Super Male God System Chapter 79 - Kill

The most shocking news of Nebula Continent in the past three years has appeared! It is from Nebula Entertainment, the company of Uranus superstar Huo Tiancheng. After delaying Huo Tiancheng's concert itinerary, Nebula announced the news among many fans' expectations.

Huo Tiancheng's sound spirit is dead, Huo Tiancheng has since withdrawn from the entertainment industry

As soon as this news was released, everyone was riled up, because they never expected that the superstar who had stood in the entertainment industry for ten years would leave the entertainment industry! Not only that, it also said that Huo Tiancheng's sound spirit is dead!

Because everyone has abilities, everyone knows that abilities can be consumed, they can be advanced, and of course, they can also die because of foreign objects. There were many famous musicians with sound spirits in history and the reason for leaving the entertainment industry is usually because their sound spirit is dead.

When a musician is unable to create music, the sound spirit will die.

What everyone can't figure out is the news of the sudden death of the ninth level sound spirit. You must know that the most important reason why Huo Tiancheng can become the most famous superstar in this nebula continent is that he has a ninth level sound spirit. Compared to other musicians, Huo Tiancheng's sound spirit is really powerful.

In addition to this, the second most powerful sound spirit in the Nebula mainland is only a sixth level sound spirit, which further increases Huo Tiancheng's popularity. After everyone heard the news, they felt it was unacceptable. Even if the official company agrees to refund the ticket to everyone, the company still suffered a major crash.

It is a huge tragedy and no one can accept the news of the death of such a ninth level sound spirit.

People outside want to see Huo Tiancheng and want to know what is going on, but the official said that Huo Tiancheng is too sad. Moreover, his body has a problem and he is being treated now, but it still made fans feel distressed, after all, a ninth level sound spirit is dead. Although they are sad, the people who are more sad are musicians...

Is Huo Tiancheng really sad? He is not sad, he is just about to be driven crazy.

Because Mrs. Huo imprisoned him in this villa, and all the electronic equipment was taken away. Huo Tiancheng did not know any outside information at all, so he was nervous.

Come here! Come out!

Furiously smashing the contents of the villa, Huo Tiancheng wanted his sound spirit to come out. He knew his sound spirit was watching him, but why didn't he come out? Is he not as good as Chu Yunyi? He was so courteous as he pleased the sound spirit, and even found so many tunes for him. Is he not as good as Chu Yunyi?

The sound spirit floating on the swing looked at Huo Tiancheng, who was crazy, with no expression on his face. For such a weak and incompetent person, he is the most despised person in the eyes of the sound spirit. Such a person does not have his own ability, but wants something that is not his own. He deserves to come to such an end.

Why... Why are you doing this to me? Am I not good to you? You are my sound spirit. Chu Yunyi has already given up on you, OK? Chu Yunyi doesn't want you anymore, only I care about you, only I value you! Please please! Sound spirit! You don't allow me to call you by your name, is it because you are waiting for Chu Yunyi? Is he so good?

Hou Tiancheng doesn't know if he was asking the sound spirit or himself. Huo Tiancheng, who was paralyzed on the ground, remembered that when he was young, he and Chu Yunyi were best friends at that time, but obviously the two people like the same things. Both of them like music very much, but Chu Yunyi can easily write good songs, and he can even write such obsessive music, but what about him? He was racking his brains but couldn't write anything.

For so many years, Huo Tiancheng occasionally saw the seventeen-year-old Chu Yunyi in his dreams, but he never regretted stealing Chu Yunyi's sound spirit. Chu Yunyi... Why did he have such a powerful sound spirit?

Is he... really not as good as Chu Yunyi?

The sound spirit sitting on the swing swayed and looked at the man who was sitting on the ground in an embarrassing manner. Finally, hearing the question of the other person, he transformed into a figure, allowing Hou Tiancheng to see him. He was still wearing a white shirt and shorts. His pair of blue pupils, which should have been so pure, looked more like ridicule at this time.

Who is your sound spirit, who do you think you are?

When the sound spirit was born, he already understood many things. So for a thief like Huo Tiancheng, the sound spirit really does not have any good feelings, and listening to the other party's question on whether Chu Yunyi is better than him or not, he felt ridiculed. If Chu Yunyi wasn't good, he wouldn't be here.

But I have been by your side for ten years, and I have been so nice to you. After you appeared, I was by your side. Chu Yunyi was not by your side at all. Why can't you just look at me? Moreover, I am not even allowed to call you by your name. Aren't you being unfair to me?

Looking at the sound spirit in front of him suddenly, Huo Tiancheng admitted that what he had done was wrong, but things have happened. For so many years, it was him who accompanied the sound spirit and stood on the stage with him. The man is him, and the man who was with the sound spirit from weak to strong is also him!

Why, after he has done so much for him, why did it ultimately end up like this?

Fair? In this world, anyone can say that it is unfair. Only you can't. When you took me away from Chu Yunyi, did you think of fairness? You just want to have my ability and want to feel vanity. You accompanied me? I see that the reason you accompanied me is because of your own desires and the reason I can upgrade to the ninth level; others may not know but in your heart, are you not clear?

When the sound spirit is in a bad mood, it is natural for him to not want to be ridiculed so when he heard what Huo Tiancheng said, he decided to lash out and not to give him face.

The birth of a sound spirit is due to the musician, and of course the same is true for upgrading their level. Through the various music created by the musician, it will allow them to further understand music, which will finally lead to the advancement of the sound spirit. The grade of the sound spirit represents the ability of the musician.

As long as the musician is capable, the sound spirit will become stronger and stronger.

For a long time, Huo Tiancheng's songs at the concert were purchased by the company from various sources through various channels. Although it is enough for the sound spirit to create the most powerful illusion, his advancement has nothing to do with these tunes. The sound spirit will only follow his own musicians and become stronger and stronger.

In the past ten years, even if Chu Yunyi's sound stayed beside Huo Tiancheng, he still advanced to the ninth level, which proves that Chu Yun Yi has never given up his obsession with music. His obsession continued to breed, and then, like fertile soil, nourished the sound spirit, making the sound spirit become the ninth level sound spirit of today.

Looking blankly at the sound spirit in front of him, Huo Tiancheng doesn't want to admit it, but at this moment, the truth was fully exposed. Even if he is the real Uranus superstar in the eyes of others, but in front of this sound spirit, he has nothing, because if he didn't rely on this sound spirit, he wouldn't have everything now, and now, this sound doesn't want to help him.

He is a person who does not even have a sound spirit, how can such a musician exist in the entertainment industry?

The sound spirit was rickety and flying on the swing. Although he said such words to Huo Tiancheng, he did not intend to return to the side of Chu Yunyi. He had little memory of Chu Yunyi, only remembering that he was a boy who was like sunshine. It has now been ten years and it is unknown how that boy is doing.

As of Chu Yunyi right now? He is still in the rear to help the medical army to deal with everyone's injuries. The pain caused by the war can never be imagined. Only by seeing all of this can one feel the cruelty and blood of the war.

Those who are sitting in the medical tent, or lying there, have numb expressions on their face. In this scene, Chu Yunyi does not know how many times he has seen it but every time he saw it, he felt extra shocked.

Although Zhan Rui did not ask him to come here, he just hoped that he could play a piece of music for everyone at night. For him, Zhan Rui specially brought a lot of musical instruments, including the piano, violin, cello... Every night, Chu Yunyi will be busy writing tunes so that he can try to help.

After giving medicine to everyone, Chu Yunyi returned to his tent, picked up the violin and put it on his neck, and then a crazy sound of the violin passed out. With the violin, Chu Yunyi created an extremely messy rhythm and it seemed as if thousands of horses were trampling on one's heart. Compared to the gentleness and elegance of the piano, the violin gives a sharper feeling. The music is like howling from a lone soul on the battlefield, which makes people only feel a little angry after hearing it.

This is Chu Yunyi's handmade tune. Xiao Qingrong on the side quite likes it. The sound of the piano is full of tears, as if it is the kind of pleasure to be on the battlefield, so Xiao Qingrong has a very enjoyable feeling.

When the final sound disappeared, Chu Yunyi was panting. Xiao Qingrong had memorized the tune and he was a little curious.

Does this song have a name?

Chu Yunyi froze, glanced at the violin in his hand, and suddenly smiled, his voice was unprecedentedly firm.

Kill! Its name is KILL!

Kill the enemies, kill to open a path, kill... kill for real peace!