirits looked exactly like Huo Tiancheng's sound spirit!!!

Before that, Huo Tiancheng just announced that his sound spirit was dead and everyone was feeling sad. However, now there were two sounds that looked exactly like Huo Tiancheng's sound spirit. Looking at the situation in the live room, they guessed that they were at least the ninth level sound spirit! They might even be higher than level nine!

This made the fans go crazy, they came to the official website to ask, and they all wanted to know whether the white sound spirit was Huo Tiancheng's and why was that sound spirit controlled by others?

Of course, there were some insiders who were stunned after seeing this live broadcast.

Ten years ago, Chu Yunyi was not a person without a story. His talent in music was enough to make many people envious. Many musicians in the entertainment industry could say that they all knew Chu Yunyi. At the beginning, everyone was working together and knew each other more or less. At that time, many people thought that Chu Yunyi would definitely awaken the most powerful sound spirit, because his music was so moving.

But no one thought that the one who awakened the sound spirit was Huo Tiancheng, who had a very good relationship with Chu Yunyi. Chu Yunyi's friend awakened a sound spirit but he couldn't, and even ran away from home. It's been a long time, but many people still remembered it clearly, after all, it was said from Mrs. Huo's mouth.

At first, everyone didn't believe such ridiculous words, but later they never saw Chu Yunyi, or even heard about him so everyone was convinced. Is it true that Chu Yunyi did not awaken his sound spirit so he felt inferior, and due to that he disappeared?

It was not until they saw this live broadcast that everyone suddenly thought about everything that happened in that year. Chu Yunyi's love for music and talents that ordinary people couldn't match, his qualifications regarding music were irreplaceable. Huo Tiancheng has been making music but it was nothing outstanding, how could such a powerful sound spirit be awakened by him?

Any musician, after seeing the live broadcast, could confirm in a minute that the two black and white sound spirits were the sound spirits of Chu Yunyi alone, but were born in different periods. That white sound spirit should be from Chu Yunyi's early work, and the black one was probably the later work. Then, in this way, Huo Tiancheng, this person, was not a good person.

Ordinary people may just feel weird, but the musicians were extremely sensitive. Huo Tiancheng was not proficient in music, but he has the same sound spirit as Chu Yunyi. Some time ago, Huo Tiancheng publicly said that his sound spirit was dead... The real truth was that it was not dead, right? Instead, the sound spirit returned to his true master.

The Huo family had a way to steal the sound spirit of others!

Almost instantly, all musicians became aware of this fact, and even the military who was the first to investigate about Chu Yunyi, Huo Tiancheng, and the Huo family.

After the recent announcement of withdrawal from the entertainment industry by Huo Tiancheng, he became busy studying at home and learning how to manage his family business. Mrs. Huo also supported her son in managing the family business.

Today, a large number of troops arrived at the Huo family and barged straight in. After seeing Huo Tiancheng, who was learning financial knowledge from his teacher, the leader who wore a black military dress, the general representing the highest-ranking in the military in the Nebula Continent gave orders directly.

Take everyone away!

In addition to this team, The Huo Families company was also surrounded with a group of officers who had arrested Huo Tiancheng's father and mother. The Huo family probably controlled a method to take away the sound spirit of others. As a result, the military was not kind at all. Not to mention, the other party not only stole it, but also used it!

The so-called sound spirit of Huo Tiancheng must be Chu Yunyi's, so what right does the Huo family had to steal the sound of others?

All of the Huo family had to be interrogated by the military, and Zhan Rui also received a call from his father. He learned that the military had begun their operations, and someone had even been sent to investigate Chu Yunyi's body in detail.

At that time, Chu Yunyi's father, Vice General Chu, took the mutation potion. Zhan Rui's father also knew this, and he thought that the two sound spirits were because Chu Yunyi might have been used by his parents.

Anyway, Yunyi is a good boy. You don't have to worry about it. There will be no bad ideas for him. Take good care of the child. When I come back, I will crown the child with my own hands.

Zhan Rui's father's voice was full of excitement. Coronation refers to a ceremony that was held for the talents who made great achievements on the battlefield. This time, Chu Yunyi almost turned the tide with one person's strength and protected Hangzhou. Recognition was also normal.

Dad, rest assured, I couldn't take care of Yunyi before, and made him suffer so much. Now I will never let anyone hurt him, I will protect him.

He made a serious commitment to his father. Zhan Rui knew that he could survive, only because of Chu Yunyi, and now that his ability was so strong, the people above would definitely take action. Although the sound spirit could improve a person's ability, most musicians didn't like to come to the army. If Chu Yunyi promises to stay in the army, if his sound spirit could fight on the battlefield in the future, wouldn't it be a thrilling thing?

After Zhan Rui hung up the phone, he actually had some doubts about whether his thoughts were right or wrong. When he sent the child away, he wanted to let the child live a stable, carefree life, but that life has brought so much pain and sadness to this child, and now this child came to the army like his father, so.. was it really the right choice?

Born in sorrow and death in peace, probably Chu Yunyi was such a person. He was born on the battlefield which brought new hope for Vice General Xiao. After his parents died on the battlefield, he lost his memory and was sent to someone's house. The Huo family took away his sound spirit and he was in chaos for ten years. If it were an ordinary person, that person would have fallen already.

Zhan Rui still planned to talk to Chu Yunyi after he woke up, and understood his thoughts. After all, the battlefield was not so easy to stay in.

Everyone was excited about the existence of Chu Yunyi, and even someone on the Internet began to say he was Chu Yunyi, but what about the real Chu Yunyi? He was resting in his tent.

In order to protect him, a lot of people were stationed as guards outside the tent. Everyone knew what was happening now. They also knew that it was Chu Yunyi who saved them with the sound spirit. Now Chu Yunyi was the most important.

Inside the tent, the two ability users were also guarding with serious faces. Their eyes fell on the bed where Chu Yunyi was lying, in fear that anything wrong happened to Chu Yunyi.

Although the two couldn't see, on the left side, a person in a white robe was sitting on the crystal throne, and looking at the opposite person quietly, while Xiao Qingrong, in a black robe was seated behind him on a chair made of green vines and bright red roses.

The sound spirit never thought that one day he would see this person in this way. This feeling was really amazing, as if the two people who should have been together forever were suddenly separated and reunited.

His blue pupils were full of joy, and the sound spirit looked at Xiao Qingrong like this, and then met Xiao Qingrong's dark, abyss-like eyes. He was first frightened, but then his fright disappeared.

Hi~ I'm Shadow, do you remember me?