Super Male God System Chapter 70 - Victim

In short, the reason for the killing was to make it clear. Xia Fan was born in such a deformed family and had such a good face. Of course, he was used by his parents.

This led to him maturing faster than most. In such a case, he has already admitted that he's the mastermind behind the rainy night serial killing case, and that he was specifically looking for girls with a mole on the corner of their mouth.

When Tang Liming came out, she was crying heavily, but no one sympathized with her. Everyone should pay the price for their actions. Xia Fan was truthfully hurt, but what about those innocent girls, aren't they pitiful?

Sympathy for a murderer should never be something a police officer should think of.

No matter how regretful Tang Liming was at this time, she still prevented Xia Fan from having a good life, however, others were very happy about the confession. In short, it was possible to give peace to those deceased.

A girl who was abused while being alive, had her tongue cut off, and then nailed in the head, who could imagine such pain?

Such brutal killings have made all the police officers believe that Xia Fan will be a cruel person when he grows up. If such a person remained alive, they would be a threat to society.

Wang Qi went to find Hao Liang, who is now locked up. Hao Liang asked him to be kept in prison. The faces of the dead tortured him one by one, it made him feel uncomfortable and almost caused him to be unable to control himself. He hoped that he would pay the price for these things, and hope that he would get an expected end.

He's proven guilty.

The two were sitting opposite each other, Wang Qi spoke first.

Hao Liang was looking at Wang Qi who sat in front of him, and found that Wang Qi had long lost the earlier chaos. At this time, he became energetic, but still looked off, it made Hao Liang feel incomprehensible. Hao Liang stared at Wang Qi for a long time, he did not ask, neither did he know which position he could stand at this time, in order to ask him about such a matter.

Well, that's fine.

He nodded, Hao Liang was extraordinarily calm. When he knew that he was the murderer, he had customized the ending for himself. Death was his best option. Those girls shouldn't have Just died like that.

What about you? What will you do?

Hao Liang certainly understood what Wang Qi meant, but he said.

I'm not worth living. After the trial, I will give everyone an account, Wang Qi. Sometimes, living is more painful than death.

This means that he did not intend to use his illness as a scapegoat. Sometimes, policemen saw more than criminals. Hao Liang couldn't stand the crimes that happened day and night, and could not accept the fact that he killed people himself.

Wang Qi remained silent, looking at Hao Liang's still so bright and just eyes. But reality is two-sided, what you see might not be true, and what you can't see is not necessarily false.

But brother Wang, I advise you to pay attention to Xia Fan. I am afraid he had already guessed this day. The exposure of my other personality was not accidental. I'm afraid he planned it out. He turned fourteen years old this year meaning he's still a minor. I'm afraid that the laws of the country will allow him to undergo education and learn... He's already so vicious and will definitely be even more vicious when he grows.

Hao Liang simply couldn't imagine what would happen when he grew older.

You don't have to worry about this. Some things have to be done by others.

Wang Qi said, as a relieved smile appeared on his face, making Hao Liang look even stranger. He wanted to ask, but Wang Qi stood up and left before he uttered his words.

Hao Liang, you insist on justice. No matter when and where, justice and law are not wrong.

The so-called hatred is not the reason for crime, and the so-called abuse is not the reason for killing others. This is just an act of the weak.

The three-year rainy night serial killing case that this front stretched out was finally solved. After the police released the first news, it attracted a lot of attention, and family members of the deceased came to the police station to thank them. Dragon and the others saw the people crying with red eyes.

When Xiao Qingrong left the scene, he saw Wang Qi smoking against the wall. Xiao Qingrong walked over and knew that Wang Qi had made his decision.

Sometime there are always things that are worth your life and all your beliefs.

The families are very happy the case is solved.

When he said this, he saw Wang Qi's hand trembling slightly, when he raised his head, a pair of red eyes were looking at Xiao Qingrong, yet he smiled.

Dr. Xiao, all of us here are not as smart as you. You are the right person to be a police officer.

After speaking, he placed a cigarette in his mouth, yet his eyes were fixed at Xiao Qingrong provocatively. He knew that his thoughts were already disregarding the person in front of him.

It was just an early decision. Even if someone stops it, he must do it!

Xiao Qingrong sighed deep within, reached out and snatched Wang Qi's cigarettes, and threw them into the trashcan nearby.

If you are not well, don't smoke. I don't care about your affairs. Wang Qi, you are a good policeman.

He patted Wang Qi's shoulder to give him his deepest affirmation, but Wang Qi laughed mockingly, then shook his body, he squatted on the ground and hugged his head.

Oh, the worst thing in my life is to be a good policeman.

\Wang Qi was distraught, but Xiao Qingrong said nothing in return. Everyone has their own life and destiny. This cannot be changed.

Xiao Qingrong turned around and left, leaving Wang Qi behind, and the results of the trial soon came out. Hao Liang was finally sentenced to death because of the murders, in addition to his confirmation to the crime, and the cruel methods he used for the killings. He did not seem to show any fear of death.

Hao Liang's parents were standing there with red eyes. Both of them couldn't believe it, their son had always been exceptionally great, how did he turn out to a murderer killing so many innocent girls....

Xia Fan's trial had also begun. Tang Liming resigned from Nanling Avenue and found the best lawyer for Xia Fan. They waited in the court, as well as Dragon and the other police officers.

Wang Qi was sitting in the first row, while watching the lawyer trying to prove Xia Fan's innocence, benefiting from the fact that he was not yet an adult, to protect Xia Fan, to protect the real demon.

Alright, let me declare that his criminal behavior is vicious. But since he's a minor, he will be sentenced to eight years in prison and then be sent to the detention center...

As soon as this was said, Wang Qi, who was sitting in the first row, suddenly stood up. Just before anyone could react, he had already raised a gun, and the gunfire echoed the next second. A hole pierced through Xia Fan's head, and then he suddenly fell to the ground helplessly.

The officers scrambled to suppress Wang Qi. While Tang Liming ran desperately to her brother, everyone was stunned but he was shot in the head, he couldn't be anymore dead...

Wang Qi, after being controlled by the officers, laughed hysterically, Tang Liming could not help but rush over.

Wang Qi! Why did you do this! Xia Fan is still a child!!!

Tang Liming couldn't help but look at the person in front of her, he was an old senior who had always been respected before, but now he had become the killer of her brother.

Wang Qi looked at Tang Liming with such resentful eyes and laughed even louder.

You look exactly like me before, you know? After receiving the news, my ex-wife told me that my daughter was killed. My daughter was only nineteen years old, and her tongue was cut. There were five steel nails embedded in the head, Tang Liming! I'll tell you why! He killed my daughter! He should pay for his atrocity!!!

Wang Qi's eyes were furious, but tears kept rolling down his cheeks. That roar caused everyone to be stunned, including Tang Liming, no one thought that Wang Qi was also one of the dead girl's family members, he was lurking to this day to kill the real perpetrator.

Tang Liming trembled, and she also shed tears. A deep sense of powerlessness filled her heart, she was finally able to remain silent, because she knew that Xia Fan had really caused so much pain to others.

Another preceding occured due to the event, Xia Fan's body was taken to the hospital. Tang Liming was in a hurry to deal with the matter, and Xia Fan's funeral was sent abroad by the Tang Family.

Before Hao Liang was executed, Xiao Qingrong came to see him for the last time, and Hao Liang learned that one of the dead girls turned out to be Wang Qi's daughter. Although Wang Qi was only 38 years old, he was going through many hardships. After his wife gave birth to their daughter, a conflict resulted in a divorce and that led to the current situation of his daughter being killed.

Dr. Xiao, he has always been the best policeman I've known by heart.

He could feel that the pain when Wang Qi got along with him was precisely because of this. He knew that the death of Xia Fan was the final result.

Xiao Qingrong nodded, agreeing with Hao Liang's words.

The two spoke a lot, and later on, Hao Liang was executed. Xiao Qingrong wrote the suspicious childhood Daffodil Boy two years later. Once released, it became popular all over the country. The drama, and Xiao Qingrong, also used this method to imprint real police officers like Hao Liang and Wang Qi in the hearts of everyone.

When you face hatred, how do you uphold the justice in your heart?

If not, then the abyss is staring at you.