Super Male God System Chapter 66 - Suspect

In the police station, the investigation on the rainy night serial murder case once again made a huge breakthrough. Among them, they also found the place drawn in Hao Liang's picture. It turned out to be an abandoned orphanage on the side of Yuntai City. In the orphanage, they found a car that may have been used by the murderer to transport the body.

On the third basement floor of the orphanage, there was a room containing a lot of messy things. After the police investigation, the blood traces proved that a murder had really occurred here.

Wang Qi was the first to arrive on scene, accompanied by Hao Liang. Although Hao Liang was closed in the interrogation room, there was not much information available. In addition, Hao Liang asked to go to the scene in person, Dragon did not reject it. They all reached the third basement of this orphanage.

Dragon stood in this small room and looked at the only table in the room, which was just enough to lay a person, it was covered with bright red blood.

Generally speaking, as long as there were bloodstains at the scene of the crime, even if someone cleaned the bloodstains, they could still find clues scientifically.

Entering the room, Wang Qi felt tense and kept tightening his hands.

Dragon hurriedly looked at Hao Liang, knowing that this situation may be a side effect. Since he knew that Hao Liang has a split personality, Dragon cared more about Hao Liang's affairs.

Hao Liang, how are you? Are you alright? If you are uncomfortable, let's go out.

He was about to make people go out with Hao Liang, but Hao Liang held out his hand. When he raised his head, he was already sweating coldly. At this time, the veins on his head were beating violent, his face was pale, and his lips were slightly chapped. He trembled and seemed to be thinking of something terrifying.

Tang Liming watched the pale Hao Liang and hurriedly took out a paper towel handing it over. Although it was her first crime scene, she had contacted the dead anyway, so she was not too afraid. (TN: I guess seeing a dead body in the park wasn't a true crime scene I guess :/)

Raising his head, Hao Liang saw Tang Liming, and his pupils tightened. Then he grabbed Tang Liming and pulled her tightly, and so much so that she felt a little pain. Looking at Hao who seemed a little uncomfortable, she was startled but patiently looked at him.

The sudden appearance of the name suddenly made Dragon remember it, but Tang Liming didn't know why. She didn't know why Hao Liang even knew her brother, did they meet before?

Captain Hao?

Hao Liang seemed to want to say something, but suddenly his eyes rolled and fainted.

Hurry up and check his condition! Dragon gave instructions, then looked at Tang Liming.

You stay.

Tang Liming was also very confused. Although she didn't know much about the case, as a small police officer, she had limited access to information. At this moment, she thought of Xia Fan's appearance, and anxiety filled her mind. But quickly denied her thoughts, how could that be? No, absolutely impossible...

The cross necklace that she bought for Xia Fan. When she gave it to Xia Fan, Xia Fan looked happy. All of these memories flooded her mind, she felt even more anxious.

After the others left, Dragon looked at Tang Liming.

Tang Liming right? I know you, the daughter of Deputy Mayor Tang, what Hao Liang just said, is it related to you?

In previous investigations, it was proven that the murder case was committed by two people, one mastermind and one accomplice. If Hao Liang's shadow was the accomplice, then there must be another associate. When Hao Liang came to this room, he remembered Xia Fan, so this Xia Fan must be related to the case!

Tang Liming anxiously wanted to refute, but never thought about it. When a person tries to prove the innocence of others, it is often a guilty conscience and self-doubt. These are manifestations of instinct.

Dragon was a little surprised to hear that Xia Fan was only fourteen years old, but still nodded.

He has nothing to do with the case, but this needs to be investigated.

Arranging people to investigate Xia Fan, of course Tang Liming was not one of them. After Wang Qi heard this, he waited for Dragon to leave, then went to speak with Tang Liming.

Xia Fan, it's the kid on your phone. He looks so good, no wonder you cared about him so much.

Well, yes, he's my brother after all, he's got nothing to do with the case. He was only eleven years old at that time...

If the eleven year old really did such a thing, was he a natural criminal? Tang Liming did not believe that her lovely brother would do such a thing.

Alright, rest assured, if this matter has nothing to do with your brother, Dragon will certainly not embarrass him.

Wang Qi didn't say anything else, he continued to investigate the scene, leaving Tang Liming who was a little upset. She didn't know why, but she felt a little annoyed and worried.

In the room, there were some useful clues. Although there were no fingerprints or items, there was plenty of blood, and an important clue were bloody footprints, one big and one small.

Hao Liang was still sleeping, so he didn't know what was going on outside, and the shock that it made. After all, he suddenly turned out to be the rainy night murderer, why wouldn't it be shocking?

In addition, another footprint on the scene was also investigated. Experts analyzed that this shoe print should be a minor male, aged between 12 and 17, a height of about 1.5 meters, and a weight of 45 kilograms. The news also hit Tang Liming hard, she could barely stand. Dragon also paid attention to Tang Liming's behavior, as well as Xia Fan who was being investigated. Wasn't he a minor?...

These evidence were enough to make Xia Fan a suspect in this case.

I need a small team, set off to bring Xia Fan to the police station for investigation!

Dragon gave an order. Tang Liming only felt dark before her, and had a hard time standing straight, she was trying to leave, but was caught by Wang Qi on the side.

He said this, but in fact he already had an idea in his heart. He was sure that the case was done, after three years of nothing, it might be solved as long as Hao Liang woke up.

In the end, there were a total of six policemen heading towards Tang Liming's home, since he had been living with Tang Liming recently. Tang Liming, dressed in police uniform, sat there silently. She wanted to say that her brother was innocent, but all kinds of information flashed in her mind, and even her heart began to doubt Xia Fan, let alone others.

The car quickly arrived at the house. Tang Liming stood at the door with the key while the policemen stood behind her. For the first time, she was afraid to enter the house, she felt that she should not doubt her brother. But her inner doubts still grew like a vine, all of which challenged her emotional limit.

Open it. Wang Qi said, knowing that Tang Liming could not accept all of this, but if Xia Fan was really innocent, the police would not take him anyway.

Tang Liming held the key and opened the door tremblingly. She inserted the key into the hole, and then twisted the key. The door was finally opened.

The beautiful young boy in the backlight was astonishingly impressive. The sunlight refracted from the window and fell on his hair, and his delicate face was like an angel. At this time, Xia Fan turned to look at everyone, but there was only Tang Liming in his eyes.

When he saw Tang Liming, he suddenly laughed. The eyes, like black pearls, were full of light and shone.

Tang Liming, who was standing there, her eyes suddenly reddened, obviously due to all the dazzling beauty she saw, but she also had another feeling...

Her brother, her Xia Fan, seems to be leaving her...

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