Super Male God System Chapter 81 - Enemy Attack

Such crazy thoughts have never been thought of by Chu Yunyi before. Not just Chu Yunyi, but any normal musician will never have such crazy thoughts.

The birth of the sound spirit is beautiful, and the feeling that music brings to people is also beautiful and happy. From the time the sound spirit was discovered to the present, most musicians choose to use the sound spirit to create illusions, and use the sound spirit to create Illusions to upgrade the abilities of others. Hence, most of the sound spirits are on that flashing stage, and there will never be other places, such as coming to the battlefield is impossible, let alone killing.

Chu Yunyi had this idea because he heard about the ability mutation today. His father changed his ability in that year, from an ordinary space ability to a space tearing ability. He has lost the original sound spirit, now that the birth of this sound spirit came from his heart's darkest part, doesn't this prove that Xiao Qingrong is stronger than he thought...

The ninth level sound spirit can create the most realistic illusion, and can even let people smell the fragrance of flowers and perceive the things in front of them. But if those flowers or other things become a weapon for killing? What will happen again?

There was a hint of madness in Chu Yunyi's eyes, and he looked at Xiao Qingrong intently, trying to get an answer from Xiao Qingrong's mouth.

Xiao Qingrong is the same, a pair of black eyes like the abyss are also staring at Chu Yunyi. When Chu Yunyi thought that all of this may be his own fantasy, Xiao Qingrong suddenly laughed, then landed on the ground. Looking forward, Xiao Qingrong made a standard gentleman's posture.

As you wish, my master.

God knows how Xiao Qingrong suppressed himself during this time. In such a scene, perhaps for Chu Yunyi, he saw the cruelty and pain of war, and he yearned for peace, but Xiao Qingrong wanted to feel the madness of battlefield, the feeling of the blade penetrating the skin, the pleasure of blood splattering, and the expression on everyone's face when joining the war...

Killing is indeed the most feared thing in this world, but Xiao Qingrong does not belong to this world, and his killing is not only for greed, but also for his own faith and peace.

Xiao Qingrong knew how powerful he really was, so he also thought about looking at the battlefield and what kinds of things he could do after cooperating with Chu Yunyi.

Wouldn't it be a very exciting thing to envelop the entire battlefield in fantasy and kill those crazy enemies with music?

Looking at the sound spirit in front of him, Chu Yunyi held his side tightly. He knew that after doing this, he might cause a lot of turbulence, but he could not bear it anymore. Watching the soldiers suffering every day and the invasion of the Alliance Army, he felt that he really needed to do more. He wondered what would happen if he could bring all his enemies into his illusions and do whatever he wanted with them.

Qingrong, if you do this, we will fall into an endless madness, are you willing?

If a sound spirit can really have such a large influence, not only can it increase the ability of a person, but it can also kill others. Then, many people will be afraid of the sound spirit. For musicians, It may be a major change and Chu Yunyi doesn't know what will happen after all this happens, but he still wants to do so.

My parents have given their lives to protect the nebula continent. Uncle Zhan also loves this land, so he must do something! He must be sure to end the war! As Qingrong said, if the army of the alliance can be pushed back and the people of the alliance can give in, then will the peace commence?

We will fall into an endless madness? Xiao Qingrong laughed, and his dark eyes were bottomless, which made Chu Yunyi feel somewhat strange.

It's you that will be in trouble. I'm just a sound spirit, music created me, and no one can kill me except you.

This is the biggest difference between humans and sound spirits. After Xiao Qingrong became a sound spirit, the biggest benefit he got was that he didn't have to eat and didn't have any physical needs. Although he wanted to do something else, because of the particularity of this world, Xiao Qingrong began to study music carefully. Although he still couldn't sing, he could play the other instruments well.

In this world, it may be because of the relationship between the master and sound spirit, but they have a natural sense of intimacy with these instruments, and they also know to play the tunes.

Chu Yunyi also understood Xiao Qingrong's statement, he smiled, and nodded.

Yes, it's me who is going to be lost. Anyway, I've already fallen, and no matter how bad it will get, it can't be worse anymore.

Chu Yunyi said while shrugging. He seemed to be talking to himself, but also to the former Chu Yunyi.

After making this determination, Chu Yunyi began to create the tracks even more frantically. This time, he completely abandoned those compassionate hearts, and wrote all about killing and blood of the war, as well as the hatred for the enemies in the song. This feeling made him feel hearty for the first time in a long while. Maybe this kind of track is suitable for his current mood...

Chu Yunyi, who had been gentle and wanted to portray the beauty of the world, had already died when he was the seventeen-year-old who was full of pain.


Zhan Rui was in a good mood during this time. The alliance did not make a comeback, and he also found Chu Yunyi. Before the child left the house, Zhan Rui couldn't let it go. Now, when Zhan Rui saw him again with his sound spirit, he knew that the reason he could produce a new sound spirit was probably related to his mother. There were only a few people who had undergone such an experiment at first. Perhaps Chu Yunyi was already injected with that mutation potion.

Unfortunately, his original sound spirit was taken away by Huo's family. However, it is fortunate for him to have another sound spirit.

Now, the ability fighters in the army basically felt like it's New Year's Day every day, because not only is there music that can give them a happy mood, but their ability can also be improved, which means that they can survive on the battlefield for much longer. So everyone is of course happy, even if we know that there may be new wars in the near future, but they can still work hard to face each day with a smile.

The future is always bright, isn't it?

During this period of rest and recuperation, only Su Yanqing is getting better and better with Chu Yunyi. Although Su Yanqing is only 19 years old this year, it is also very appropriate to stay with Chu Yunyi. Chu Yunyi does not like to talk but Su Yanqing likes to. Moreover, because his ability is a live broadcaster, he started to broadcast live when he was very young. He has his own live broadcast room on the Internet. For so many years, the number of fans has reached more than 20 million. This also has a lot to do with Su Yanqing's handsome appearance.

However, after coming to the army, because the army has a signal blocker, the live broadcast ability can only be used to record screens or disseminate information. It is also impossible to find information online, so besides practicing, most of his time is spent hanging out with Chu Yunyi. Although Chu Yunyi is busy writing music every time, but Su Yanqing, who knows Chu Yunyi's true identity, does not feel bored, even if he stays by Chu Yunyi, he was also very happy to hear him humming those minor tunes.

Soon, a month went by. During this time, almost every soldier in the barracks was wounded. In fact, according to the people in the nebula continent, everyone is advocating peace. If there is no general situation, no one is willing to go to war or something, but like the madmen, those in the alliance do not give the people in the Nebula continent a chance to breathe, and they will launch attacks almost every once in a while.

The ephemeris on July 4, 3215, this should have been a peaceful day. The first one to find out that something was wrong was the liaison officer in the army. He found that he had lost contact with the base, and all signals were cut off instantly...

Zhan Rui, in the headquarters also found that there was no news from the stationing edge that would report once every ten minutes. This was not very good news so Zhan Rui directly sounded the alarm.

Red alarms were issued throughout the army, and the soldiers were ready to go, preparing for a war that might come at any time. Sometimes, the coming of the war did not give people a chance to prepare.

Chu Yunyi also heard the news. He didn't expect the alarm to be so sudden. It was strange to see the two ability users next to him change their looks.

Is the situation very serious?

Chu Yunyi asked. Zhan Rui sent the two ability users to protect Chu Yunyi, and at this time, they heard Chu Yunyi's words and nodded.

This is the highest-level and most dangerous alarm in the army. If this alarm sounds, it proves that the base camp is no longer safe!

When Chu Yunyi heard a loud roar, he ran out of the tent. It was nighttime but the sky was filled with lightning and thunder. Of course, it is not normal. This phenomenon is from an ability user from the Alliance.

A thunderous lightning came down, directly turning the tent dozens of meters away from Chu Yunyi into a sea of ​​fire. The soldiers were a bit chaotic, but they immediately responded. It seemed that an enemy had barged in and Zhan Rui also got the latest news.

The information base of the base camp was previously taken over by the enemy, so as early as an hour ago, the soldiers at the front had encountered the Alliance Army and they were unable to ask for backup, resulting in this situation.