Super Male God System Chapter 77 - Zhan Rui's Anger

Zhan Rui was glad to see Chu Yuyi, so of course, he hurried over, and looked at him up and down, his expression was full of care.

Xiao Yi, where have you been for so many years? I heard Mrs. Huo said that you left the Huo's house because of some things at that time. I have been looking for your whereabouts but I was never able to find you. I did not expect you to be here. How many years has it been since you joined the army?

The more Zhan Rui talked, the more he blamed himself for being so busy in the army for so many years. Even though he was looking for someone, he couldn't even find a child after looking for ten years. At this moment, he was particularly blameful of himself. Even though Chu Yunyi looked okay, Zhan Rui really feels ashamed for his old friend...

Chu Yunyi also never expected that he would see Uncle Zhan in such a situation. He was a bit nervous. But when he saw Uncle Zhan, he was not so nervous and his whole body relaxed a lot.

Uncle Zhan, I have had a good life alone for so many years. I left because of some compelling reasons. Am I not good now? Moreover, I am really happy to have the opportunity to come to the army.

With a smile, Chu Yunyi soothed the man in front of him, watching Uncle Zhan's guilty eyes, Chu Yunyi actually had some self blame. After he left the Hou's house, he hid himself and he didn't know that his Uncle Zhan has been searching for him for years. If it wasn't for himself, he would have already been found by Uncle Zhan.

Child, I've been useless. Come, sit down first.

Pulling Chu Yunyi to sit down first, the musician's affairs have been forgotten. Now Zhan Rui only wants to care about his friend's son, and after sitting with Chu Yunyi, he calmly said with a cold face.

Xiao Yi, now that you have arrived at my site, you are safe now, and now there are no outsiders. You tell your uncle, why did you leave the Huo's house ten years ago? Mrs. Huo said it was because of some trivial matters. I Asked many times but the other party couldn't tell exactly what it was. I think the Huo's family had wronged you, otherwise, for someone as obedient as you, why would you leave the Huo family casually? Now that you and I meet again, If you have any grievances, just tell your uncle, I will get justice for you!

Speaking of this, Zhan Rui's eyes flashed a bit of coldness, and the thought of this child drifting out for ten years, he must have definitely suffered a lot of grievances, and suddenly felt very distressed.

Being cared for by the elders is something that Chu Yunyi hasn't experienced for a long time. Looking at Uncle Zhan's care at this time, Chu Yunyi knows that sooner or later he would tell him what happened in that year. Since it was decided to let Qingrong appear in front of everyone, it was necessary to let Uncle Zhan know about it.

Uncle Zhan, I didn't know how to tell you about the events of that year. You should understand him when you see him.

Chu Yunyi said, looking at Xiao Qingrong floating around, nodding, and in the next second, Xiao Qingrong in a black suit appeared in front of Zhan Rui among rows of black tulips.

As tulips spread across the ground, a sound spirit appeared, standing in the center of the tulip. At this time, the sound spirit was exuding a powerful aura and he had a pair of dark eyes like the abyss that stared at him coldly and ruthlessly. Even though Zhan Rui has been on the battlefield for many years was stunned, and then he can't believe it. He looked at Chu Yunyi, and then he seemed to think of something. He immediately frowned, cramped, and slapped directly on the table, causing the table to crack.

A good Huo family! What a good Hou Family!!!!

Speaking these words with gritted teeth, Zhan Rui really did not expect that the girlfriend of Mrs.Chu would have done such a thing. He knew that he shouldn't have left him at the Hou Family at that time.

Chu Yunyi looked at Zhan Rui who suddenly became extremely angry, and felt that Zhan Rui must know something, but he just kept quiet at this moment and watched his Uncle Zhan in front of him quietly, waiting for his response.

Zhan Rui was angry and he was not satisfied after smashing the table, but seeing that Chu Yunyi was in front of him, he finally calmed down his temper, tried to calm himself down, and spoke directly.

Is Huo Tiancheng's sound spirit yours?

Chu Yunyi was surprised by this, but he didn't expect Uncle Zhan to know this, but he didn't hesitate and nodded. The truth of the fact is that the sound spirit is his own, and Uncle Zhan was right.

At that time, Chu Yunyi left the Huo Family because his own sound spirit was stolen. He also wanted to find Uncle Zhan, but at that time, the war was going on, so he could only leave the Hou Family by himself. After that, it was decadent.

Yes, when Huo Tiancheng snatched my sound spirit, Mrs. Huo begged me to forgive Huo Tiancheng, but I couldn't get through that level and left the Huo's house.

He gave the most truthful answer, which once again frustrated Zhan Rui and caused him to grit his teeth.

I despise the Huo family! I did not expect that after the death of your parents, I thought that the Huo family's mistress and your mother were very good friends, so I left you there but I didn't expect such a thing would happen. No wonder I asked Mrs. Huo ten years ago, but she was afraid to answer

After Zhan Rui said this, he still seemed a little angry, but he reached out and patted Chu Yunyi's shoulder.

I have been looking for you for the past ten years. After you left the Huo family, I wondered if the Huo family did something to you so they could keep your parents assets. Your parents are not ordinary people, they were researchers and they had a lot of assets. These were originally given to the Huo family to take care of for you until you grow up. When the war is over, I will take you back and give you all these things, which are the painstaking efforts of your father and mother, as well as your sound spirit, you must also take it back together. Did the Huo family think that after taking away the sound spirit of others, they can rest easy? For now, just stay with me. We will take back your sound spirit

In the past, Zhan Rui didn't know the truth and was just very distrustful of the Huo family. Now, seeing the sound spirit that looks exactly the same as Huo Tiancheng's, Zhan Rui knows that the sound spirit of Huo Tiancheng must be from Chu Yun.

In this world, everyone can only have one ability, and only one sound spirit, so there is only one reason for two people to have the same sound spirit, and that is only possible when the sound spirit of the other person is taken away already.

When a person's sound spirit is taken away, the musician who has lost the sound spirit can still summon a sound spirit in another way through a new method. Generally, this call is called twins.

The same faces, the same level, and completely different personalities have caused twin sounds, but the separated sound spirits will not reintegrate.

This kind of example was only in the research of Chu Yunyi's parents at the earliest. In the real reality, it is almost impossible.

Uncle Zhan, thank you. Chu Yunyi really didn't know this. In the beginning, his life was carefree in the Hou Family. Before his sound was taken away, there was almost only music in Chu Yunyi's life. It wasn't until he left the Huo family that he knew that survival required money. Fortunately, he had such a beautiful face so he was able to survive.

Good boy, as long as you don't blame your uncle. Uncle promised your parents to take care of you but I had actually sent you to the wolf mouth. It turned out that the Huo family took your sound spirit away. You must not have been so good in this decade...

Seeing Chu Yunyi's sound spirit from the first glance, Zhan Rui knew how Chu Yunyi's mood was in the past ten years. The sound spirit was born from the tracks created by the creator. Although this sound spirit is exactly the same as the previous, but the dark eyes and indifferent temperament, he can see at a glance that Chu Yunyi has suffered greatly.

Thinking of the sound spirit around Huo Tiancheng, the blue pupil, white clothes, like an angel. Chu Yunyi was only seventeen years old at that time, and his sound spirit was born at the age of seventeen but they were forcefully separated....

Uncle Zhan, I'm really okay. I've written a lot of songs over the years. Otherwise, I wouldn't have my current sound spirit. His name is Xiao Qingrong. He's my sound spirit. Last night, I wrote a piece of music and he played the piece. He comforted all the soldiers. He is very powerful, even more powerful than me.

If he did not not have such a powerful sound spirit, Chu Yunyi believed that it is absolutely impossible for him to have the courage to come to the army and even do everything now...

Zhan Rui looked at Xiao Qingrong and nodded. Knowing that sound spirits did not like to communicate with people other than his master, he set his eyes on Chu Yunyi.

If your parents know that you have such a powerful sound spirit, they would be proud. Xiao Yi, stay here, I will definitely protect you. Moreover, you are now a musician with a sound spirit so you have a special status, Don't do anything else in the future, if you can, play a track for the soldiers in the army. You also know that in such a place, no one can guarantee that they can see the sun the next day.

Speaking of this, Zhan Rui sighed. As a general, watching the soldiers die in the war was the most painful thing for him. Even if he has healing powers, there will always be deaths in wars.Things cannot be controlled.

Rest assured, uncle, I will write a better song.

The song Ease was handwritten by Chu Yunyi. If it had been before, Chu Yunyi could not write such a song, but now, since he has seen life and death, seen attachment, and understood pain, he can write it.

What's more, he has the most powerful sound spirit in the world for him.