Super Male God System Chapter 69 - Past

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Hao Liang is a man with a lot of convictions. Therefore, he could not resist the insistence on justice in his heart, causing his soul to split.

This soul, like the same person who has stepped into the edge of the abyss, as long as someone gently pushes, he willingly walks into the abyss, and sometimes it was the case for many people.

The so-called rainy night serial killing case was finally resolved. In Hao Liang's statement, both the killing motive, the killing process, and the evidence left by the killing were found by the police one by one.

When such a rainy night serial murder case started three years ago, the child was only eleven years old, and he could have achieved such a sophisticated plan. Even if he was arrested, everyone was still very angry.

What if he was arrested? Even if he encourages others to commit crimes, even if they themselves commit crimes? Xia Fan was only 14 years old and had not reached the age of adulthood. Even if the sentence was pronounced, it would most likely be a sentence. The death penalty may not be possible. The sentence was only in a place like a detention center. Adults always have too much preference.

It was obvious that Xia Fan was adopted by Tang Liming's family after the death of his parents. There is no problem with him, he had everything that Tang Liming had, but why would he do such a thing?

In the end, Dragon looked for Tang Liming, and the two were in his office.

Tang Liming looked a little embarrassed. She had learned from others that Hao Liang identified Xia Fan as a criminal. This news made Tang Liming feel unbelievable. Everything was fine before, but what now?

Ms. Tang, I know that your brother may be the main culprit in the rainy night serial murder case, and it's a big blow to you, but please don't forget your identity. You are a police officer. Our mission is to do justice and Legal services, your brother is now a criminal, but he's not cooperating, and I hope you can meet him and get his testimony.

Dragon... Tang Liming didn't know what to say. She wanted to say that her brother was innocent, but since the police could make such a statement, they must have solid evidence. Tang Liming had not seen Xia Fan for a long time, and finally agreed to see him.

From Dragon's office, Tang Liming suddenly saw Xiao Qingrong standing there, it was almost an instant that her eyes fell on Xiao Qingrong and rushed directly to him and grabbed his arm.

Dr. Xiao, did you know?

Thinking of what she said to Dr. Xiao, and for comfort, Tang Liming suddenly felt that the person in front of her seemed to see everything from the beginning. As a psychologist, even if he had not seen the patient, in the description, it was also possible to know the condition of the patient?

Xiao Qingrong's eyes narrowed behind his lenses, then he slowly extended his hand to take Tang Liming's hand away and said coldly.

I know and don't know. It's useless. He will be responsible for the crimes he committed.

After turning around and leaving and ignoring Tang Liming's call, 618 silently chimed in.

[ Hum, you are a good host. Don't bother with this bad woman. I just received the information that this woman concealed Xia Fan's crimes to help him. As he grew, he killed many people! ]

Tang Liming seems to be full of justice, but from her heart, she insists on her own justice. When something related to her happens, she will help and ignore others.

She... is worse than Hao Liang and Wang Qi.

Tang Liming, who was left by Xiao Qingrong, finally lost her heart and came to the interrogation room where Xia Fan was detained. Across the table, the pair of siblings looked at each other.

Xia Fan exposed a gentle smile that Tang Liming often saw, which made her eyes red .

When Tang Liming asked this question, she felt a bit distressed, but at this moment, the police outside were watching. Tang Liming couldn't show her thoughts.

Xia Fan was not disgusted with Tang Liming's question, and laughed even more innocently.

Sister, I have always been very grateful for your kindness to me, but I can't forget many things. Do you know why those deceased are women with moles around their mouths?

After all, they came to this step according to Xia Fan's plan. Xia Fan was not afraid of being jailed for life. He believed that after listening to his experience, his sister would wait for him. After he came out of prison, he would really be able to stay with his sister.

Xia Fan smiled, as if he didn't care about what happened, but Tang Liming knew and felt his sadness, just his narration made her feel bitter.

That woman gave my mother a lot of money, and my mother would send me away everytime. She only coaxed me to lick her body at first, and then I gradually grew up. She started to leave all kinds of things on me. There are even traces she made me do for her. She said it was the happiest thing in the world. When I was a kid, I didn't know what it was. But every time my mother picked me up, I would be praised and my father would hold me. I said I did a good job, I always thought that I would go on like this, but unfortunately, the woman died in someone else's bed. At that time, I was nine years old and because my father couldn't get anymore money to buy drugs, after staring at me for a bit, I had my first guest, a... rich, rich man...

Enough!!! Don't say it! I forbid you to say it!!!

Tang Liming had already burst into tears. She shouted this sentence frantically. Her face was already full of tears. She could almost imagine what happened to Xia Fan at that time. His face brought him luck, but also a sin, the deepest fear and abyss in the world.

How can there be such people in this world?

Looking at his elder sister crying, Xia Fan laughed with red eyes. His voice was still very nice, like an angel singing.

I eventually grew to hate my face. Everyone looked at me and wanted to rob me of everything. They wanted to leave their greed on me. Sister, you, It was you who rescued me from such an abyss. I will never forget the way you looked at me for the first time. You look at me with a different view from others. Those people's dirty desires, those people who have nowhere to vent. You didn't have any of that, you just admired my face, let me feel the gentlest appearance in the world, let me be glad for the first time, I still have this face, at least for a sister like you.

The 14 year old child's fate turned out to be so cruel. Tang Liming was already crying with tears streaming down her face, her eyes were blurred wherever she looked. She hated herself for the first time, why she didn't know Xia Fan well. After taking Xia Fan home, why not ask him what he wanted.

Dragon and Wang Qi both stood outside, Xiao Qingrong looked at Xia Fan inside through the glass, but it was extra ironic.

When it comes to the end, Xia Fan was still calculating carefully, trying to calculate all the feelings of the people he cares about, but if everything was under control, then who would stand up for the injustice of the dead?