Super Male God System Chapter 78 - Mrs. Zhou

There is a musician on the front line of the army, and the fact that this musician owns a ninth level sound spirit will soon spread to the army. Moreover, because this ninth level sound spirits ability is very advanced, it can increase everyone's ability by 20 percent. Although it is only increased by 20 percent, just the advanced abilities of these people can already exert the best effect on the battlefield.

Zhan Rui did not expect to meet Chu Yunyi, and after confirming the identity of the other party, he sent someone to protect Chu Yunyi. After all, in the eyes of Zhan Rui, Chu Yunyi was not only a musician, but also his junior. He hasn't seen him in 10 years so of course he would pay great attention to Chu Yunyi's security issues.

Chu Yunyi also didn't expect that after he went to see Uncle Zhan, there would be two more psionicists beside him. Even if he wanted to refuse, he could not refuse, but the two psionicists were very willing to guard Chu Yunyi. Chu Yunyi is a person with a ninth level sound spirit, as long as he creates music, they can upgrade their ability...

On the army side, not many people knew about Chu Yunyis identity. In order to protect Chu Yunyi, Zhan Rui also worked hard to keep it a secret.

Compared to Chu Yunyi, who is so relaxed in the army, Huo Tiancheng is already going crazy. After all, what he had to rely on for the concert was the ability of the sound spirit. Now that the sound spirit is suddenly rebelling, the most miserable is Huo Tiancheng.

With the sound spirit not being happy, Huo Tiancheng has no choice but to let the company go to the Internet to search for new tunes. He intends to use these tunes to please the sound spirit. In the past, when the sound spirit was unhappy, Huo Tiancheng would use this method. To please a sound spirit, as the soul born of music, it still likes a variety of music.

Only this time, Huo Tiancheng has miscalculated. The recent mood of the sound spirit is very bad. He misses Ziying so he doesn't want to do anything, let alone a concert. Although he likes to be on the gorgeous stage and show himself on the Internet, but now, he is really not in the mood...

Huo Tiancheng was anxious and he contacted his mother, and Mrs. Huo couldn't believe it when she heard the news. The sound spirit tthat had been obedient for so many years suddenly stopped listening to her son. This made Mrs. Huo fly over the night to see her son.

Tiancheng, tell me, what is going on?

This sound spirit is usually obedient so why isn't it obedient? Even if it was coaxed with good music, it was disobedient, and Madam Huo couldn't believe it.

Mom, I don't know. Now the company has been urging me about the concert, but the sound spirit is totally uncooperative, and it doesn't even appear. I can't help it. Mom, can you force him out?

Huo Tiancheng looked very annoyed. It's been more than half a month since the concert was announced. If this thing doesn't work out, it will affect Huo Tiancheng's career. It never happened before. After such a thing, now suddenly, this makes Huo Tiancheng feel that it is unacceptable.

Mrs. Huo also frowned and seemed to be thinking about it, but the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking away the sound spirit of others was also discovered by Chu Yunyi's parents. They could take the sound spirit of others but their relationship is not like how it is between a sound spirit and it's host, and in fact, it needs to be managed with care.

Over the years, Mrs. Huo knows that her son always thinks that the spirit is not his own. In addition, the spirit is very smart, knowing that her son is not its first owner, so he is not close to her son, even after so many years, The relationship between her son and the sound spirit has not been very good. Now suddenly such a thing has happened and the sound spirit is not obedient. Moreover, Hpu Tiancheng is unable to do a thing.

Have you tried to find some songs to please it?

Knowing that everything that her son has is due to the sound spirit, Mrs. Huo has no way. According to her ideas, now that the Huo family has a great career, it's fine if her son doesn't continue to be a star, but if her son were to suddenly disappear, it would make people really confused.

I've searched for it, Mom. I just want a way to make it obedient. Since you could take it from Chu Yunyi at the beginning. There must be a way to make it obedient, right?

Looking forward to his mother, Huo Tiancheng also knew that he was not talented in music, but this did not mean that he didn't like being in the stage. In order to stand on the stage, he took Chu Yunyi's sound spirit. He never regretted it. In his opinion, Chu Yunyi had been taken care of by their Huo family for so many years so what if his sound spirit was taken? However, they did not expect that Chu Yunyi would run away from home and he was still missing. Huo Tiancheng would be lying if he said that there was no bit of resentment in his heart.

Mrs. Huo was helpless at this time.

Tiancheng, we have taken away Chu Yunyi's sound spirit and given it to you. It is already going against the heavens. The sound spirit and the master are mutual. Moreover, I don't support the idea of you being a star. Although you are famous now, but that is due to the power of the sound spirit. You can't write those songs that the sound spirit likes so one day, sooner or later, the sound spirit will leave. Listen to your mother and let's just go home and take over the business at home, isn't it good enough?

She reached out and held her son. Mrs. Huo had good intentions. She betrayed her friend for the sake of her son. Numerous times at midnight, she was ashamed to face her former friend. Now her son has enjoyed standing on the stage for ten years. He should be happy now right?

If they announce that they have withdrawn from the entertainment industry, they can still have a good reputation. If the sound really dissipates one day, wouldn't it make her son even more sad?

The ninth level sound spirit is powerful, but it does not mean that the ninth level sound spirit will not die.

Huo Tiancheng never expected that his mother would say such a thing, and he just let go of his mother's hand, and looked at his mother unbelievably.

Mom! How can you do this? You don't even want to help me. Moreover, you even want me to withdraw from the entertainment industry. Do you know how much I love this stage? Go home to take over the family business? How can it be good enough? Can it be like I am now, where I go and be sought after by everyone?

His face was a little red and it fell into Mrs. Huo's eyes, and she didn't know why, but she regretted it. It would have been better if she didn't do such a thing for her son, and her son wouldn't be like this...

The so-called love for the stage is nothing more than enjoying the vanity sought after by many people and enjoying the feeling that he is above everyone else, but these things are stolen and will not last for a long time. This sound spirit is now on strike. If one day it dies, then what will her son do?

Is it possible to capture the sound of others?

The sound spirit of this world is unique. It has never been similar. Mrs. Huo thought of the boy who had always called her aunt with a smile and looked like a star-studded child. The sound spirit created by that child is also the same. It had blue eyes and looked like an angel.

Tiancheng, it has been ten years, you should have stopped up long ago. I came here this time, not to help you, but to inform you. Since the concert just can't be held, I will let the people in your company go down and say your sound spirit is dead, so you can return to normal life.

Stolen things are not their own, and it is not a long-term solution.

No! No! I still want to sing, I still want to have a concert, Mom, can you help me? Help me, I know you can. You were able to make this sound spirit follow me back then so there must be a way for the sound spirit to listen to me? [TN: Kinda want them to try to control our mc. Would love their reaction]

Pulling her mother's hand, Huo Tiancheng begged her. He didn't want to lose everything now. This was simply cruel to him. After enjoying so much starlight and pursuit, he would suddenly become an ordinary person. How can that be?

Mrs. Huo did not speak, and opened her son's hand. The master of a sound spirit is a musician, but a sound spirit is alive and thoughtful, and is not a pet, not a dog, and it can not be domesticated at will. Now that the Spirit is out of control, the best way is to give up everything they have now.

Come here, look after him, no matter what happens, he is not allowed to touch any electronic products, and he is not allowed to go out!

With the order of Mrs. Huo, someone soon moved. Huo Tiancheng was controlled. Although he wanted to struggle, there was nothing he could do. He could only look at his mother pitifully. He used to think that his mother could solve anything for him.

Tiancheng, what mom is doing, it's all for you. You should understand.

After speaking, Mrs. Hou turned and left, leaving Huo Tiancheng like a crazy monster.

This matter has been calculated by Mrs. Huo for a long time. In fact, Mrs. Huo is not very optimistic about her son's entry into the entertainment industry. If it is not for her wanting to spoil her son, she would not let her son be in the entertainment industry for ten years. In the past ten years, the sound spirit is still the sound spirit of others, and has not accepted her son at all. In this case, it will be very unfavorable to the future development of her son. Just like this time, all the work of her son has been affected because the sound spirit is in a strike, which made Mrs. Huo understand a lot.

That sound spirit is not her son's. Even if her son pleases him, he won't be obedient.

There is also Chu Yunyi, that stinky boy. He had fled to who knows where and for so many years, she has not found the whereabouts of this person. In addition, the people of Zhan's family are becoming restless, which made Mrs. Huo think that it should end here.

If the people in the Zhan family knew that they had taken away Chu Yunyi's sound spirit for his son, it would be bad for the Hou family.