Super Male God System Chapter 61 - Ring

Hao Liang didn't look so good. The insomnia made him look very emaciated. His handsome face was bearded and his eyes were surrounded by dark circles. It could be seen that it was caused by staying up late in the past few nights.

Xiao Qingrong looked at Hao Liang's appearance, he went ahead and put on his glasses. A pair of inquisitive eyes looked at the person in front of him through the lens. He could feel that Hao Liang's body was sending messages for help, but even he knew he couldn't help him.

Dr. Xiao, I have been feeling something wrong recently. I always seem to hear someone talking in my head and dream of some strange space. I am sure that I haven't been there, but I always find myself inside it.

When he said that, it seemed that he couldn't say anything else. His face was full of struggles and pains. The once-trusted eyes which were full of justice before were now full of confusion and struggle. It seemed that what he saw came to him. It was a very stressful thing to say.

This is a normal behavior found in many people at first as they find themselves sick. Qingrong originally thought that Hao Liang knew all this, or in other words, led all of this, but did not expect that he did not find any changes in himself. Otherwise it wouldn't have been possible to have such a rational look after what happened.

After the death of his girlfriend, his sister was also killed by murderers in such an abusive way. How could anyone still be normal?

Xiao Qingrong took the initiative by taking off his glasses. His pair of eyes were very gentle at this time. Both eyes met each other, Hao Liang suddenly dodged, but after being encouraged by Xiao Qingrong's eyes, he swallowed a gulp of water and finally said.

Dr. Xiao, I don't know why I would have such a dream. I dreamt... I dreamt of my dead girlfriend and sister, and I stood there in the dream, stupidly, as I saw that someone was abusing their corpse. I knew who the other party was, I felt that the relationship between the two of us was extremely close. He seemed to know everything about me. Not only that, he also had my ring... on his hand...

Everything that he saw in his dream made Hao Liang feel infinite fear, an unspeakable uneasiness struck his heart. He widened his eyes and looked at Xiao Qingrong's eyes full of help, he wanted answers.

Xiao picked up his pen, recorded Hao Liang's dream, and then pointed to Hao Liang's neck. Xiao took the liberty to ask if he could see Hao Liang's ring.

May I see your fiance's ring?

Hao Liang nodded, he unbuttoned his shirt and took off the necklace worn around his neck. On the slender necklace was a silver ring.

This is the ring that I chose together with my fiance when we got engaged, I've always kept it with me.

Looking at the ring hung like a necklace affectionately, Hao Liang removed it from the necklace. Holding the silver ring with both hands, he carefully touched it, as if he was going to lose it. Without a smile, it was slowly passed to Xiao Qingrong.

Xiao Qingrong reached out to receive the ring, but his eyes fell on Hao Liang's hand, and suddenly found something wrong. When Hao Liang was retracting his hand, he suddenly grabbed it.

Do you wear this ring often?

This, this is impossible! After my fiance died, I've always hung it around my neck!!!

He couldn't believe what he was looking at, he assumed it was from staying up late and his hand was swollen. It also may have been because of the swollenness that he couldn't wear the ring properly which left the mark.

Hao Liang had always been a little confused about it, naturally he didn't take notice of it, and now that he was checking it again, his face turned pale, and recalled something...

But your hand has a trace of a ring.

After speaking, Xiao Qingrong released his hand, and took the silver ring near his eyes to have a closer look. This ring was well protected, both in terms of color and smoothness. He thought it was nice, touching the inner ring, it's smoothness made his eyes glint.

Hao Liang was pale as a ghost, his hands curled together. His mind kept bouncing back and forth, it was a mess, he came back to reality after hearing Qingrong's voice.

Hao, can I ask you about your fiance? Of course, if you mind, it's alright, but this might help your situation.

After understanding the general notion, he gave the ring back. He saw how much Hao Liang treasured it, Sigh... love sure is complicated.

Hao's eyes were on the ring, deep in thought, he showed a painful and complicated expression.

Dr. Xiao... you're already doubting me, right?

Nodding his head, Qinrong put on his glasses again. His eyes penetrated through Hao Liang's heart.

You're also doubting yourself right? What we are pursuing now is the truth, the truth about these murders. Didn't you say that? The murderer must be brought to justice, no matter who it is.

Smart people never need to say anything, they only need one look to know another's thoughts.

Hao Liang was of course the same. All his recent dreams, all his tangles, and all his pains stemmed from one thing. He suspects that he was a murderer from three years ago and has continued to be the present Rainy Night Serial Killer .

Maybe it was because the dead spurred him this time. Hao Liang recently dreamt a lot of things. In the dream, he put on the ring given by his fiancee, disguised himself, and came to a strange warehouse where another person in that place brought a woman. After he subdued the woman, he abused the woman and heard the voice of the other person 'Forgetting and forgiving cannot be obtained easily. For redemption, only revenge can suppress the inner devil.'

This was wrong. He frantically wanted to stop all this, and wanted to tell himself that he was the real devil, but he didn't know why he suddenly had another thought, hoping that the other person should exist.

I have reinvestigated the identity of the first deceased. In addition to being the first victim in the rainy night serial murder case, she also has a special identity. She's the sister of Fang Mingzhe. I think you haven't forgotten Fang Mingzhe, although he has paid a bitter price for his actions.

From the beginning, he doubted Hao Liang, when he later checked the information and found the unique identity of the first deceased, Xiao Qingrong determined that this matter was definitely related to Hao Liang.

Fang Mingzhe was the one who killed Hao Liang's fiance. In the rainy night serial murder case, in addition to the identity of the victim, he also had the identity of the person who killed Hao Liang's biological sister.(TN: False victim, spoiler, just wanted to clear that up.)

When the first rainy night murder occurred three years ago, the police must have suspected Hao Liang, but soon, the second rainy night murder happened again. At that time, it was impossible for Hao Liang to be on the scene, and it was a year later. Half a year ago, Hao Liang's biological sister Hao Liang became the fourth deceased. The police eliminated all suspicion of Hao Liang, because everyone knew that Hao Liang had a good relationship with his sister. His sister had been delivering his food quite often, if they didn't have such a good relationship, what else would explain such behavior?

In other words, if Hao Liang was the murderer, his first goal might be Hao Meimei!(TN: Sister)

As for the subsequent killing, something bad must've happened, and the person who killed the dragon will also become a new dragon.(TN: Obsessed with killing)

After listening to Xiao Qingrong's words, Hao Liang didn't speak for a long time. Of course he knew from the first glance when he saw the dossier.

How could he not know?

Xiao Qingrong glanced at Hao Liang's silent appearance, shrugged, and started fiddling with the pen in his hand.

Then let’s change the subject. Hao Liang, how was your relationship with your sister?

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