Super Male God System Chapter 76 - Uncle Zhan

Such news naturally caused a great turmoil in the army. After all, a musician is nothing, but a musician with a ninth-order sound spirit or above is a real treasure.

Many musicians have entered the entertainment industry these years, and then developed in the entertainment industry. Even if their troops invited the musicians to come and sing, it would cost money, and the average musician does not like to come to this kind of danger. In places like today's battlefield frontiers, it is absolutely impossible for musicians to appear here.

But everyone heard the sound of the piano last night, the beautiful music, the flying blue birds, and the sudden increase of the abilities of many people. All these can prove that there must be a powerful sound spirit that created the illusions last night

Look! Call everyone at once and ask about the sound spirit!

When General Zhan Rui thought of it, he felt that he must protect such excellent talent. After all, a sound spirit is a very precious existence. Even in the entire nebula continent, there are only a few hundred musicians who owns a sound spirit, and a sound spirit can still die. Yes, when the musician no longer creates music, the sound spirit will also die. Moreover, it is harder to upgrade the level of a sound spirit, so for the sound spirit of Huo Tianchengs to be able to reach the ninth level in ten years, it is definitely not something that is easily born.

If there is a person in the army with a ninth level sound spirit, Zhan Rui knows that this person will most likely affect the future battle!

Su Yanqing who got up in the morning also asked Chu Yunyi.

Brother Chu, did you hear the piano last night?

He is very excited. As a person with live broadcast ability, his role is to monitor the enemy, so he sees more. Those cruel pictures made the 19-year-old Su Yanqing naturally unable to sleep, that is until last night. After hearing the music and seeing the blur birds, he gradually entered the dreamland.

Piano sound? Chu Yunyi, who was really asleep, didn't know what was happening. It was a little unexpected. Is there any pianist in this army?

Yes, Brother Chu, haven't you heard? Many people have heard it and I also heard it. When I heard it, I seemed to have entered the illusion of a sound spirit who created blue birds and when I woke up this morning, I found that my ability has even been upgraded! This sound spirit must be a super powerful sound spirit!!!

As long as you have been to a concert before, of course, you know what an illusion of a sound spirit is. Of course, Su Yanqing is also the same, even though he has little understanding of the existence of a sound spirit. At this moment, he is very excited. He was able to experience the illusion of a powerful sound spirit.

You know, he went to a concert once and he had to pay a lot. Moreover, at that time, his ability wasn't strengthened that much.

Listening to Su Yanqing's words, Chu Yunyi's eyes fell involuntarily on the side of Xiao Qingrong. He had some doubts in his eyes, but he still said.

Really? It's a pity that I fell asleep and didn't hear or know what kind of song it was.

Su Yanqing talked a little bit, but when he heard Chu Yunyi, he hurriedly said.

It is a piece of music that calms my heart. Originally, I saw a lot of corpses and blood when I was broadcasting, and I was so scared that I couldn't sleep, but after hearing that music, my heart suddenly calmed down, and then I saw a lot of blue birds.They looked beautiful and they fell into my hands and they caused me to not be afraid anymore/ Those comrades who died to protect our nebula continent. Are those blue birds sent by the heavens to calm us?

Su Yanqing said, he seemed to remember the scene of last night, and there was an indescribable look in his eyes.

In fact, many times, when people are stimulated, they really need to be appeased. Su Yanqing no longer has any fear now, and he has an infinite vision of the future. He will not allow those comrades-in-arms sacrifices to be in vain.

Chu Yunyi was thinking about the song from last night. He didn't know what was going on in the scene. While he was thinking about what happened last night, there was an unexpected summons and everyone needed to gather.

Chu Yunyi belongs to the military medical team in the rear. After watching Su Yanqing leave, he hurried to his own camp to gather.

There are also four or five hundred people in the medic team, and everyone has gathered here, and then they heard the voice belonging to General Zhan Rui from the horn.

Last night, many soldiers in our army fell into an illusion created by a sound spirit. Forty percent of the soldier's ability has been improved. Today, on behalf of the military, I, Zhan Rui, thanks the musician for his obscurity and selfless dedication. Moreover, I also ask that you come up so that all our soldiers can thank you for your assistance and I hope you can accept our most sincere thanks!

Zhan Rui knows how much the 40% power conversion rate is, which proves how good the sound spirit is. If the musician will really stay in the army, he can contribute a lot to the army.

Although he doesn't don't know why the musician wants to hide his identity, since the other party is here, Zhan Rui is trying to retain him. If this musician can stay in their army, it would be better.

Everyone was surprised when they heard Zhan Rui's voice. They looked at each other's teammates. They did not expect the teammates around them would be a crouching tiger or a hidden dragon. If there were any musicians, it would be really great for their army. They will be a great help.

You know, the military will choose a group of outstanding soldiers to listen to concerts every year to improve their abilities. After all, apart from listening to concerts, there are other ways to improve their abilities but it will have side effects.

Chu Yunyi was expressionless. He had already guessed that it was Xiao Qingrong who had done it. He was struggling. He didn't know whether he should admit the fact that he was a musician, but his new sound spirit looked exactly like his previous sound spirit. If he appears, he is afraid that it will cause a great shock. If the Huo family knows...

Thinking of how his own sound spirit was taken away, Chu Yunyi didn't want to repeat the things of that year.

He did not want Xiao Qingrong to be taken away.

Xiao Qingrong floated in front of Chu Yunyi and finally spoke.

This is your chance, a skyrocketing opportunity.

As long as Xiao Qingrong is willing, no one can see him except Chu Yunyi, so at this moment, Chu Yunyi looked at the sound spirit in front of him, but there is a bit of pain flashing in his eyes. He doesn't want to let his sound spirit be noticed by thousands of people, but the current situation...

For a moment, Xiao Qingrong seemed to be able to see through his heart, and suddenly laughed. Those eyes, like the abyss, were also full of tenderness, causing Chu Yunyi's heart, without knowing why, to suddenly settle down.

I won't leave you, I'm your sound spirit.

With such a guarantee, Chu Yunyi was struggling again. As a result, after the camp commander said a few words, everyone was dismissed. Hearing everyone around was talking about it, and they were all praising Xiao Qingrong. Chu Yunyi's eyes are complicated.

He never imagined that, in addition to creating illusions on the stage, his sound spirit could also do such things on the battlefield.

Back in his tent, Chu Yunyi took out the song he wrote last night.

Last night... did you play this song?

When Chu Yunyi thought of Su Yanqing's description, he naturally knew what Xiao Qingrong played last night. The song, Chu Yunyi named Ease, is to commemorate those sacrificed soldiers.

Yes, you wrote this song very well, everyone loves it.

Xiao Qingrong nodded, but when Chu Yunyi heard this, he just smiled, put the song in his arms, and looked at the sound spirit in front of him.

Qingrong, I know what to do! Music will not only bring happiness on the stage. Music can also do many more!

After speaking, Chu Yunyi went to the battalion commander, and then he was led by the battalion commander to the general's tent. Zhan Rui's heart was in distress. After all, this musician has been hiding their identities so they were definitely not willing to reveal their identities. Yet, he was looking for that person so blatantly so he was really afraid that he caused that person to be unhappy, but he didn't expect that someone would actually come over.

Looking up at the person, Zhan Rui froze suddenly, staring blankly at the person in front of him in disbelief.

... Xiao Yi?

That's right! Zhan Rui and Chu Yunyi knew each other, and he could be regarded as Chu Yunyi's elders. When the Chu family collapsed. Zhan Rui originally wanted to take Chu Yunyi home to raise him, but then the Huo family spoke first. Mrs. Huo and Chu Yunyi's mother had a close relationship, and Zhan Rui felt that she would be able to take good care of Chu Yunyi, so he left Chu Yunyi at the Huo family. When Zhan Rui later went to see Chu Yunyi, he showed remarkable musical talent at a young age so he thought that sooner or later, Chu Yunyi would have his own sound spirit, but he did not expect that the less talented Huo Tiancheng would be the one who would get an excellent sound spirit, making Chu Yunyi be stimulated by this incident and secretly run away from home...

When he heard about it, he tried his best to find Chu Yunyi. However, there was no trace of him at all, so now seeing him again, he had a complicated feeling.

Chu Yunyi also looked at Zhan Rui in front of him, remembering how much this uncle took care of himself when he was a child. When his father and mother died fighting, he followed Uncle Zhan, and then went to the Huo's house. Seeing this uncle again, Chu Yunyi also had mixed feelings for a while.

Uncle Zhan...