Super Male God System Chapter 84 - End

This was a music fest that was destined to be unforgettable, a fest of extreme beauty. The illusion controlled by the sound spirit was very powerful, no one could resist it.

With the violin sounds, huge black clouds fluttered across the battlefield. Every time it fell, it was easy to harvest countless human heads, and the nebula warriors also found that those troops from the alliance were entangled with roses under their feet and they couldn't move at all. This was the best time to counterattack...

This feeling of killing someone was a strange experience for Xiao Qingrong, but it was also a novel experience. Ordinary killing was completely different from killing on the battlefield. People who really want to achieve peace from a war knows that killing was the best choice for the pursuit of peace.

Fighters! Kill with me!!!

Zhan Rui also saw the current situation. Of course, he did not miss any chance of victory. With the soldiers, he started the massacre. Various abilities on the battlefield came together, and one black one. The white angel reaped the enemy's life like a demon without humanity.

From the perspective of Su Yanqing, he saw that the angel with a clear blue pupil was holding a holy sword to kill the enemy. Even if there was blood on his body, there was no fear, he had a face that was extremely pure in the eyes of fans. His eyes were condensed into frost at this time, the blue pupil had no humanity.

And the black angel with a sickle, like a messenger from hell, reaped the enemy's life like a wind, as if under his sickle, everything was nil.

Wherever the two sound spirits went, they left behind the corpses of the enemy, and the blood red roses and white white roses that bloomed all over. It was unknown if it was really a red rose or if it became red due to the enemy's blood.

Standing on the stage made by the sound spirits, Chu Yunyi closed his eyes again. The violin made the biggest killing sound on this battlefield. The harsh violin sound was completely different from the violin that everyone has heard in the past. Like a man full of killing aura, he finally released his innermost devil.

At this moment, Chu Yunyi's movements did not stop, and what appeared in his mind was what he had seen before. There were corpses everywhere, as well as those soldiers fighting the enemy. In the eyes of each of them, there was perseverance, and they did everything in the face of the enemy. No one knows whether they will survive this war, but in order to protect what they must protect, they could only pick up their weapons and go kill the enemy, kill the invaders!

If the price of peace was blood, then blood will shed. They will pave the way for a true peace with the blood of their enemies!!!

Xiao Qingrong, who was soaring in the sky, felt Chu Yunyi's thoughts in an instant. This was the deepest link between sound spirit and his master. Even the sound spirit felt the killing intentions from Chu Yunyi's heart.

At this moment, the two were in tacit agreement. After looking at each other, Xiao Qingrong soared to the highest point, and then black feathers started spawning rapidly around him. After Xiao Qingrong's wings became six wings, those black feathers were all frozen in the air. For a moment, everything seemed to be still, leaving only the sound of Chu Yunyi's violin.

The other sound spirit was also the same. Far away from Xiao Qingrong, the white feathers under his feet were all frozen in the sky. The people watching the live broadcast were confused for what they saw, they saw that the sky was frozen there. At this time, along with the two sound spirits, like a sharp knife, the feathers fell from the sky and directly stabbed towards those enemy forces.

In an instant, as far as the eyes could see, the troops of the alliance suffered heavy casualties. The original alliance people did not know how long they had planned for this raid. According to the plan, they should have been able to take over Hancheng base, but no one expected the existence of Chu Yunyi, and these two sound spirits.

The black feathers and white feathers were the sharpest blades on the battlefield at this time, easily killing the enemy forces. In the world of sound spirits, human beings are small, and the sound spirit could control all of them.

When the feathers turned into sharp blades, the roses under the enemy's feet also turned into the sharpest blades in the world, and began to pierce the enemy's body, giving the nebula soldiers a huge leap, giving them more opportunities to kill the enemy.

Chu Yunyi was on the stage with his eyes closed and he didn't know what kind of scene was on the battlefield at this time, but in his mind, the end of the war and the death of those ferocious enemies has become the most important thought.

There were still quite a lot of Alliance Army people coming this time. Even if these people have already entered the illusion of the two sound spirits, but it still took time to kill them all. Just after the two sound spirits had killed most of the enemies, a gust of wind blew over, instantly blowing the petals of the red and white roses on the ground. The red and white intertwined, and then flew towards Chu Yunyi on the stage.

Xiao Qingrong and the sound spirit looked at each other, and the two also flew up to the stage. On both sides of Chu Yunyi, there were already two chairs made from vines. One chair was covered with red roses and the other was white roses. The two sat on the chair, and their eyes fell on Chu Yunyi's body below.

At this moment, white and red were intertwined into a gorgeous interweaving, causing people who were still watching the live broadcast to be stunned. They had never seen such a scene. One person actually has two sound spirits, and two sounds that are absolutely different!

Su Yanqing had forgotten that he was doing a live broadcast at this time and he was also watching all of this. He could only think that it must be the will of God. If it was not for the will of God, how could such a thing happen?

Chu Yunyi was stared at by the two sound spirits. Actually, he had already seen the original sound spirit before, but at this time, it wasn't the time to pay attention to him. At this time, he was frantically playing the violin. The battlefield was filled with such music and suddenly, the sky slowly snowed.

The first one to discover this was one of the ability users who stood close to Chu Yunyi to protect him. He looked up at the snowflakes in the sky. This was different from the other snowflakes. There was black and white snow falling on Chu. Chu Yunyi's face slowly slowly, then the white snowflakes fell on his hair, and then remained for a long time.

The temperature of the entire battlefield gradually began to cool down. Outside the stage, there was real black snow. In a gloom, the black snowflakes fell from the sky, falling on the bodies of many nebula soldiers, letting these soldiers feel a strange burning sensation, but when these black snowflakes fell on the enemy, it made the enemy wail, and the enemy's face suddenly started to rot.

This time, Zhan Rui's people had a better chance of winning. In such a black snow, everyone used their abilities to the fullest as they madly fought with the enemy, and the sound of the crazy and heated violin seems to be in their ear at the same time. The temperature of their blood and the scorching heat of black snow mixed together, everyone gave birth to an unprecedented courage, a determination to move forward!

No one noticed how long the killing had been going on. There were only Nebula warriors left standing on the battlefield, everyone, even if silent, knew that the goddess of victory was on their side.

After all, the white snowflakes fell on their heads, and the cold air made everyone smile, they couldn't help looking at the other side of the stage. They knew that if it was not for the one standing on the stage, they would have never won this war.

Zhan Rui was also seriously injured, but at this moment, people were still walking in the direction of the stage. Everyone got up from the ground, picked up their weapons, and followed the general toward the stage. The enemy's army had been killed and only the crazy violin was ringing. The soldier's eyes were gathered on Chu Yunyi on the platform and everyone's eyes were full of admiration.

This was the charm of music... This was the music that could bring them victory...

A cloud of snow had fallen on Chu Yunyi's hair, but now, his eyes were closed and his arms were a little cramped due to playing the violin for such a long time, but he still didn't stop because he knew that the war wasn't just over yet.

Zhan Rui stood below, looking at Chu Yunyi above, and there were two sound spirits sitting on both sides of Chu Yunyi. At this time, he felt both happy and proud of his friend. Yunyi, the child is very good, so good that he can make everyone look up to him.

We have won.

He uttered this sentence softly, but it was heard by all the soldiers around him, and then they repeated, from one or two sentences to countless sentences. Everyone looked at the man playing the music on the stage and said this sentence.

We have won.

Finally, Chu Yunyi stopped, and the sound of the music came to a halt. He opened his trembling eyes, the violin was still on his neck, and he looked at everything in front of him. The white snowflakes were rising and all the soldiers had looks filled with joy, which made Chu Yunyi see the end.

He was right...

Killing is also for peace.