Super Male God System Chapter 73 - I Don't Like It

The sound spirit looked annoyingly at the man in front of him. He had seen many things throughout his life. Whether this person was sincere or false, he could see through at a glance.

It feels wonderful to wake up again, it was just like everything has restarted, but the sound spirit still misses Zi Zi. He still remembers Zi Zi's gentle voice, and thinks of Zi Zi crying. He doesn't want to make her cry, but in this world, death is irreparable. [TN: I think its his lover or something]

While playing with his long hair, the sound spirit was unhappy and he also knows that he has come to a modern world. This world can be said to be even more advanced, but he is not a human, but a soul, a soul created by music.

Each sound spirit created by music has their own sense of music, and they will know who created them. At a glance, he can see that the person in front of him is not the person who created him, because he does not understand music at all.

Huo Tiancheng didn't think much of it. For ten years, he paid special attention to the sound spirit and wished to meet all the requirements of the other party, but the other party never gave him a face. Not only this, the other party was so gloomy and he was even swearing at him, making Huo Tiancheng feel that it is unacceptable.

In the past, the sound spirit said that he did not like to care about people and he never said such things to him, but now he does this to him. Doesn't he know that he is his master? Thinking of this, Huo Tiancheng was even more furious, but just thought of the power of this sound spirit, he suppressed his violent temper.

Okay, I won't bother you. I just care about you. The concert will start in two days but you are so unhappy. I am worried about you.

He tried to soften his voice, but the sound spirit on the swing was looking up at Huo Tiancheng in amazement.

Concert? After that, he laughed, but the smile was full of irony.

I don't want to have a concert, you cancel it.

He made this request arbitrarily, and caused Huo Tiancheng to be stunned. He couldn't believe that his own sound spirit was rebelling against him. A sound spirit is supposed to be obedient to its master so why is it like this?

This concert was scheduled half a month ago, and it can't be changed. If you are unhappy about something, you can speak up and I will help you solve it, but the concert must be performed.

Huo Tiancheng's attitude gradually strengthened. The reason for his tolerance for so many years was to make the sound spirit be obedient, but now the other party is not obedient. Of course, Huo Tiancheng's attitude will not be so good. Moreover, after a decade or so, Huo Tiancheng was no longer the trembling child. He was high above the sky and he even felt that he was the one destined to make everyone bow before him.

The sound spirit, in fact, is a type of person that if you go along with him, everything will be fine but if you insist on confronting him, of course he will not compromise.

The sound spirit raised his eyebrows, and the good-looking face of the sound spirit looked at the man in front of him, and then he waved his hand, and a water dragon appeared from his fingertips and flew towards Huo Tiancheng, hitting Huo Tiancheng's face directly.

When the level of a sound spirit reaches a certain level, the illusions it creates will become real things. At this time, the cold water stains on Huo Tiancheng's face have proved the power of the sound spirit. He is a well-deserved ninth level sound spirit.

Did you support the concert? Without me, you are nothing. I don't want to go to the concert now, and I don't have the mood to listen to your mindless songs. At this concert, you can go sing by yourself.

The sound spirit looked at the person in front of him without any counsel. The sound spirit knew that the other party could not order him. He had obtained all his memory of inheritance. Although he was a sound spirit, he was not the sound spirit of Huo Tiancheng, and he belonged to another person. Huo Tiancheng used the Huo family's mysterious technique to cause him to serve him.

Huo Tiancheng was originally embarrassed after being splashed with water. At this time, when he heard the ironic words, almost instantaneously, he felt that his self esteem exploded in place instantly, and his eyes that looked at the sound spirit in front of him was on fire. Then, he rushed towards the sound spirit.

It is a pity that he forgot that this man who disrespected him was not an ordinary human being, but a musical spirit created by music, so after rushing at him, he passed directly through the sound spirit and hit the wall.

While still swinging his legs, the sound spirit turned around and looked at Huo Tiancheng, who was embarrassed and hummed.

Do you think you can get this popular without my illusions? Without me, you are nothing.

After speaking, the sound spirit gradually turned into feathers and disappeared in front of Huo Tiancheng. This is the case for the sound spirit, which is complementary to the host. Although they are with the host, they won't always present at all times. Many times they will be hidden next to the host to rest.

With the disappearance of the sound spirit, Huo Tiancheng could not do anything. As long as the sound spirit did not agree to hold a concert, he did not dare to hold a concert. Especially, the people who buy the tickets for his concert now are not ordinary listeners. They all want to upgrade their powers. If the sound spirit does not help, there is no point in them coming and they will not be happy.

Thinking of this, Huo Tiancheng's hand punched on the wall fiercely. For the first time, he became resentful of this so-called sound spirit. Why can't the sound spirit be like a pet? To please and be obedient to its master?

Speaking of which, the relationship between the sound spirit and the master is actually very magical, not the master-slave relationship, because the music created by each person is different, and the sound spirits born in their music are of course different types.

Chu Yunyi was only seventeen years old at first, and was full of the best yearnings for this world, so the tunes written were light and soft, with infinite expectations and longing for the future. His sound spirit was born in such music. The sound spirit was in a white suit and had feathers and he had bright expectations for the future.

Of course, sound spirits come in all kinds of different forms. Some are children, some are old people, and some are the illusions of their loved ones. These sound spirits can upgrade and lead musicians to higher distances, but it can also die.

When its owner loses his love for music and starts to give up music, the sound spirit will gradually decline until it completely dies.

In the past ten years, Chu Yunyi's sound spirit followed Huo Tiancheng. The key reason why he can become more and more popular is because Chu Yunyi has never given up his love of music. Even if he writes those songs that are full of resentment, he is still full of passion and has love for music, which is completely different from Huo Tiancheng.

Xiao Qingrong didn't know that he meet an old friend in this world. He was now standing next to Chu Yunyi. Since Chu Yunyi is re-determined to go on the road to music, he has spent almost all his time on writing songs.

The handsome man was gone. What was left was a person who had become a little decadent because of staying up all night. His hair had become a bird's nest, and his clothes were in a mess. The ground was full of written tunes but Chu Yunyi felt that the tunes were not up to apr.

Chu Yunyi held a guitar, adjusted a few scales, and started to play the composed piece, but it was obviously a cheerful piece. After playing it, it sounded awkward and cheerful but it felt extremely dry and soulless.

No, it's not like this, it's not...

Chu Yunyi put the guitar aside, picked up the pen hanging on his ear, and started to write again, while Xiao Qingrong flew to the side and picked up the tunes he dropped on the ground. He wanted to know what works Chu Yunyi wrote that made him so dissatisfied.

When his eyes fell on this tune, Xiao Qingrong hummed in his heart, but his brows grew deeper and deeper, because this tune is really too happy and cheerful but it gave people a false feeling.

Although Xiao Qingrong wasn't able to sing, he still has the ability to understand songs. After reading one, his brows were frowned. After reading another, he still frowned. After reading several, Xiao Qingrong found out that what Chu Yunyi has done are those songs full of happiness and warmth. However, as of right now, he is not suitable for such songs.

No... it's not like this...

Putting the guitar aside again, Chu Yunyi clutched his head hard, and was about to bald the hair on his head. At this time, his face was full of unexplainable irritability. He seemed to forget that he was not the original innocent boy, now he is just a man full of resentment and pain after being oppressed by life and the world.

It's like the youth that has passed away. As of right now, his feelings on music have already changed a lot.

Why do you write these things? I don't like them.

Hearing this, Chu Yunyi, who was working hard, paused, stopped, and turned to look at the sound spirit standing there while holding his own manuscript. The sound spirit said he was called Xiao Qingrong.

You, don't you like it?

What's the point of writing more works if his sound spirit doesn't like them?

For a moment, Chu Yunyi seemed to be hit, and suddenly became stunned. A pair of originally anxious eyes were now full of frustration. Looking at the songs on the table, he wanted to admit his failure for the first time.

Has he gotten so worse that even his sound spirit doesn't like his work?