Super Male God System Chapter 75 - Requiem

If it was a long time ago, Chu Yunyi would have never thought that he would enter the army one day. After signing up, Chu Yunyi received a notice from the army three days later. He has officially become a recruit of the Nebula Continent.

There are not many things you need to bring to the army. This is why he carried a small bag to the army. Xiao Qingrong followed him. For sound spirits, if they want others to see them, others will be able to see them. If not, no one can see them beside its host.

Soon after getting on the army's car, Chu Yunyi's appearance attracted many people's attention. One of them who saw Chu Yunyi was a little surprised and pointed at Chu Yunyi.

You, aren't you the waiter at the coffee shop?

He is Su Yanqing. He often goes to the coffee shop where Chu Yunyi works. He does not really drink coffee, but he is usually dragged there by his sister because she likes to admire the handsomeness of Chu Yunyi. He even knows the working time of Chu Yunyi, so of course Su Yanqing also knows Chu Yunyi.

After hearing this, Chu Yunyi's gaze fell on Su Yanqing's face and he vaguely remembered who the man was so he nodded.

Yes, are you joining the army?

Although Chu Yunyi doesn't know the man's name, he has seen him many times, so he was not so indifferent.

Such an answer made Su Yanqing lean over immediately and then introduced himself enthusiastically.

Yes, I'm here to join the army. My name is Su Yanqing. I'm 19 years old. Brother, how about you? Why do you suddenly want to join the army?

Su Yanqing has heard about Chu Yunyi from his elder sister so Su Yanqing actually knows the other party's name and age, but he doesn't want to expose it.

Chu Yunyi, twenty-seven years old. I joined because I want to

After all, Chu Yunyi will have a group life in the future. It is not good or too indifferent. After hearing the two people's introduction, the people around them also started talking eloquently, without the previous indifference.

My ability is live broadcast, Brother Chu, how about you?

Actually, for this matter, Su Yanqing has always been a little curious. Chu Yunyi is so handsome, but he is working in that kind of cafe.Is it because his ability is not powerful?

I have no ability.

Chu Yunyi's words immediately caught the attention of all the people in the car, because most of the soldiers who joined the army this year were people with abilities. After all, death is not rare on the battlefield. People with abilities will be able to better survive on the battlefield and for those like Chu Yunyi, a person without an ability, in fact, will have a very hard time surviving in the battlefield and now that everyone knows that Chu Yunyi has no abilities, they are a little surprised They can't understand why Chu Yunyi would want to join the battlefield if he has no ability

That's... then Brother Chu, you are really awesome. You don't have an ability but you still want to join the army. It's not like me, in fact, I secretly joined the army behind my family's back...

Su Yanqing said scratching his own back, and seemed a little embarrassed. After all, thinking of his family who suddenly saw him disappear, Su Yanqing quickly shook his head and couldn't think of it.

It will take a day from the city to the army base, and everyone got to know each other but after they arrived at the army base, they will be reclassified because of their individual capabilities.

Su Yanqing, as an ability user with the ability to live broadcast, he was selected into a group to investigate the enemy's settlement. Others were separated one after another, but Chu Yunyi was assigned to the medical group because he had no ability.

In addition for those who can treat soldiers with their abilities,, the medical team still needs ordinary people, so after Chu Yunyi was divided, he was busy.

Just three days after he arrived, the first war between the Nebula Army and the Alliance Army began. The war began from night to dawn, and the sound of long drums of war and the killing sound seemed to be heard in the ear. Then, one after another, the wounded was sent to Chu Yunyi's hands and while he was shaking at the beginning, he soon became calm after.

After all, he is a 27-year-old man. Unlike a young man, he won't be that afraid of blood. For the first time, Chu Yunyi came into contact with such a brutal battlefield. All he saw was blood all over him. It is quite an effort to help everyone.

Those who are seriously injured will be assigned to those with medical abilities. The ordinary injured people will be bandaged by ordinary medical practitioners such as Chu Yunyi. Looking at the man who is gritting his teeth, Chu Yunyi strived to maintain his smile and speak softly.

You are really strong. When I was about the same age as you, I would be sad for a few days if I accidentally injured my hand. You are a hero of this country.

As Chu Yunyi said that, the gauze was wrapped around the man with speed, while Xiao Qingrong looked aside. All these banding techniques were taught to him by Xiao Qingrong overnight, otherwise, if left to Chu Yunyi, don't talk about it. No matter if three days or ten days, he won't be able to be this quick.

The man with the bandaged arm laughed and looked at Chu Yunyi.

Of course I am a hero. When I joined the army, I wanted to be a great hero. This doesn't hurt at all!

It was clear that all the man was feeling extreme pain because on his forehead, it was filled with cold sweat, but the words he spoke said otherwise, causing Chu Yunyi's hand to pause, and then he hurried to continue.

Yes, you are a great hero.

The medics were busy for almost two days and two nights. When Chu Yunyi was in his tent, he couldn't sleep, and looked at the sound spirit floating beside him.

Qingrong... do you know when the war can end?

Chu Yunyi has seen many soldiers wounded and although the injuries are still minor. Can those who have physical disabilities still live well if they return to the city? Even if he didn't go to the front, when he was on the rear side, those desolate and dead eyes made Chu Yunyi feel sorrow.

Unless one party wins, the war cannot end.

The battlefield is like a shopping mall. It is the same at all times. When neither party really suppresses the other, the war will frequently be fought. Unless one side is completely frightened and surrenders to the other party, such a war will never stop...

Xiao Qingrong's words made Chu Yunyi stare blankly at the top of his tent. Afterwards, he didn't know what he thought, then he got up, took out the prepared pen and paper in his pocket, and wrote crazily on the paper. He has written about his experience, feelings and notes about his emotions these days.

Floating there quietly, and looking at Chu Yunyi, Xiao Qingrong turned around and floated out. The sound spirit can't leave their master, but it is possible to be thousands of meters away. The higher the level of the sound spirit, the higher the self-control ability. The power of the illusion that is created is even greater.

Xiao Qingrong floated out and looked at the desolate front line. Since the war had just ended, there were wounded people everywhere. Although this war was said to have been won, it actually did not achieve any benefit. War is like this and it will always be cruel.

When Xiao Qingrong floated back, Chu Yunyi was asleep. He didn't sleep for two days and two nights. He looked very tired. Xiao Qingrong took the tune written by Chu Yunyi and looked at it, but found out that even if Chu Yunyi has experienced this, his heart is still soft.

Xiao Qingrong originally thought that letting Chu Yunyi come to such a battlefield should inspire his bloodiness, but now, looking at the song called Ease in his hand, it seemed otherwise.

A few days after the end of the war, in fact, many of the people in the army who participated in the war could not sleep. This disease is called post-war syndrome. When you close your eyes, you will think of what happened on the battlefield, and they will even see their comrades who have died in their dreams if they were able to sleep, making people fear sleeping.

Thinking of this, Xiao Qingrong went to the top of the camp. With a wave of his hand, a white piano appeared in front of Xiao Qingrong. This Ease is a requiem. Sitting on a chair, Xiao Qingrong's hands fell on above the clean piano, when the first note appeared, the sound of the piano sounded low and steady, and it came to the ears of all soldiers who were not asleep.

The bass of a piano always gives a particularly gorgeous feeling, but today, this low-pitched piano sound is like a gentle big hand, wrapping everyone in it. With the sound of the piano, blue birds appeared and hovered around Xiao Qingrongs fingertips

Blue birds resemble happiness and freedom. At this time, with the sound of music, the blue birds gradually rose from the piano and emitted an undeniable light in such a dark night.

The blue birds flew in the sky, making the stars turn blue, and then waved their wings in the sky to every place in the barracks. Those soldiers who had not fallen asleep saw the blue birds floating from outside the tent. The blue birds came with a gentle light and when the soldiers reached out, the birds fell on their hands, as if to calm them.

The gentle piano sound passed through their heart and the blue birds in front of them seemed like a blessing from heaven, and the comfort of the comrade in war. Finally, at the end of the song, the blue birds was like a blessing to all people and integrated into their bodies.

The sound spirit is originally the most powerful ability in the world. The illusion it displays is true and false. If you believe that it is all true, then it is true. If you do not believe it, it is false.

Last night, many people had just suffered such brutal casualties, so when they heard such a requiem, they would be confused by Xiao Qingrong's illusion. When the morning came, everyone felt like they had never been so energetic. Yesterday, everything that happened late was vivid, and even many psionicists, after getting up, found that their abilities were advanced!

This incident was shocking to everyone, and they hurriedly reported to the officer above and then to the general above.

General Zhan Rui, the general of the Zhan family who led the army to battle this time, was very sure about one thing after thinking about it.

In our army, there is a musician who has at least a ninth level sound spirit!