Super Male God System Chapter 63 - Reveal

Dragon couldn't believe that such a ridiculous thing would happen to him. It has been so many years since he became a police officer. He has seen countless cases and could be regarded as an experienced person, but this kind of case, it was a first. Of course, it was also very exciting and puzzling. If the assumption is true, then it is simply too scary...

Xiao Qingrong heard Dragon's speculation, his eyes narrowed, and then he said.

In Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection, but because he was obsessed with his own beauty, he ended up like that. So by the same token, the reflection was found in the rainy night murder case, then who is narcissus? I believe there must be such a person. He's obsessed with the thrill and retribution of revenge, and he clearly wants to be redeemed, but after seeing the reflection of a struggling person like himself, he chose to like Narcissus, he 'fell in love' with his own reflection, and even got a lot of things he can't do from the shadow... For example, before encountering the lake, Narcissus realized that he never saw his own reflection and fell in love with it. Dragon, our task is to find Narcissus who's the mastermind.

Such a case was really strange. Xiao Qingrong also speculated after thinking about it for a long time. Whether it was the cross or the shadow of Hao Liang, the birth of the so-called shadow that surfaced had a great correlation with each other.

For example... Was the death of Hao Liang's fiancee really just an accident?

As it happens, Xiao Qingrong was never the one who believed in fate and coincidence. The so-called fate was just one of the precise calculations of the person, and coincidence was just a meeting of two people under certain conditions. If no one took the first step, then there would be no future.

A person who has been able to avoid any investigation of evidence by the police so many times, and who knew more than the police.

Dr. Xiao, this is just your speculation. The real facts still need our continuous investigation. Next, our group will conduct a detailed investigation of your questions. Please rest assured that if Hao Liang really has a shadow, then the law will remain the same and he needs to be punished, no one can escape the legal sanctions, and Hao Liang should know what to choose.

Dragon remembered how he looked when he first met Hao Liang. It was really embarrassing to imagine that such a person would be the premeditated rainy night serial killer, but if it was really done by his shadow, then Hao Liang would have to pay for it.

Xiao Qingrong stopped talking and chose to leave. Some things were too thorough and lost his original interest. He liked watching these people understand the truth step by step, as if a drama was coming to an end. After the climax of the story, no one knew whether such a plot was ultimately a tragedy or a comedy.

Was the person performing on the stage really sincere or hypocritical?

When thinking of such a result, Dragon immediately started the investigation. It was almost midnight as they began. The places where Hao Liang had been and the pictures drawn by Hao Liang all needed to be investigated.

The whole police station was busy, but Hao Liang couldn't sleep. It happened that Wang Qi also surveyed a lot of information. He couldn't sleep at the moment. He went out for a smoke and saw that Hao Liang's office lights were still lit. When he saw the lights on, he knew that Hao Liang had not returned home. The recent nightmare made him unable to sleep, and he could only keep himself awake with willpower.

When walking over, Wang Qi pushed the door open. The office was full of smoke, Hao Liang sat there, mute, and looked a little scary.

Hao Liang?

Wang Qi waved his hand, then exhaled the smoke from his mouth, squeezed in his hand and walked over, and saw Hao Liang sitting behind the computer.

Wang Qi, you said... what should I do if I am really a murderer?

He suddenly questioned, making Wang Qi stiffen in place, and then looking at Hao Liang, who was full of malice in his eyes at this time, his whole body was in alert posture for a while, but his face was blank.

Hao Liang, this is just your own suspicion. Maybe this is not the case, and the fourth deceased is still your sister. I never doubt you, because I know that you are the one who wants to catch the killer most.

Having touched the gun behind him, Wang Qi tried to make himself look less guarded. Instead, Hao Liang, who was sitting there, pressed the cigarette in his ashtray, then extended his right hand, stroking his left hand carefully. The silver ring, circle by circle, he seemed to be thinking about something.

Wang Qi calmly looked at the person in front of him. For a moment, the atmosphere was in a stalemate. Hao Liang's eyes were full of hatred, his raging and crazy eyes fell on Wang Qi's body, and he raised the corners of his lips.

Hao Liang, who looked and sounded like a madman made Wang Qi hold his gun tighter. But he didn't take it out, he just kept looking at this person who suddenly didn't look like Hao Liang, Wang Qi responded.

Hao Liang, get yourself together! I know you are not such a person, where is your persistence? What about your faith? Do you want to fall into the abyss like this evil soul? As you said, you will catch the rainy night serial killer, I also believe you will, you will be able to catch the murderer by yourself! Wake up! Let go of your hatred! Wake up!

His voice was calm and powerful, but Hao Liang laughed when he heard it, looking at Wang Qi, he smiled ironically.

Oh, even at this time, you still favor him? How is he a big hero? He is just a coward! He witnessed the death of his fiancee and watched his wife and children die in front of him. What insistence and faith can a person have? He is not worth living in this world. Mingming has left. I have been living for so long to avenge her. I have also completed all the tasks. Now, Mingming is looking for me, and I'm going to accompany her... And that widower, let him sleep forever! Mingming won't like him, and will never remember him!

Hao Liang said, he reached out and fumbled for the gun on his body, and wanted to end himself, but Wang Qi's movement was faster and already came to his side. After going over the computer desk, he directly pressed Hao Liang down. On the computer table, he then held Hao Liang's head with a gun, the muzzle was shaking slightly, his eyes became red.

After hearing Wang Qi's words, Hao Liang laughed loudly, even though he was being held, he made a crazy laugh and did not struggle, but instead sent his head to Wang Qi's muzzle.

Then you kill me! Come on! I have killed so many people. You will not be punished if you kill me. Instead, you may get a promotion, Wang Qi, come on! Kill me!

Wang Qi stared at Hao Liang with eyes full of resentment. The gun in his hand was still shaking slightly, but he bit his lip and grinded his teeth.

Do you think... I don't want to kill you? But you are not Hao Liang! The result of all this should be ended by Hao Liang! Sooner or later he will catch your faith, the mastermind standing behind you, you will do it for yourself, and you'll pay the most painful price in this world!