Super Male God System Chapter 71 - Music

In Guangyang, the nebula continent, super star Huo Tiancheng is coming to hold a concert, causing it to be very lively! It can be said that since the news came out, people have tried many ways to obtain the tickets for the concert. It is said that Huo Tiancheng has now been promoted to a ninth-level heavenly artist. If one hears him sing, you'll become stronger!

Huo Tiancheng's handsome face filled every corner of the city, but a gloomy man looked at Huo Tiancheng above the big screen and made a snort and then walked away with his head lowered.

Xiao Qingrong floated behind this man, listening to 618 detailed analysis of this strange world.

[This is a world where everyone has abilities. Everyone will have abilities that are unique to them after they are born. There is space, live broadcast, improved combat effectiveness, and stimulating herbs. Among them, the most sought after is a person who has awakened the sound ability. When a person has awakened the sound ability, a sound spirit will be formed and they will be closely related to the owner. The sound spirit is strong, they can teach and help their owners so that they have the most experience in the music path, and if the owner holds a concert with the help of sound spirits, the sung songs will have the opportunity to improve the abilities of other people. The abilities of this world are clearly layered, from the lowest level to the most advanced thirteenth level, so in this world, musicians are very sought after.]

As 618 slowly explained the situation of this world, Xiao Qingrong reached out his hand and saw the music symbol beating in the palm of his hand.

618, I seem to forgot to tell you something, I can't sing.

Yes, the omnipotent Xiao Qingrong, the one that can play the piano, violin, and almost any musical instrument. As long as he was willing to learn something, it was a simple task. However, once he opens his mouth, it's best to keep it shut.

After listening, 618 stated.

[ It's okay host, you don't have to sing, now you're this man's sound spirit. Your task is to make him a musician who is loved by the entire nebula continent and become a god-level entertainer! ]

In the last world, because the host was very low-key, the male god points that they earned were less than 300,000 and 618 felt that it was very easy to collect the points in this world, and the existence of the sound spirit was very magical.

When a musician performs a concert, the sound spirit can create a powerful illusion that will bring everyone into the music world.

Xiao Qingrong sorted out his memory and found out exactly how the sound came from.

Music has a soul, as do musicians. When the love of music reaches a certain level, the so-called sound spirit will be born. When one awakens the sound ability, the sound spirit will not automatically form. It is the musician who creates a piece of music that birth these souls, and since then they have complemented each other. This is the meaning of the existence of the soul.

Xiao Qingrong floated behind that person and looked at the person he would raise in the future. He knew that this person's name was Chu Yunyi. This year, he's 27 years old and was considered a musician. Unfortunately, he couldn't write any song, while the only successful music artist so far has been the current Superstar Huo Tiancheng...

In other words, there are still more unknown secrets.

Ten years ago, Chu Yunyi was seventeen years old, and he was a genius. Everyone thought that he was so outstanding in music that he should awaken the sound spirit when he became an adult. However, no one ever never expected that after he turned 18, not only did he not awaken the sound spirit, but his talent also disappeared.

A generational genius, fell down so quickly, and no one knew his name anymore.

Now that Huo Tiancheng became a superstar, who was shining brightly, would anyone know that he used to be Chu Yunyi's 'good friend'...

Mumbling along the way, Chu Yunyi arrived at work at a cafe. Chu Yunyi got dressed and from an ordinary appearance, he became a handsome young man. Although he was 27 years old, his face was still very good, coupled with his long tied hair and uniform. He was a handsome guy fresh out of the oven that was ready to serve.

Many people here knew Chu Yunyi, not because he was a genius or that he could sing and play music, but because he was handsome. many girls came over and wanted to talk to him.

In the cafe, because of Chu Yunyi, the business had always been good, so the boss also took great care of Chu Yunyi, giving a lot of money every month, although these money were eventually burned by Chu Yunyi.

Playing music was originally a matter of asking for money. Chu Yunyi was adopted by the Huo family, so he received a good education and became a genius in music, but then fell again because of some issues, and left the Huo family. He did not regret what he did, but as long as he saw Huo Tiancheng's picture, he couldn't control his hatred.

If... if he didn't let it go at the beginning, would everything be different?

Chu Yunyi's working time was about four hours, and it was over. He rented a house near the cafe for convenience and after changing from his uniform, he went back home. His house consisted of three bedrooms and one living room, and with the exception for the main bedroom. Every other place had instruments, including piano, electric piano, electric guitar, violin, cello and others. His musical talent was beyond the scope of ordinary people...

If, if he had a sound spirit, he would be the best musician in the world.

Unfortunately, he didn't have one.

After returning to the bedroom to take a shower, he changed into a black shirt, and dried his hair. Chu Yunyi sat in front of his piano, putting his clean and beautiful hands on the piano, and soon, a beautiful melody played out.

Xiao Qingrong floated beside him, watching Chu Yunyi's indifferent look. The sound of the piano's jingle was crisp and cheerful from the beginning, and soon became heated and turbulent. Chu Yunyi's hands kept dancing on the piano. His unwillingness and anger rushed in, making his piano sound full of pain and depression. Almost only the afterimage of his hands could be seen on the piano. The piano sounded like it was venting all of its anger and frustration. When it came out, Xiao Qingrong seemed to see Chu Yunyi's crazy and restless heart at this moment.

Wearing a black shirt, Chu Yunyi was in the darkness, and his hands were reaching out from the abyss. He tried to struggle and get rid of the darkness, but there was no way. The most painful and darkest place in a person's heart had made Xiao Qingrong feel... maybe this person was not so incurable.

Thinking of this, his eyes fell on Chu Yunyi, who closed his eyes and played his own heart madly. Then, he waved his hands and the white keys bloomed with blood-red flowers, as well as the piano body. Similarly, blood-red roses are spread on this piano and they started to slowly open and petals also began to fall to the ground. Soon the opening and falling of the roses along with the sound of music are completed...

If someone was listening to the music at this time, they would definitely see the rose on the piano. This is the special effect of the soul. The existence of the soul is to create a huge illusion and guide the audience into the world of music.

A few words cannot express how painful and unbearable it is in Chu Yunyi's music world, but Xiao Qingrong had transformed the rose to match the music because... this rose was like the sound of Chu Yunyi's music just now.

Everyone thought that rose represents love and nostalgia, but Xiao Qingrong feels that the rose was thorny and red like blood, which is the most suitable for him.

At this time, Chu Yunyi, who was deep in the darkness, also had a bright red rose under his feet. The branch of the rose was attached to his naked feet, it made his feet barely tingle. He could not help but open his eyes and saw the red rose blooming on the piano...

Then, Chu Yunyi saw Xiao Qingrong sitting on the piano in a black suit with a face familiar to him. The sounds stopped instantly and the blooming rose slowly receded.

At this time, Xiao Qingrong had dark eyes like the abyss, delicate white skin, and slightly raised eyebrows. His peach eyes were somewhat indifferent, and his overly thin lips were pale, just like a vampire.

Chu Yunyi stared blankly at the person in front of him. His hands on the piano were shaking. He didn't know how long it was but he still couldn't believe it. He stretched out his hands and tried to touch them, but just as he was about to approach Xiao Qingrong, he suddenly retracted his hand, and then gave Xiao Qingrong a complicated look.

You... why are you back?

After asking, it seemed like he was thinking of something, and he suddenly felt nervous, and his eyes were full of anxiety.

Did he bully you? Does he know that you came back?

Xiao Qingrong didn't understand what he meant, but watching the man regain his vitality, Xiao Qingrong laughed. Floating down from the piano, he introduced himself.

The first time I have met with you, I am your sound spirit.