Super Male God System Chapter 7 - Suppression

The young man sitting on the main seat was full of smiles. Anger filled the four elder's hearts. You must know, for the past eight years, they have been diligently guarding the Qinglong Gang, not necessarily because of their loyalty to Xin Ye.

The main force of the Qinglong Gang was in Anyang City, and in fact, they had several other forces around. The Qinglong Gang known by the police was just the tip of the iceberg. The gang exceeded at least 50,000 people.

The gang's development was huge, and it wasn't even here in Anyang City. It didn't brawl on the street like other small gangs. They had connections and channels to develop, which they used to cooperate with the police to earn money. As long as there were any major absurd cases, and criminals who committed crimes near them, they would report it diligently. Unlike other gangs that opened up shady businesses, they owned companies, such as Loan Companies, Security Companies, and even Intermediary Companies that help foreigners find jobs. They were very complicated and constituted this huge gang! Although Xin Ye was absent in these couple of years, the Development Policy allowed the Qinglong Gang to have its status today. Even with its huge development, it wasn't targeted by the police.

The elders of the Qinglong Gang have been clean for quite a long time and no longer did any activities that involved killing. In the words of the younger generation, they were making money through Buddhism. They wanted to maintain their identity and status, as well as the several huge sources of income, wouldn't their status be at stake if none of them existed?

Child, I advise that you abide by the rules of the Qinglong Gang when you're in here. Although you are the heir arranged by Xin Ye, we've been in the gang for a long time, and can be regarded as the elders in the gang, have some respect.

Bai Ye spoke again. He was in charge of the security company and although the gang had rules and policies, Bai Ye had been collecting protection fees secretly over the years. Otherwise, he wouldn't be living so comfortably as of now.

Old Bai is right, boy, this is not a place where you can be presumptuous! Another middle-aged man continued. His blade-like eyes fell on Xiao Qingrong, trying to suppress him from the momentum.

Although they had no idea what kind of person they were dealing with, everyone wanted to suppress Xiao Qingrong, and since Xiao Qingrong had the confidence to meet them, they already knew that being passive was unnecessary. During Qingrong's imprisonment, Xin Ye had already told him of the situation in the Qinglong Gang, so he was ready.

Just as these people were about to oppress Xiao Qingrong, Sheng Yanhui saw Qingrong's devilish smile and felt uneasy. He then witnessed what seemed like magic, a scalpel suddenly appeared from Qingrong's hand, and a second later, the scalpel flew and inserted itself into the man's hand.

AAHHH!!! The man known as Old Gou screamed. He was in charge of the Gang's Intermediary Company. He originally intended to pick up the tea cup, but his hand was suddenly penetrated by the scalpel that flew over. The sharp pain made him clasp his hand while blood poured out.

Everyone was startled by the scream, seeing a scalpel in the man's hand, they then looked back at Xiao Qingrong sitting on the main seat with glee. Their faces fell and the atmosphere turned heavy.

You little beast! How dare you hurt Old Gou! A man in his twenties who sat next to Gou pulled out a gun and demanded.

Unfortunately for him, Xiao Qingrong was faster. Just when he was about to shoot, another scalpel flew over, and this time, it flew directly into his neck. Eyes wide open, the man's body fell on the cold hard floor and started to rapidly convulse, within seconds, it stopped moving.

Everyone was taken aback by the sudden killing, and this time, they didn't dare to speak. They all looked at Xiao Qingrong with caution. Even Old Gou who was injured looked at Xiao Qingrong with fear. Killing another person without blinking an eye, it seems like he wasn't ordinary.

Old Gou, head of the Qinglong Gang's Intermediary Company. Instead of doing proper business, you've used the company to hold drug sales and human trafficking. Article 54 and 72 of the Gang's ordinance, Drug Trafficking and Human Trafficking are prohibited, Offenders of any charges are sentenced to...Death ~

While Xiao Qingrong calmly recited the man's deeds, he noticed the other three's faces change. He didn't like these people very much so he continued.

Bai Ye, head of the Security Company, a man of many crimes. You seem to have long used the security companies to collect protection fees, and engage in violent debt collection. According to Article 4 of the Gang's Ordinance, the act of collecting protection fees is prohibited, offenders are immediately removed from the gang.

Scars, head of the Logistics Company, usage of the company's power to illegally smuggle drugs and personal information, including with several other law breaking activities, that's one more to the list of crimes, etc. Lastly, Long Jianghe, head of Qinglong's Lending Company, who's engaged in high interest rates loans aka Loan Shark. Blackmailing and forcing customers to sell themselves as payment, while running illegal pornographic sites, all of you are on the verge of illegality, don't you find it amusing?

When Xiao Qingrong saw this information in prison, he knew that after Xin Ye's absence of eight years, the gang should have changed a little, but he did not expect that the change would be so great. If they were earnestly making money, why did they try to test it on the edge of law, did they like it?

All the people were blushing. They didn't expect that the young man who just arrived knew everything about their deeds, did that mean...XinYe also knew?

In fact, during the Gang's early stage. It was similar to many other gangs, the kind that collected protection fees and had illegal sites. But when Xin Ye made a series of plans for the development of the gang, it began to bear fruit and only after a long time did it gradually prosper. However, people were greedy and soon started to go back to their past habits. Afterall, who wouldn't want to live well and earn more money? Now that Xiao Qingrong is tearing it apart, they were agitated.

Sheng Yanhui was on full alert, feeling extremely tense as he saw their vicious eyes. He knew what they were thinking about and was afraid it was going to be difficult for them to leave...

The atmosphere was extraordinarily gloomy at the moment, everyone was ready to face the oncoming onslaught, but Xiao Qingrong looked at everyone and cheerfully stated.

I came here today to bring all of you a surprise. Want to guess the surprise~?

This sentence confused many. Just as they were considering what Xiao Qingrong meant by it, the sound of gunfire suddenly thundered from the outside that made their hearts drop.

Who did you call here!!!

Bai Ye pulled out his gun and pointed at Xiao Qingrong fiercely, his face scowling.

Ignoring the gun, Qingrong just sat there like he was on vacation and laughed.

You guys, all of you are on thin ice before breaking the law. Oh wait! You already are, as a good law abiding citizen, of course I called the police~!

As soon as he said that, they saw a team of special forces rushing in, suppressing them before they had the chance to retaliate. After all, for so many years when they were in power, they were living in luxury and comfort, of course their senses of danger have weakened. It made it relatively easy to suppress them.

Sheng Yanhui looked at Xiao Qingrong with complicated eyes as he sat on the main seat, calmly overlooking the event as if it had nothing to do with him. Speaking of the event, Sheng Yanhui really didn't expect Qingrong to pull off such a stunt.

No one from special forces acted on Xiao Qingrong and Sheng Yanhui. After a while, a fat man came in. If Xin Ye was here, he would definitely recognize him. This was Anyang City's current leader, An Cheng. Although he made a considerable contribution more than a year ago, he still chose to stay in Anyang City. With his promotion, he could be regarded as a person in the city's inner circle.

9543, I really have to hand it to you! The higher ups will definitely give you a reward after what happened, oh right, did you tell Xin Ye this?(TN: ig the man don't know his name? ¯\_( ̄ ͟ʖ ̄)_/¯ )

An Cheng smiled. Thinking that Xin Ye was still waiting for Xiao Qingrong to take over the Qinglong Gang, but who knew that Xiao Qingrong was already helping the gang. An Cheng felt comfortable thinking of the benefits that would come from this.

When Xin Ye was leading the gang, the Qinglong Gang was at peace and overall good. But after he went to prison, it was quite unstable, this made An Cheng feel more and more unbearable. So after he received the cooperation request from Xiao Qinrong, An Cheng agreed to the plan as soon as possible, this would help the city and the gang of its many tumors.

Xiao Qingrong didn't care what An Cheng called him, and looked at An Cheng seriously.

I have given you the list of all members involved in the case. All companies under the name of the Qinglong Gang will belong to me starting from today. In addition, the land I want to buy will also be granted. Qinglong Gang will no longer commit any more illegal acts.

An Cheng looked at the serious young man. It was hard to imagine that he killed someone on his first day in prison, especially when you consider how loyal the boy was to his country. An Cheng was thinking of contributing to the country, now Qingrong was helping him catch so many bad apples. Of course, An Cheng was happy and nodded.

Of course. This should be enough. If you need anything, you can contact me as soon as possible.

Cracking down on the so-called bad apples wasn't to wipe out everyone, but to seek a better way to cooperate, remove those cancerous tumors, and leave the better ones to maintain social order.

There were a lot of members in the Qinglong Gang. After the cleaning operation, it was estimated that half of them were left. An Cheng felt relieved.

In the end, many were taken away by An Cheng. Xiao Qingrong also followed Sheng Yanhui to return home. Sheng Yanhui had tried countless times to ask Xiao Qingrong whether Xin Ye knew what happened. But he didn't know whether he should be angry or not, everything happened so suddenly and he didn't know how to react.

They went to see Xin Ye after arriving at the Villa. Xin Ye smelled blood coming from Xiao Qingrong and knew that the child had done it again, but the result should be good.

Qingrong, is everything alright?

Xin Ye, who still didn't really know much about his heir, was very curious about Xiao Qingrong's handling method, but felt that Xiao Qingrong could certainly suppress the elders.

When Sheng Yanhui heard these words, he looked at Xiao Qingrong who was calm. He felt that Xiao Qingrong had no guilt.

In Xiao Qingrong's mind, he thought that they deserved to go to jail for breaking the law, and that was it. How could he feel guilty? Hearing Ye Xin, he nodded.

Rest assured, I've handled everything nicely.

With this remark, Grandpa Xin nodded with a smile, knowing that it really was not difficult for Xiao Qingrong, he no longer asked and patted Xiao Qingrong's shoulder.

In the future, the Qinglong Gang will be handed to you. If anyone is not convinced, you can handle it yourself, you don't need my permission!

Hearing Xin Ye's promise, Xiao Qingrong even felt like he was a good person that contributed to the country.

You don't have to worry Grandpa Xin, they wouldn't dare to be disobedient!

Disobedient people were handed over to the Police!

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