Super Male God System Chapter 82 - War


This was an unprecedented failure. Even Zhan Rui didn't find out that the enemy had breached their information database and blocked their channels of news transmission. Now that such a thing has happened, Zhan Rui felt responsible, he immediately led all the soldiers into the battlefield.

The enemies came attacking fiercely. On the nebula continent's side, the soldiers didn't flinch, and various abilities collided madly. They all knew their fate and what they were fighting for. Therefore, at this moment, no one felt timid, no one was afraid. In such a battlefield, timid people are most likely to lose their lives.

In all this chaos, Chu Yunyi was protected by two ability users. He shuttled on such a battlefield. The two seemed to want to find a safe place for Chu Yunyi but in such a chaotic battlefield, how could there be any safe place?

The place has been shattered and invaded from the front, and now it's time for everyone to disregard their timidness. Chu Yunyi could see the cloud of the flames of war and could smell the scent of blood volatilizing in the air. Wherever one looks, one could see the collision of those abilities.

Everyone who could enter the army and participate in the battlefield actually has their own powerful abilities, lightning ability, fire ability, ice ability, and abilities beyond ordinary people. When these abilities were used on the battlefield, it looked more like a magnificent show. The scene was filled with lightning and thunder and all one could hear were loud booms.

The ice spear of an ice elemental person passed through the air and pierced the chest of an enemy, the snowflakes fell on Chu Yunyi's face. The cold snowflakes melted on his face, accompanied by the hot blood, making Chu Yunyi stunned as he continued to watch it all.

Is this war? Is this everything that must be experienced by those who guard the peace?

Zhan Rui, who is at the forefront, is manipulating his thunder and lightning ability. Everywhere he goes, there is a flash of thunder and lightning. With the blue thunder, a huge roar rang out and scorched the earth. In order to guard this place, everyone is using all of their methods.

The following large troops are also trying to find a way. Although Su Yanqing is mixed with the crowd, although he has tried to resist the enemy, he is just a support. At this moment, he could only protect his life and use his best efforts to live. Come down, control his live broadcast ability, observe the surroundings, and remind the soldiers around how to face the menacing enemy...

All that could be seen with his live broadcast ability, except for the darkness, a crowd with people that were as dark as crows and ravens. The armor worn by the Alliance's is dark, and they were madly rushing towards them. When Su Yanqing saw this, he suddenly became stiff, and soldiers around him found that he was not moving, and hurriedly pulled him over. At this time, the enemy had already broken through the base camp, and everyone must work hard to protect themselves.

Idiot! Get down!

Next to Su Yanqing was the former veteran. His ability was not strong and the reason he stayed in the army for so many years was because he is alone and was used to the excitement in the army so he wasn't retired yet. It was unknown how many battles he has taken part in. He had long since set aside life and death, but these newbies are different. After all, these newbies have their families and future.

Suddenly pulled by the veteran, Su Yanqing avoided the ice cone in front of him. Su Yanqing's eyes were still dull and he was at a loss.

Have you become a r*tard?

The veteran slapped the face of Su Yanqing. Being in a daze on such a battlefield can cause you to be killed at any time. The veteran spat blood on the ground, just now, he has been injured but he continued to help Su Yanqing. The thing that he hoped for is to keep these newbies alive throughout the war.

Su Yanqing, who was slapped, had a red mark on his face and when he looked at the veteran, his eyes were bleak and red.

A lot of people... I saw a lot of people... The Alliance Army is here...

He repeated, but what he said made the veteran's look suddenly changed. He knew exactly what Su Yanqing's ability was. He directly grabbed Su Yanqing, his eyes were extremely sharp, and his face with scars became a little bit unnatural.

What did you say? What did you see?

Su Yanqing's ability was 'live broadcast', originally used to detect enemy sentiment, but now the information in Su Yanqing's mouth was obviously not good news. If it was only the alliance's assault force, it would have been fine. But there were more people...... the veteran could hardly imagine it!


At this moment, the enemy's flame ball flew over, and the veteran hurriedly dragged the dazed Su Yanqing to avoid it. Su Yanqing also finally reacted after experiencing all those assaults.

Brother! There are so many people in the Alliance! They are all densely packed, and this battle must have been planned in advance. Can we really defend the base?

This is the second war that Su Yanqing has experienced. Originally, Su Yanqing was in the backline to help, but now the enemy has invaded their base camp, and everyone is fighting hard. Su Yanqing also helped to remind everyone where the enemy is but seeing the enemy's aggressiveness caused Su Yanqing to already know that if this battle was lost, they will all lose their lives and never see the light again...

The veteran heard this and turned to look at Su Yanqing.

Smelly boy, we must defend it. If we run away, ordinary people will suffer, how many people can the alliance send? If one comes, kill one, if two comes, kill two!

At this time, the veteran's voice made Su Yanqing's horror subside down, but his eyes were still full of panic.

Many people, brother Wang, there are really many people, more than the number of people I have seen in my life...

Soon, the group fled to a place next to the root of a wall. Compared to Su Yanqing, who was not fighting, the veteran and the other soldiers were still capable of fighting. The veteran arranged people in this place, and suddenly laughed and said.

I know this may be a sight you have never seen before, but this is the case with war, stinky boy, no soldier is allowed to retreat on the battlefield! If... if the general and us can not stop those Alliance forces, you can run away but for now, start your live broadcast. Now the entire camp is messed up. If we really are unable to defend the base, you must open the live broadcast, connect to the network, and tell everyone in the Nebula continent the situation on our side. Tell everyone to get ready in advance!

The veteran said while patting Su Yanqing's shoulder. In fact, the veteran didn't want to say so, but the situation today no longer allowed him to consider so much. The base camp was endangered and he didn't know what would happen in the war ahead so he could only say so.

I see, brother, I understand...

Su Yanqing's eyes were red and tears were already forming in his eyes. He didn't know if he could survive this battle, but he understood what he should do as a soldier. When he came to the battlefield, he was a soldier. Now, he must be a soldier who has no fear of life and death!

Good boy, stay here and protect yourself well. I will kill the enemy in front for now and I'll come back alive. I will be waiting for you to invite me to drink later!

After speaking, the veteran withdrew his hand and ran forward crazily. At this moment, watching the veteran disappear, Su Yanqing's tears finally fell.

He realized for the first time that war was such a cruel thing.

When you look around, you can see broken wreckage everywhere. Chu Yunyi went to pick up the things in his tent under the protection of two ability users. He has his violin inside the tent and he already knows what he should do once he gets it.

There was blood all around and there were more enemy forces coming on. The two ability users were also madly protecting Chu Yunyi. Chu Yunyi's face had bright red blood stains and it was unknown whether it came from the enemy or his comrades-in-arms. The hot blood seemed to soak his skin, and his heart started to burn.

Finally, more than ten minutes later, Chu Yunyi got his violin. When he got the violin, Xiao Qingrong floated aside and looked at Chu Yunyi. Right now, there was no timidity in his eyes, only killing intent.

At this moment, Xiao Qingrong acknowledged that Chu Yunyi was really alive.

In the corner, he constantly evaded the enemy's invasion. Su Yanqing also ran to many places. He did not have much lethality. He only had a gun in his hand. The places where the live broadcast could be seen have all become black due to the alliance's armor. When General Zhan Rui's people were decreasing in number, Su Yanqing finally opened his live broadcast ability and directly logged into his live broadcast room before joining the army!

As a big anchor with tens of millions of fans, as soon as he started his live broadcast, many fans came madly. Who has not broadcasted live for almost four months? Many fans missed him, but after opening the live broadcast, they saw desolation, a mess, and the crazy war between the crazy alliance army and their army, which scared all the fans. Everyone jumped in fright, and then they heard the anchor's voice.

I am Su Yanqing, a recruit in the Hancheng Nebula Army. Now I am in the Hancheng Base Camp. The Alliance Army has destroyed our army's signal. Now they have entered our base camp, and the situation is urgent...

Su Yanqing's voice came out and then he controlled the live broadcast ability to the forefront of the war. Then, everyone saw General Zhan Rui who can only be seen on TV. At this time, he was using his ability crazily, and the lightning flashed in the sky. The blue thunder struck those enemy forces, and everyone heard the cry from General Zhan Rui.

Sergeants! Now Hancheng has reached a moment of life and death! I am bound to coexist with Hancheng and die with it!