Super Male God System Chapter 80 - Parents Past

Since the last war didn't last long, there was enough time for the army to recuperate, and Chu Yunyi was the same. In addition to applying medicine for those injured, he would listen to those veterans talk about the battlefield.

Sometimes, those things seen in the news reports are far from the shock that these veterans have seen with their own eyes. After all, the war is far away from ordinary people. It is precisely because of this distance that made Chu Yunyi more curious. He is extremely curious about what happened in these battlefields.

Boy, do you know the space tearing war two decades ago? The battle was the real frontline of life and death at that time. I was still a low ranked soldier at that time, the kind in the rear, but I also witnessed the war with my own eyes. If not for the soldiers who died in that war, I am afraid that the alliance would have already breached us here, and now that I think of it, it is still the same as yesterday...

A middle-aged soldier with a scar on his face said, holding a cigarette in his hand. The army is not smoke-free since soldiers can't drink alcohol, so sometimes, the soldiers will feel the pressure. At this time, a cigarette will be a good consolation, so even though you may not smoke before joining the army, after joining, you will learn it over time.

Space tearing war? Chu Yunyi looked at the veteran in doubt, wondering what the so-called space tearing war was. Since all he ever cared for was music, he never paid attention to other things. He didn't know about these wars at all and he was a little intrigued at this time.

Yes, that battle was the most dynamic battle I've ever seen. Have you ever seen a space ability?

The old soldier took a huff of the cigarettes, and then went on to say. Besides Chu Yunyi, there were also other soldiers listening to the story. Su Yanqing was also among them, and suddenly his eyes widened.

I've seen it, aren't space abilities used specifically for delivering goods? I've seen many space abilities before.

Chu Yunyi also nodded, because everyone's abilities are different, so everyone's division of labor is naturally different. Some people's abilities are inherently offensive, but some people's abilities are only available to be in the rear. This is the case of space abilities. It is used to transport military supplies. It can be said to be an absolutely indispensable part of the army.

Hehe, the ones you see are the most ordinary space abilities. What I mean is that they can use space as a weapon for killing. Space tears. It is about using space abilities. All the enemies are shrouded in his space, and then strangled by it, that is, killing people by the tearing of space. Do you know the ability of a sound spirit? A powerful sound spirit can create a fantasy, and it will also indulge a person in the environment. The same is true for space abilities, placing enemies within the bounds of space, then tearing the space and killing the enemies in the space.

The veteran remembered the scene he saw in the past. Even after so many years, this thing was still vivid. After all, after so many years, there was finally someone who could evolve from a normal space ability user to a space ripper. Unfortunately, that person died in the war, all in order to protect this nebula continent.

So powerful? Is there really such an ability? Or is it an ability mutation?

Su Yanqing spoke first. He knew a lot because he has watched messy TV series and novels for a long time. He always watched the variations of the protagonist's abilities, but the truth is often more cruel. Being able to own a space ability is already a very lucky thing and having your ability mutate or anything else is nothing but a pipe dream.

Chu Yunyi was also thinking about the ability mutation. Thinking of what Uncle Zhan told him, his parents have been studying about ability mutation before. As for the sound spirit, it was also accidentally researched. His parents then came up with a potion, after drinking that potion, one can rob the sound spirit of others.

Chu Yunyi heard Uncle Zhan saying that most of the potions were destroyed because it worried his parents after they were invented, and the rest were only used for research purposes, but no new things have been developed yet. However, his parents are now gone.

Yes! It's an ability mutation, but that's a thing that happened 20 years ago. Twenty years ago, Vice General Xiao's wife developed a potion for ability mutation, which was for the first soldier of the army, because he was powerful. After taking this potion, he developed a powerful space tearing ability. Within a radius of five kilometers, as long as an enemy soldier was inside his space, he could be killed on the spot.

The veteran extinguished the smoke in his hands and looked at the surprised eyes of the soldiers around him, feeling complacent. After all, as a person who had experienced those in the past, the veteran felt that he could say this to the recruits. Moreover, he wanted the recruits to know that the sacrifices were great. Any soldier who sacrificed for the Nebula continent is worthy of respect in this world.

Su Yanqing looked at the veteran with excitement and he did not expect that there is really an ability variation in this world. Thinking of his current live broadcast ability, what would it become if it mutated?

Then someone in our army is using a mutation potion?

If there is such a thing, wouldn't all their abilities be able to mutate? Wouldn't they be invincible if that happens?

Chu Yunyi didn't make any noise. He knew that this thing was definitely gone. According to Uncle Zhan, the research on the ability variation was originally conducted by the government, but when his father and mother studied it, there were some differences. In the case of backwashing, some people even lost their ability due to such a potion. In this case, the so-called mutation potion is definitely impossible, let alone circulating in the army.

Humph, such beautiful dreams you have! It's a mutation potion! That thing was developed and used by a few people. Except for Vice General Xiao, the only thing I know is our current General Zhan, General Zhan's ability is a thunderbolt. After the mutation, the effect was extremely powerful, but after using it for a long time, it will cause a long period of mental collapse. Later, I heard that the side effects were too great. After learning of the side effects, the wife of Vice General Xiao stopped the research. All the above information was archived and I don't know how many others.

The veteran glanced at Su Yanqing, and after saying this, he continued.

But the space tearing ability I said before is true. In the last battle of 20 years ago, the troops on our side of the Nebula suffered heavy losses. The troops on the other side came menacingly. The places we guarded were repeatedly collapsing, and we almost lost the war too. At that time, Vice General Xiao turned the tide with his own power, directly overloaded his space tearing ability, covered his space ability to a thousand miles, and used space tearing. He was able to push the enemy back, but after that overload, Vice General Xiao's body was completely evacuated and sacrificed on the battlefield. If it was not for Vice General Xiao, could you have a good life now? I'm afraid the alliance would have long occupied the nebula continent!

His original intention was to educate these unrecruited recruits. At this time, the sacrifice of Vice General Xiao was then uttered. The recruits around him were all filled with admiration.

It was also the first time that Chu Yunyi heard about his parents from someone else. At the same time, he was stimulated by the death of his parents. Although he knew who his parents were, he never mentioned it in Huo's family. Later, Over time, Chu Yunyi didn't think about who his parents were. After coming to the army, he met Uncle Zhan, and his memories of his parents gradually recovered, reminding him of his once gentle father and severe mother.

That's right! In the eyes of others, his father may be a hero, but in Chu Yunyi's heart, he was a gentle and caring father. His mother... well, she was a researcher and she usually wasn't with him because she was always busy researching. However, he still loved them both, but now both of them have left him.

After dispersing with the soldiers, Chu Yunyi returned to his tent, looking at the sound spirit floating on his side, with a bit of nostalgia on his face.

Qingrong, in fact, the impression of my parents is very vague. I just remember that my father was a gentle person and my mother was a very serious person. Later, when I arrived at the Huo family, those memories gradually disappeared. Today when I listened to that vetern talking about my dad, I remembered him clearly. Although he was gentle, he had his own goals and firm convictions. Uncle Zhan told me that he made that choice and never regretted it. In order to protect everyone in the Nebula continent, he must have made sacrifices. War has always been made of blood. My 20-year peaceful life has been exchanged for the blood of these people.

Maybe he didn't understand why his parents would leave him alone but that is in the past. Those days when he was alone, those days when his sound spirit was taken away, Chu Yunyi hated many people and even thought about what would happen if his parents were alive. These were after all just fantasies.

If his parents were to choose again, he believes that his parents will probably choose the same outcome because they wanted to protect more people.

Xiao Qingrong floated there. As the object of conversation, in fact, he did not understand the high-flying festivals of the soldiers in the army. He was an exquisite egoist. In order to live well, everything can be used. Anyone can sacrifice and dedicate his spirit to others. Sorry, that thing... might have been useful in the past, but for Xiao Qingrong now, it is the most useless thing.

How can you protect others when you can't even protect yourself?


Having said so much, should there be a result?

Xiao Qingrong's eyes fell on Chu Yunyi's body, and Chu Yunyi's eyes were glaring toward Xiao Qingrong. When their eyes met, no one flinched.

Qingrong, if... if I were to manipulate you to kill, would you?