Super Male God System Chapter 83 - Sound Spirits

With the shout from General Zhan Rui, all the people who entered the live broadcast room saw the engaging battle between nebula continent and the Alliance Army. Even in the past, they knew that there was a battle in Hancheng, but after all, they were just stories or reenactments. This was the first time anyone has seen a live war.

Su Yanqing had a lot of fans, so the fans who saw this live broadcast also spread the news within two minutes, the number of people in this live broadcast room exceeded 50 million, and it was growing rapidly. The battlefield was chaotic. The sky was dark and the radiance of various abilities gathered together, which made the fans who have lived in a safe environment for a long, see the cruelty of war.

Zhan Rui brought people who wanted to stop those Alliance forces, but from the fact that the Alliance forces could break through their towers earlier, it has caused strategic errors. Now even if they were killed in the crowd, there was a very low chance of recovering their body.


An ice blade stabbing the body and the moments when the blood splattered was seen. Other than that, there were also the roars of thunder and lightning. At this moment, everything was being transmitted through the live broadcast, and the army had already received the news. They had already sent reinforcements and were rushing to Hancheng. In fact, the veteran did not tell Su Yanqing that if a person with a live broadcast ability started the last live broadcast on the battlefield, his ending was only death.

Only when everyone is dying should civilians be informed so that they can know why they are sacrificed themselves and what they are dying for.

Hancheng's soldiers were destined to suffer heavy casualties, and it was very likely that Hancheng would lose like that. On this day, this so-called live broadcast was nothing but a last gift from Su Yanqing. At least... he would be able to tell the whole world that he was also in the army defending against the alliance.

It was simply impossible to survive the attack.

Su Yanqing didn't know that the battle had reached a very tense situation. Controlling his ability allowed his fans in the live broadcast room to see a wider battlefield. When his live camera moved, Su Yanqing suddenly saw among the many abilities users, Chu Yunyi was standing in the fire.

Because of the coincidence that he saw Chu Yunyi, Su Yanqing's live broadcast approached Chu Yunyi slowly, and then the people in the broadcast room saw what Chu Yunyi looked like at this time.

Chu Yunyi, standing on a stage, was very calm at this moment. Although there was blood on his face, Chu Yunyi, who was still looking very handsome, he had a little more strength at this time, and he had a violin in his hand, and a pair of war-fighting eyes glancing at everything that was happening around him. When everyone was wondering what he was going to do, they saw him hold the violin to his neck.

Others didn't know what the situation was, but Su Yanqing knew that Chu Yunyi had a ninth level sound spirit. Now, looking at Chu Yunyi's situation, Su Yanqing had a general idea of what Chu Yunyi was trying to do.

Soon, people in the broadcast room also heard the sound of the violin, and Chu Yunyi, who was standing there, closed his eyes and moved his hands slowly, and the situation that followed surprised everyone.

The original gloomy sky seemed to be torn. A beam of light hit the sky toward Chu Yunyi, grabbing everyone's attention. Then, Chu Yunyi suddenly gave birth to black feathers. Afterwards, it began to spawn continuously and the falling black feathers danced wildly with the music, and at the feet of Chu Yunyi, blood-red roses began to bloom frantically...

This kind of situation would only appear when a sound spirit released the illusion, so when the people watching the live broadcast saw this, everyone was shocked, and even the ability users who stood next to Chu Yunyi to protect him were stunned because although they had listened Chu Yunyi's music before, they had never seen Chu Yunyi's sound spirit. This was the first time that they have seen Chu Yunyi using his sound spirit.

Bright red and hot, roses like blood spread under Chu Yunyi's feet, it was just a momentary effort to spread the whole battlefield. Such a crazy scene made everyone dare not blink, for fear of this magical scene suddenly disappearing.

Black feathers enveloped Chu Yunyi, and as the violin played fiercely, and when everyone expected his sound spirit to appear, everyone saw that in the sky that was originally dark, white feathers suddenly fluttered down. If it weren't for the larger perspective of the live broadcast, everyone would not have seen this.

That white feather spinned and danced quickly, and like Chu Yunyi's music, it thumped everyone's heart. Finally, the white feathers began to form a human figure in this beam, and huge white wings fluttered in the sky, Then it landed slowly, surprising everyone who saw the video.

Everyone was so familiar with this sound spirit. it turned out to be the ninth level sound spirit that originally belonged to the superstar Huo Tiancheng!!! It was also called the angel's sound spirit!

The sound spirit who was taken away suddenly felt the call from his master's music, and then broke through the drug effect of that year. At this time, he soared in the sky, with huge white wings, along with his white robe that many fans can recognize at a glance. At this moment, Su Yanqing's number of fans in the live room has exceeded 100 million

Chu Yunyi didn't open his eyes. He didn't see the original sound spirit that appeared before him, and was playing his own music frantically. A kill finally entered the subject, and the violin sounded like a hissing. The next moment, an unwilling howl was issued, and when everyone was excited, a scene that shocked everyone appeared.

When the original spirit with blue pupils gradually fell, behind Chu Yunyi, a huge pair of black wings bloomed. From the darkness, a figure finally appeared and he looked exactly like the white sound spirit. However, his eyes were bottomless like the abyss, which made everyone hold their breath for a moment.

If the white sound spirit was an angel, then the black sound spirit that appeared at this time was like the messenger of hell.

Then the huge black sound spirit flew into the air and looked at the white sound spirit. The sound spirit did not expect that he would see his master at this time and he showed a provocative smile. He thought that they would never have a chance to meet too!

However, Xiao Qingrong had no mood to say anything to the sound spirit at this moment. The bright red rose on the ground now exerted an effect and controlled the legs of all the Alliance forces in place, while Chu Yunyi opened his eyes and hands. The violin in it didn't stop, but his pupils suddenly became cold and ruthless at this time.

Listen to me! Kill them! Kill for Nebula!!!

When this killing word emerged from Xiao Qingrong's hands, he instantly held a huge sickle. The sickle looked sharp and even made people feel a sense of hell. The people watching the live broadcast inside saw the black sound spirit, who flew into the army that was killing each other with a huge black sickle, and then used the huge black sickle to instantly harvest the enemy's lives.

Such a scene should have been cruel and terrifying, but with the black feathers constantly flying in the sky, mixed with the red blood roses on the ground, and the cool performance of the black sound spirit, it was so unattainable. It looked as if it was a stage play. The sound spirit... could also be used this way?

The original sound spirit looked at the flying Xiao Qingrong. He felt skeptical, and thought that no one should be cooler than him in front of his master, so he kept his hands on his chest, and a bright sword was formed. Then, to everyone's surprise, a pair of wings fluttered again and flew straight into the sky, tearing the dark sky frantically, and then everyone found that the soaring sound spirit in the sky that had two wings now had six wings, and the huge six-winged angel re-illuminated the dark sky. Then at the feet of Chu Yunyi, white roses began to spread gradually. As the shadows fell, the white feathers danced in the sky, reflecting the black feathers, and then letting everyone see that the angel with a pair of pure blue eyes turned out to be holding a holy sword, and the enemy's head was also cut off during the dance, and blood splashed on that day. The white roses turned red...

At this moment, let alone Su Yanqing who stayed there and the fans in the live broadcast, the soldiers on the battlefield were also at a loss watching this situation. Under the control of Chu Yunyi, the two sound spirits were crazy as they killed the enemy. Such a scene, they would probably never forget it in their lifetime.

At this moment a voice came from the crowd.

Protect Chu Yunyi! Everyone protect Chu Yunyi!!!

Now that the sound spirits have killed the enemy at this time, what the soldiers needed to do now was to protect the musician. The sound of the violin full of killing was now in their ears, so that they also understood what they should do.

Everyone came around Chu Yunyi tacitly, and then started guarding Chu Yunyi firmly. after killing a few more enemies, the sound spirit and Xiao Qingrong flew to Chu Yunyi's side, and then there was a little bit of starlight falling from him. To the surprise of everyone, it turned into a white rose that came from the ground and lifted the place where Chu Yunyi was standing high. Then, the surrounding vine also transformed into the look of the stage. In the starlight, Chu Yunyi stood there, holding a violin, and finally played the world's greatest and craziest piece of music...