Super Male God System Chapter 8 - Surprise

Translator Note: I changed Shengyan Hui to Sheng Yanhui since it sounded better to me

Recently, Anyang City was experiencing a big change, the Qinglong Gang's reform affected many small gangs around it. All of them that weren't under the supervision of the Qinglong Gang were raided by the police.

Although the gang was cleaned up, there were about half of them left so it was quite the task to reorganize them. Everyone was still a bit tense toward the new leader, afterall, it was him who contacted the police to raid the gang. Since then, Xiao Qingrong was busy looking into the gang's business, which took over a month of organizing the paperwork, even with all the cooperation from the remaining members. After some time, the staff of the major companies that the gang owned were rescheduled, the heads of each company were hired professionals who could actually run a business and public meetings were held every month.

As a president who used to spend millions a minute, what Xiao Qingrong liked to do most was handing things over to those capable. As the president, isn't it easier to let other people do the work? What's the point of doing everything yourself?

After handling these matters, Xiao Qingrong went to check on his assembled laboratory. Since Xin Ye cooperated with the government, his personal accounts were finally available. Except for the money taken by his daughter, he had several other accounts full of cash. Qingrong's laboratory was built using the money from one them, now that he had a grandson, his old-aged money finally had some use.

When Qingrong entered his laboratory, he was in a pretty good mood. After removing everyone from the laboratory, he was eventually alone.

He had already measured Xin Ye's fingers. According to the simulation, they were very easy to make. For these two fingers, Xiao Qingrong spent more than half a month testing in his lab. After all, there were errors within the tools in reality compared to the simulation.

It had been awhile since anyone had seen Xiao Qingrong, so Xin Ye sent someone to check up on him.

Brother! Have you not gotten any sleep recently? It was Xiao Qinghuan, who was startled when she saw her brother. He looked like a corpse with his pale skin and bloodshot eyes. After half a month of not seeing her brother, she was already worried but seeing his current state, she was baffled...How long has it been since he had any rest?

Although Xiao Qingrong looked like some undead with his pale skin and red eyes, those eyes of his were sparking with passion. Why? Because he had done it, he finished making the High Sensation Mechanical Prosthesis!

I'm fine, you said that Grandpa is waiting for me right? Let's go!

Xiao Qingrong didn't know how enthusiastic he looked at the moment, it made Qinghuan a bit worried. She was currently attending college so she wasn't home everyday.

The two quickly arrived at Xin Ye's villa. Xin Ye saw Qingrong's appearance and was startled.

Child, what kind of research are you doing to end up looking like this?

Xiao Qingrong took out a box, sat in front of Xin Ye, then spoke.

Grandpa, stretch out your left hand and you will know~

Liang Xin on the side also looked at Xiao Qingrong, not knowing what the little guy was doing. In Liang Xin's eyes, Xiao Qingrong was becoming more difficult to control.

Although Xin Ye didn't know why, he still stretched his left hand over. Xiao Qinghuan was surprised to see Xin Ye's fingers for the first time. After all, such a deformed hand would definitely scare people.

Xiao Qingrong didn't care and took Xin Ye's hand with his left while opening the box with his right hand. Inside the box revealed two silver fingers, which looked like fragments.

The index finger was taken out first. After removing it from the box, Qingrong gently stroked the numbers on top of the prosthesis. The numbers were of nanometer scale, invisible to the naked eye. Even with an advanced microscope, it was still quite difficult to see.

In a split second, it formed the numbers, 7543. In a flash, the short silver mechanical prosthesis slowly merged with Xin Ye's index finger...

Everyone watching was astounded, both confused and interested in what they just witnessed.

This... This... Even though Xin Ye saw many things during his lifetime, he was frightened by the scene in front of them. Especially when the cold prosthetic limb connected with his finger, he couldn't help but try move it, and it did. He could even feel the temperature of Qingrong's hand... it was simply inconceivable...

Grandpa, this is what I've been researching in the laboratory, High-Sensitivity Mechanical Prosthetics. After installing it, you can do a lot of things~

Qingrong felt very grateful toward Xin Ye. Although the two started out as an exchange of interests, Qingrong gradually started to like the old man and soon, loved him like family, which is why he decided to give Xin Ye a treat by making the mechanical prosthesis.

After installing the other prosthetic on Xin Ye's middle finger, it began to merge again. After seeing the two prostheses perfectly integrated itself with Xin Ye's fingers, he released his hand.

Grandpa, try moving and get a feel of it yourself, if anything feels uncomfortable, I can change it.

Qingrong calmly spoke, as if he didn't do anything out of the ordinary. When Liang Xin's eyes landed on Xin Ye's hands, he felt like it was impossible to remove the prosthetics as they looked exactly like Xin Ye's fingers, just that it's silver in color.

Xin Ye never thought he would feel any kind of sensation again from his fingers. At first, his index finger was chopped to feed the dogs. Later, his middle finger was thrown into the sea. They were painful memories but it also motivated Xin Ye to keep moving forward. Xin Ye controlled himself and returned his mind back to his fingers, it still felt unbelievable.

He gently stroke them and even felt the temperatures from his 'skin'. He couldn't help but want to touch the tea cup, he felt the warm surface and his hands couldn't stop shaking.

He continued to experiment with them, continuously opening and closing his hand. After a few minutes, Xin Ye felt as if the prosthetics were already a part of him. They could sense not only temperature, but also the sensation and textures of objects, it was no different from his real fingers.

Qingrong, this prosthetic, how can it simulate such behaviors? It almost...

It was impossible for these prosthetic limbs to be on the market. During the installation of the prosthetics, it would feel very painful but this one, the pain never came. It was unnaturally natural...

Xin Ye was feeling very complicated as he looked at Xiao Qingrong. He really didn't expect his grandson to know how to create such delicate gadgets. If he knew how to make such advanced technologies already, how much change could he bring to the world?

Well, I won't tell you the complicated stuff but the prosthesis was fused with a special chip. It allows the user to gain the sense of touch, equivalent to real flesh. This kind of prosthetic is relatively simple to make. If you made any other limbs using this technology, let's say a leg. You wouldn't have any problem playing sports after installing it.

This was the research Xiao Qingrong developed. Although it was ordinary protheses, with the advance technology in it, he wouldn't have any competitors. Xiao Qingrong's eyes fell on Liang Xin. In addition to giving Xin Ye a surprise, it was also for the higher ups which Liang Xin would report to.

The military invests so much on injured and disabled soldiers. If they could use these prosthetics, there would be plenty of potential. If these people regained their combat capabilities, the military would definitely be happy.

Sure enough, Liang Xin was overwhelmed with excitement. He thought of his former comrades-in-arms. Among the disabled, most were actually soldiers. On the battlefield, anything could happen, you could lose some pieces of yourself as well as your life. Liang Xin's comrades also lost many things during combat, he was filled with ambition as he watched how easily Xin Ye controlled his new 'fingers'.

I plan to develop new prosthetic limbs for a while. Get everyone from the gang whose disabled for me, I'll give them the newly developed prosthetics. When the time comes, I'll start a prosthetic company, it'll be named 7543. Grandpa, are you alright with this?

Why wouldn't Xin Ye be alright with this? The prosthetic limb in his hand was working excellently, it was more obvious in person. Thinking of the market potential of it, it was gigantic and would change the lives of many.

As a person who has gone through many tribulations, Xin Ye knew he wasn't mistaken. This child was destined for greatness, not some rubbish prison.

As for Xiao Qingrong? He was listening to the report 618 investigated.

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