Super Male God System Chapter 74 - Army

Chu Yunyi's eyes were full of sorrow and doubts about himself. For so many years, although Chu Yunyi has not given up his own music creation, he has long since gone from innocent and ignorant to his indignation now. His music is filled with restlessness and prejudice against the world, and the struggle for self-meaning. His innocent self is long gone.

My birth is from your music, I was born from your stubbornness, your hatred and sadness. Moreover, due to the countless hardships that you have experienced in the midst of your life, your music is now full of unwillingness to fate, as well as challenges and innovations to yourself. Do you think that I can transform music like this into an illusionary dream?

Xiao Qingrong's face was expressionless. A pair of dark eyes like the abyss stared at Chu Yunyi so calmly, as if to see through the soul of the other side.

Of course, Chu Yunyi also looked at his dark eyes. In these eyes, he seemed to see his former self, that ridiculous and crazy creative self. All his resentment and anger were poured into the music, so the sound spirit that was born is so indifferent. These black pupils are even more pure black, and it didn't have any beauty at all, only coldness.

I was born of works that you made to express your unwillingness, just like this piano piece. In my eyes, this is the real you.

Xiao Qingrong flew to the piano, and then sat there. A pair of long fingers were placed on the piano. Chu Yunyi couldn't help but stand up and walked towards Xiao Qingrong. He heard the piano jingle, and then his sound spirits fingers seemed to bloom like flowers. The bright red roses bloomed on the keys. Each time Xiao Qingrong pressed on the piano keys, the most beautiful red rose bloomed.

The sound of the music changed from calm to intense. Chu Yunyi didn't know how many times he had played this tune, and every time he felt unwilling, he would play this tune frantically. The name of this tune is Delusion, from the calmness of water, to the subsequent passion and madness, and then to the dawn of the last day, it is all his so-called wishful thinking. He missed his own sound spirit and attempted to remind himself of his existence with this song. Now another sound spirit is sitting in front of him and playing the piece.

Along with Xiao Qingrong's piano sound, the roses began to gradually spread. Onto Xiao Qingrong's fingertips to the piano body, and then it quickly spread to Chu Yunyi's feet. At this moment, Chu Yunyi's eyes suddenly changed. His room disappeared, and he saw a large field of roses. His sound spirit sat there, playing the tracks he wrote himself, the shoes under his feet suddenly disappeared, and his bare feet stood naked in the rose field.

Such a wonderful illusion was never seen by Chu Yunyi. Since his sound spirit was taken away by the Huo family in the past, he has never seen any concerts, naturally he would never see such a beautiful scene. Illusions, even if blood was dripping from the feet, but they still showed a dreamy and blurred expression.

This is the role of the sound spirit, which can make people who listen to the music indulge in music, or in the illusion of the music.

When Chu Yunyi was obsessed with such an environment, Xiao Qingrong's next piano sound was as if it had opened a dark dawn. The piano is a very fascinating instrument. The sound it emits can be shocking or soothing, such a piano sound seemed to tear the dark sound, so that the red rose that originally jumped on the keys gradually developed another color. From the deepest part of the flower, the cleanest white slowly spread...

This Delusion was what Chu Yunyi wanted to write after losing his sound spirit. From the joy at the beginning to the later resentment, to the resumption of the peak circuit, he wrote all of his emotions into this piece.

White roses gradually began to replace those bright red roses, slowly spreading from Xiao Qingrong's fingertips and ;ayer after layer, it bloomed, climbing from the piano to Chu Yunyi's feet. The red roses were replaced by white roses, and the tingling sensation on his feet also disappeared. A sudden gust of wind that came from who knows where blew and raised a large white petal.

Chu Yunyi can't help but reach out and let the petals fall in the palm of his hand and smelling the fragrance of this white rose and seeing the rose on his palm made him stand there blankly.

After a while, Xiao Qingrong stood up, held a white rose, and came to Chu Yunyi.

Look, this is my world. Red is dripping with blood and white is clean. You trample on the red rose and try to catch the white rose. This is an impossible thing. Chu Yunyi, know yourself again, create your own music, create... a new world of music, and become the king of that world.

Chu Yunyi looked at the sound spirit in front of him. As he held the white rose petal,, a pair of eyes that was immersed in the illusion had finally rekindled.

I, I will do it!

I can do it!

He repeated, not knowing whether it is to tell himself or to take an oath with Xiao Qingrong in front of him.

In the days that followed, Chu Yunyi started new creations and it was like he was almost deaf to the world, and he had no idea what was happening outside at all.


Outside Guangyang City, the nebulous entertainment company where Huo Tiancheng was located actually released the latest announcement indicating that the previously scheduled concert will be postponed, and the specific time it will resume is unknown. Hearing this, many fans who have bought tickets are grieved, but they were afraid to complain to Huo Tiancheng himself so they switched their anger to the organizer.

If it were before, Chu Yunyi would definitely observe these, but this time, Chu Yunyi was busy creating and ignored them at all.

When he decided to take a little rest, he turned on the television and saw the latest news of the Nebula conscription.

I want to participate in this conscription. I want to go and see the real battlefield. If I continue to stand still here, I can never write the best work.

This is a decision made by Chu Yunyi after being influenced by Xiao Qingrong. No matter what kind of music is written, there must always be a certain experience. Only by gaining personal experience can you be qualified to write music.

Chu Yunyi wanted to take a look on the battlefield and he wanted to look for a new inspiration.

He finally knew clearly that his new sound spirit was not like the pure sound spirit before him. His new sound spirit was powerful and fearless, and represented his determination and ambition!

Yes, I want to see the battlefield too.

Xiao Qingrong is very satisfied with the decision made by Chu Yunyi. He has been in a safe world several times in a row. Although he encountered perverts or criminals, it is still a minority. What does the battlefield look like? Xiao Qingrong has never seen it.

The nebula continent is not the only leader of the planet. On the other side of the nebula continent, there is a place called the Star Alliance. That place advocates war and is almost an all-people soldier. They love to fight, and they often wage war on the nebula continent. Every year in the spring, it wants to invade the nebula continent where peace is at a premium. In order to resist the invasion of the Star Alliance, many people joined the army every year.

Chu Yunyi has never been to the battlefield before, so after signing up, he quickly received the notification from above, and then went to the place of reporting.

There are many people at the military headquarters. They all have various abilities, among them are space abilities that can transport materials, live abilities that can check the enemy's sentiment, and combat abilities that can fight against the enemy. Everyone has their own unique ability and there is always a place for them to use it in the army.

The officer responsible for recording everyone's abilities is the commander of this year's army. He came here to select talents. When he saw Chu Yunyi, who was somewhat weak, he was curious.

First name.

Chu Yunyi.


Twenty-seven years old.

Why did you join the army?

Because I want to feel the feeling of the army, I also want to contribute my ability to the country.

Captain Meng who is holding the information looked at the ability below the information - none.

A person with no ability decided to choose to join the army, which made Captain Meng a little curious. A person without an ability would be a hindrance even if he was on the battlefield...

Ability? You don't have any abilities. It would be dangerous to enter the battlefield. Are you sure you want to join the army?

Every year, there are some enthusiastic young men joining the army. They were very enthusiastic about joining the army, but they have never realized the cruelty of war, and even soldiers with abilities can die on the battlefield, let alone such a person without abilities. Captain Meng decided that if the other party really wants to join the army, he would arrange him to the rear.

At least, it will be safer there.

Chu Yunyi knows that he has nothing but a sound spirit, but Xiao Qingrong's face is exactly the same as his previous sound spirit. Nearly 80% of the population of the nebula continent knows Huo Tiancheng's sound spirit, so he must hide him. Otherwise, if the Huo family finds out, they will not let him go.

Yes, I want to join the army. Captain. Although I have no ability, I hope that I can contribute to the country and the army. I respect the soldiers who defend our continent. They are my idols!

Now that it's time to start again, let's start with the army. His new inspiration is to create songs for these frontline soldiers who are fighting on the battlefield...