Super Male God System Chapter 68 - Truth

Hao Liang waking up brought a huge development to the case, which can be said to have brought the truth directly upfront, because of Hao Liang's special identity, the entire task force was there during the interrogation, and Dragon looked at Hao in front of him. Hao Liang never would've thought he would one day be interrogated as a prisoner, and Wang Qi and others stood outside, waiting for the results.

Xiao Qingrong folded his arms, he gazed at Hao Liang through his lens who was already wearing handcuffs. He knew that with Hao Liang's character, he had discovered what happened to him, and for justice, he would definitely choose to sacrifice himself, and will certainly be fair to those who have died.

His clear and upright eyes have always been the envy of many policemen, because he always seemed to have no fear of darkness, but who would've thought that such fearlessness was longing for the light? Was it because of all the darkness?

Almost everyone here knew Hao Liang, and so did the director of the Nanling Avenue Police Station. He also came here after hearing about the incident. He also didn't quite understand this incident.

Hao Liang had always been the most admirable policeman in the eyes of everyone, because he had never given up the pursuit of justice, but now, he had become the murderer, how could it not be surprising?

Hao Liang, since you already know everything, then I won't ask. Explain it yourself. What happened, did you commit these murders?

Hao Liang was very calm. From dreaming to all the facts, and even conversing with that person, Hao Liang knew that he had to pay for the things he had done. For whatever reason, he should be damned. Hatred was easy to blind a person's mind, but it was a mistake to take revenge in a brutal and violent way..

No hatred could hide the fact that it was a crime.

Dragon, the murderer of the rainy night serial murder case is indeed me. I am one of the murderers, and the other is Xia Fan, the child who looks like an angel and is only fourteen years old this year.

Hearing this statement, everyone present was still very surprised. In fact, even after all their speculations, they even had some ideas about this matter, but when they really heard the truth, it was still surprising, why was it this? Why is this happening?

In fact, the judgment of the case was not just the need for authentication of physical evidence. The most important point was the motive for the crime. The thought of Hao Liang's sister among the deceased made everyone feel weird, they all waited to hear an answer.

Because he couldn't control his other personality, the best way was to kill himself and kill his other personality at the same time. This was the final result.

Four years ago, my girlfriend was pregnant, so we were making plans about what to do next. I thought I would have a happy family, a gentle wife and children, but I didn't expect her to be killed. S-she didn't even have a chance to live, there were several stab wounds on her body, it was already too late and she died before making it to the hospital. That incident caused a lot of psychological trauma to me. Eventually... my other personality was born.

If it weren't for the fact that the truth was approached step by step, and there was various evidence, Hao Liang even suspected that he would never know the existence of his other personality. Thinking of his hysterical appearance, Hao Liang's face was very ugly.

Dragon did not speak, looked at Hao Liang seriously, and wanted to continue to listen to the situation.

Wang Qi, who stood outside, looked blank, but didn't look away from Hao Liang. His hands kept holding tight, and blue veins popped up. Even his neck was covered with thick veins, Xiao Qingrong raised an eyebrow after glancing at him.

That Xia Fan was really clever, and escaped the crime of killing so many people in his own way. Hao Liang was fortunately a good person. Otherwise, he could've easily removed himself by killing people with mental illness without breaking the law.

However, people like Hao Liang couldn't tolerate evil. He had arrested so many criminals over the years. The last thing he wanted was to get blood on his own hand. Even if he didn't want to, he was already full of blood. He certainly didn't let himself go.

At that time, the birth of this personality took away my hatred and my inner desire to avenge my girlfriend, because the person who killed my girlfriend had paid the price for it, I didn't find any changes in my body at all. After the birth of that personality, it slowly began to investigate the things around it and accepted how things were, he went through the police station, investigated a lot of things, and found out the truth about my girlfriend's death.

His eyes were bead red as he narrated, everyone else also looked at him with red eyes.

Wasn't it unexpected that your girlfriend died?

Her death was not an accident. It was a conspiracy. The one who killed my fiance had a private connection with my sister. My other personality found that they were connected and knew each other. After discovering that I was engaged, my sister hated my fiance very much, so she told him to prove his love for me. Fang Mingzhe had a bad temper and took actions against her after he got drunk, he originally wanted to hurt her a bit but ended up killing her. He was later sentenced to death and I thought it was a normal accident, but my other personality investigated it more clearly.

When the truth gradually unfolds before you, you'll find that the truth is much more painful and unbearable.

Someone on the case was recording Hao Liang's words. These things can be said to have greatly helped the case four years ago.

That personality met Xia Fan in the library. He was studying crime books at the time. The two talked very well. At that time, Xia Fan had just received in his new home. After learning his shadow wanted revenge, Xia Fan prepared a well-designed plan for him! Because that personality shares the same body with me, he had all of my abilities, his anti-reconnaissance, and understanding of the police, this made it possible for him to carry out his revenge. It was perfect. The first person to kill was Fang Mingzhe's sister. The woman Xia Fan didn't like. Xia Fan hated women with moles on their mouth. It might have something to do with his personal experience. I don't know exactly.

Hao Liang said seriously and his mood gradually calmed down as he talked about others about things.

A bit of pain flashed in his eyes, and Dragon suddenly spoke, interrupting him.

Your biological sister, why did she kill your fiance? (TN: Basically did :v)

This was something Dragon has been unable to figure out. He had heard from everyone that the relationship between the brother and sister was very good, and now such a thing happened...

Hao Liang smiled bitterly at this moment, because his younger sister was already dead, but not so entangled with the so-called reputation, her voice hoarse.

Because she said she loves me.

This answer not only surprised Dragon, other people also looked at him unbelievably, and it seemed that they couldn't figure out what she loved.

Xiao Qingrong reached out and pushed his glasses, he was not surprised to hear this answer.

She has a habit of plastic surgery. Because someone said that she was ugly when she was a child, she has been undergoing intermittent plastic surgery after growing up. I was against it many times but it was useless.

In Hao Liang's mind, the younger sister lying on the table suddenly appeared. Her body was tortured and bruised, and then she wore the ring and nailed the steel to the other person's sober consciousness and nailed her body...

TN: Fang Mingzhe kills Hao's wife, Hao gets a new personality, meets Xia Fan, Kills Fang Mingzhe's sister, kills his sister because she's the cause for his fiance's death, then so forth.