Super Male God System Chapter 65 - Encounter

How to make a person lose his mind? Take away what he loves the most, or poke the deepest secret in his heart.

Who was Xia Fan? Even if he smiles and shines like the sun, he couldn't cover the abyss in his dark eyes, and his exquisite and beautiful face really made it easy for him to do a lot of things, especially deceiving people, but in a sense of the whole, Xia Fan was pathetic and pitiful. He jumped out of the fire pit of a family, and then tried to grasp the warmth of another, but he couldn't stop the darkness in his heart.

If such a person met someone who could stop him, he would become an excellent being in this world, otherwise, sooner or later he would become the most terrible individual in the world.

Xiao Qingrong deliberately proposed the other's family situation, that is, he knew enough about the other side. At this moment, facing the child's gloomy and killing eyes, Xiao Qingrong suddenly drew his lips and laughed.

You see, this is who you really are. You look more like yourself now, it's stupid.

He was obviously a demon, but had the face of an angel, and unfortunately, even if he was an angel, there were several categories. Fallen angels were more horrible than real demons. At least the demons were devoted, but the fallen angels needed the love of another while hurting them.

Putting down the hateful eyes, Xia Fan's black pearly eyes were also ironic, looking at the man in front of him.

Aren't you stupid? In order to accompany those boring people and disguise yourself as another face, Dr. Xiao, what's the difference between you and me?

The spiritual communication between the people was incomprehensible to others. Xia Fan thought the person before him was a bit familiar. Now, looking at him again, he felt that only the four words of scum could describe each other.

Xiao Qingrong didn't refute Xia Fan's thoughts. He reached out and pushed his glasses, his head was slightly tilted, one hand supported his right face, and his long hair passed along his head. His sight fell on Xia Fan, his voice as gentle as the small bass of a piano.

I won't try to seize any redemption. From the moment you appeared next to Tang Liming, you have given up on yourself. If she knew your true self with your careful calculations, then... will she be scared?

For a moment, Xia Fan's heart did flash a killing intention, but he didn't show it. When a person was violently stimulated, he would become extremely calm. Even if Xia Fan was just sitting there, he had stimulated Qingrong's death countless times.

None of this has anything to do with you, I'll warn you, stay away from my sister!!!

He believed that this person would not tell the truth to his sister, but thinking of what the man said before, if the other party did do something, his sister would most likely have no ability to resist. Xia Fan did not want to bet, they were the same kind of person, he managed to meet his sister, no one was allowed to take her away!

Huh? Anxious? You look like a cat trying to protect its food, but... Is Tang Liming willing to be eaten by you? Or... Do you treat her as the owner?

Xiao Qingrong didn't understand the feeling that these people who were willing to give everything to another, just like Xia Fan in front of him. He was smart and wise. If it was not for Tang Liming, Xiao Qingrong would not have watched him. As soon as one hundred of the secrets was revealed, Xia Fan was at fault and should not put his emphasis on Tang Liming.

Xia Fan certainly understood what Xiao Qingrong meant. No matter from the adoption by his sister to the things that he now carried on his back, he knew what would happen when his sister found out, but he couldn't let go, Tang Liming was his. The choice of light and direction, even if half of the body has stepped into the abyss, it still wants to chase the light, closer to the warmth.

In fact, he hates white shirts, but because his sister likes it, he likes it too. Black, the purest color in the world, was like Xia Fan's soul. He walked into Tang Liming's world from the beginning and had already set an ending for himself. (TN: ( ̄ー ̄;)

This has nothing to do with you.

There was a hint of stubbornness and softness in his voice. He was thinking of Tang Liming's existence. If there were to be a day, Xia Fan knew what to do and understood his final outcome.

Oh? Now your accomplice is useless. Officer Hao has discovered the shadow, and has begun to doubt himself. The police should soon discover the relationship between you two, Tang Liming will know what you are doing, guess how she will look at you then.

Xia Fan thought of the gentle Tang Liming in his mind, but there was no fear, and even a gentle and bright smile appeared. At this moment, his eyes seemed to be glowing, full of stars.

I don't care how she looks at me. As long as she is willing to look at me, I'll be fine. I don't care if I am discovered by you. I'm not an adult yet, and the road is long.

At this moment, Xia Fan didn't know that the road in his dream would have such an ending, but to show off to Xiao Qingrong, he didn't care.

It is true that minors would not get the death penalty, and they may have a longer life in the future. Xiao Qingrong knew what Xia Fan meant, and understood how he felt.

He was gambling, and used his time to be honest.

Do you care how a person feels? What was it like to give everything to one person? Was it really worth trying to use the most extreme behavior in the world to verify one's true heart?

Perhaps Xia Fan was only the smallest part of her life for Tang Liming. She cared for a lot of people or things, and could only leave a small place for Xia Fan in her heart. If Xia Fan really entered the prison, then Tang Liming, would she care about her brother if he turned out to be a murderer?

Then I wish you all the best.

He could only say such words, Xiao Qingrong withdrew his attention, but his eyes fell on Xia Fan's book, which was a collection of Shakespeare's poems, which led Xiao Qingrong to involuntarily think of a famous quote from Shakespeare.

It's a question of survival or death.

Xia Fan stood up, picked up his book, and intended to leave, but suddenly thought about something ordinary. Approaching Xiao Qingrong, his dark eyes matched Xiao Qingrong's eyes.

Stay away from my sister, can you do it?

Even if it was plain and ordinary, it was still a gesture to protect Tang Liming. Xiao Qingrong couldn't help but reach out and pinched Xia Fan's face. He let it loose before the other was ashamed and laughed.

I'm not interested in your sister. I just think you're pathetic.

Obviously he had everything in his palm, but he still had to do more crazy things to test it all.

I don't want your pity for you to say that. At least I have my sister in my heart. No one will be sincere with you.

After speaking, he turned around and left, but he looked like a deserter who fled. Xiao Qingrong watched Xia Fan's disappearing figure, and then heard 618's voice.

[ Host, I am sincere to you! I will stay with you forever, but Xia Fan is a murderer, why don't you catch him? ] (TN: XD)

618 felt that he could never understand his host's thoughts. He had clearly discovered the truth, but he had not arrested anyone. The murderer was really cruel. How could his own host let him go?

I'm not a policeman. Why arrest someone? Xiao Qingrong picked up the book on the table and got up to return it. Today, he gained more than enough.

Although the host also kills people, he was not cruel. Thinking of those girls' information, 618 felt it was unbearable even as a system.

Xiao Qingrong put the book back. At this moment, he was in a good mood. When he went out of the door, he answered 618's question.

It's not me who needs to arrest him. He has already found a hunter for himself, but this time, I'm afraid he miscalculated.