Super Male God System Chapter 67 - Strugglet

After Xia Fan was brought into the police station. They needed to conduct further interrogations and investigations due to his special status. As for Tang Liming, she was excluded from this case. Except for her, everyone else believed that Xia Fan had the chance to be the murderer. How long was it three years ago? At that time, Xia Fan was only eleven years old...

How could an eleven year old do such a thing?

Regardless of what Tang Liming thought, the police began interrogating and investigating Xia Fan. The person interrogating him was Dragon, he was very curious about the boy. After seeing Xia Fan, Dragon understood what Dr. Xiao meant when he mentioned Narcissus.

Narcissus, the myth that delighted the gods and finally fell in love with his shadow. It seems that the myth really appeared in front of him. Dragon had seen a lot of beautiful people in his life, including many stars and idols as delicate as flowers. But they couldn't even compare to Xia Fan, just with tiny curly hair, he was simply an angel.

But appearance can be deceiving.

Dragon thought to when Hao Liang called out the child's name, he was unable to remove his doubt.

He looked directly at Xia Fan, but felt that something was wrong, normally children would be more or less scared when they saw a police officer, but Xia Fan was so calm and collected, as if he knew nothing. It was an abnormal thing.

Xia Fan.




A few interactions later, Dragon continued.

Do you know Hao Liang?

Xia Fan stared straight at Dragon, and nodded.


How do you know him?

Dragon looked serious, and continued to ask, but in fact his heart was a little nervous. He thought of Hao Liang, his eyes which were full of justice, how could he be tainted by this boy?


Xia Fan didn't pay much attention to this. Whether it was Hao Liang or Hao Liang's shadow, they were cowardly people. After all the tragedies happened, they couldn't change everything, but they had blamed god. How were they not cowardly?

Life was originally a journey in adversity. Xia Fan never thought of retreating. He had already overcome too many things. This time was no exception.

Wang Qi leaned on the wall, holding a cigarette to smoke. The clouds bellowed, making Tang Liming unable to see his face clearly. After not knowing how long he's been leaning there, Wang Qi looked at Tang Liming and suddenly spoke.

If your brother is really the mastermind, what would you do?

Tang Liming was stiff. She had always been reluctant to think about it, because this question was extremely cruel to her. She has been working so hard to get Xia Fan a sense of security. To get Xia Fan's life on track, but everything that's happening now was like a nightmare, it made her wish it would all disappear.

Her brother Xia Fan may be the mastermind of Yu Ye's serial murder case! A eleven year old child may have killed a woman three years ago!

Is that even possible? It... couldn't be possible?

The entire corridor was filled with Wang Qi's laughter. After he laughed, he extinguished the smoke in his hand and looked at Tang Liming.

I guess you would choose to prove his innocence, right? If you had the chance, you would even wipe out all his criminal records, right?

His eyes were no longer murky, clean and full of penetrating power, as if to see through Tang Liming's heart.

At this moment, Tang Liming was unable to move, watching as Wang Qi walked towards her, his eyes pierced into her heart like a sharp knife, it proved to her that he was right. If she knew all this, she would definitely destroy all the evidence, and even use her own life to protect him.

Xia Fan had nothing, he only had her, so Tang Liming was not willing to let him lose anything again!

She had said that dedicating herself to justice requires all her life to fight criminals.

But now, when it happened to the people around her, she also wanted to retreat, wanting to keep the law out of the matter, and cover up justice. This was human nature.

Tang Liming's eyes flashed through struggles and tangles, and could see that her heart was not calm. Wang Qi was less than 20 feet away from her, watching her quietly, her eyes were clear, but she was at a loss.

But have you thought about it? Should those seven girls be dead? They were also innocent. If your brother was a murderer, he should be responsible for their deaths.

Speaking slowly, Wang Qi's voice carried an unspeakable sorrow. He seemed to be cutting Tang Liming's heart, as if he was her, but Tang Liming only felt that her throat was dry and dull for a while. Before she said.

With such a weak tone, with uncertainties that she could not conceal, Tang Liming stubbornly looked at Wang Qi. She was unwilling to accept the fact that her brother was a murderer.

Really? Wang Qi looked back and nodded.

I hope he isn't, but Liming, between family and justice, what would you do if you had to make a choice?

This big question seemed to be driving Tang Liming into the abyss. She dare not answer the question, because she knew she would never believe that her brother was a murderer. She was more inclined to her younger brother, no matter if it was justice or perseverance, wasn't it all about protecting the people in the first place? Protect the person you care about? If even the person you care about couldn't be protected, how could such justice be maintained?

She was silent, Wang Qi understood her thoughts and showed a mocking smile.

He finished speaking, no longer watching Tang Liming, turned and walked toward the ward. Before opening the door, his last words echoed in her mind.

I have always believed that the existence of the police is to find justice for the dead. Tang Liming, you are not worthy of being a police officer.

After speaking, he opened the door and walked in. In the room, Hao Liang was already awake and lying there.

Tang Liming stood quietly, understanding Wang Qi's words, she suddenly broke down and burst into tears on her knees. Her heart was filled with unprecedented grievance and fear.

She didn't know why it suddenly turned out like this...

Wang Qi, who entered the room, saw Hao Liang's familiar eyes.

Awake? Did you hear?

He asked, sitting next to Hao Liang's bed, Hao Liang nodded, looking at Wang Qi, his face was still pale.

Hao Liang had a bitter smile on his face. In his coma, he had learned the truth, what happened in the dream had let him know his ending, he became a murderer in a case, he felt sorry for his uniform, as if it had been tainted.

After listening to Hao Liang's words, Wang Qi revealed a smile that Hao Liang couldn't understand, with an indescribable voice.

The two of them were silent for a while and did not speak again. Tang Liming was still crying outside the door, but the two were expressionless. After a while, Wang Qi spoke.

Do you remember anything?

From Hao Liang's expression, Wang Qi guessed that Hao Liang definitely remembered something, at least, the murderer must have remembered it.

Hao Liang got up slightly from the bed, leaning against the wall, he closed his eyes.

I remember everything, I saw all of them. I saw myself killing people. I saw myself change step by step... But brother Wang, I was not scared at all, I was happy. Maybe he was right. I am the coward. The truth is right in front of me, but I never dare to look at it again. I'm not worth living...

His talking was a little messy, but Wang Qi could understand it, sitting there stiffly, he didn't know when he had touched the gun, but its coolness gradually calmed him down...