Super Male God System Chapter 60 - Visit

Life is sometimes bound by an invisible chain that locks everyone.

It's said and written by many literary writers and artists. Most happy people are similar, but unfortunate people have their own misfortunes.

Four years ago, Hao Liang's girlfriend was killed by a perverted murderer. Two years later, his sister was also killed by a serial murderer. All this sounds strange, and it will probably make you think that God is unfair, why treat such an ordinary man like this?

After understanding this, Xiao Qingrong didn't say anything, but the next day, he went directly to Dragon and asked to see the case of Hao Liang's girlfriend four years ago.

Dragon was a sensitive person. When he heard Xiao Qingrong's request, he was a little surprised.

Do you doubt Hao Liang?

Xiao Qingrong was sitting there, his eyes behind the lenses were shining with a little hint of interest.

According to the police analysis, the perpetrators are proficient in anti-investigation methods, he understands the criminal's psychology and our police's methods of ending the case, and he can even exquisitely eliminate all the evidence through rainy days. Such a person... is not a doctor... but is more likely to be a police officer, you understand what I mean right?

Dragon looked at the person in front of him diligently. In fact, he had no words. When the police investigated the murder of Yu Ye a year and a half ago, they also placed the subject on the doctor or the police. Among them, Hao Liang was the family member of the deceased. In fact, he was also the object of suspicion, but the final investigation result proved Hao Liang's innocence.

But everything needs evidence...

At any time, the officers were paying close attention to evidence. Without evidence, even if you know who the killer is, there is no way to bring people to justice.

When you gaze at the abyss, the abyss gazes back. Being a police officer meant seeing the dark side of humans. Even if everyone was right at first, this does not mean that light was not infected by darkness.

I sincerely hope that you're not wrong.

Dragon finally agreed to Xiao Qingrong's request, allowing him to investigate the case of Hao Liang's girlfriend four years ago.

Four years ago, Hao Liang 's girlfriend's case was also a common homicide. His girlfriend had a very beautiful name, called Su Manwei. At that time, Hao Liang and his girlfriend had reached the time of discussing marriage, and the two had even fixed the engagement date, Su Manwei was pregnant with Hao Liang's child at that time. If Su Manwei had not died, everything would have been fine, but everything changed in one extremely unfortunate day.

According to the dossier, Hao Liang's girlfriend was poked to death by a young man with several knives. There were many people at the scene. Even if the police and medical team rushed over, Su Manwei still eventually lost her life.

Later, the man was sentenced to death for intentional homicide and was executed two months later.

Afterward, Hao Liang was like a different person, he solved cases like crazy, and then became more and more famous in the police force. After his sister's incident happened, Hao Liang was decadent again. To this day, he has become the captain of the Interpol on Nanling Avenue. There was no doubt regarding his abilities, and many people are grateful to him because he has resolved many cases and his eyes were full of justice.

Death brought haze to his life, but as a man with his own mind, he persisted.

Looking at this information, Xiao Qingrong knew that things were not as simple as he imagined, whether it was the cross or Hao Liang, anyone had a side that everyone couldn't see, an evil, scary, unknown side.

Fortunately, the investigation of the cross was almost completed within two days. A total of one thousand were sold. In fact, the police investigation was still very fast. Eighty percent of them could take out the necklace bought three years ago. Ten percent of them said they had lost it, and the remaining ten percent were domestic people.

Xiao Tang, did you buy this cross necklace for your brother?

Wang Qi looked at Tang Liming with curiosity. Tang Liming had already said that she had bought this necklace from the beginning. At the time, Wang Qi didn't notice, but after seeing Tang Liming today, Wang Qi was a little curious.

Yes... because of what it means, the cross, representing love and redemption in Christianity. Three years ago, my relationship with my younger brother was not so close. So I gave him this necklace in the hope that he would forget the pain.

Tang Liming missed the thought when she bought this necklace, and there was a little smile between her lips, Wang Qi suddenly thought of Dr. Xiao's words in his mind.

[ This necklace was definitely not his own, someone gave it to him, because... the person who gave him the necklace wanted to redeem him with love. ]

Then do you guys have a good relationship now?

Wang Qi asked awkwardly, in fact, he also wanted to end this topic.

Tang Liming nodded, her face showed happiness.

We're fine now. He is a well-behaved child.

Thinking of Dr. Xiao's account, she felt that her relationship with her younger brother was getting better and closer.

It turned out that the book he had read before was not bought by Tang Liming at all, but was rented here.

After walking in, he walked directly towards the criminal investigation area, Xia Fan's exquisite appearance attracted a lot of attention, but in a quiet place like a library, everyone could not make too much noise, so most of them just stared at him.

After walking to a bookcase, Xia Fan put the book in the cupboard again, and after counting, he counted twenty-seven numbers down, and then took a book out of it. The name of the book was Exploring the Abyss of Humanity.

Oh, bad taste.

With a smirk, Xia Fan glanced at the cover of the book, which was a dark shadow, and the abstract painting style seemed to be about to fall into the abyss.

Gently stroking the words, Xia Fan's mouth twitched, someone was secretly looking at him. The beautiful teenager held the book in his hand, it looked very delicate and beautiful.

But I think this is redemption.

In a low whisper, Xia Fan closed with the book, checked it out, and left the library.

On the way back, Xia Fan was sitting on the bus. There were many people on the bus, but it was still comfortable. Xia Fan put the book on his lap, opening his Exploring the Abyss of Humanity book, he read it one by one. The hints in these books connect them to one sentence.

[ He will soon find me. He is trying to find out the truth of that year. He has nowhere to run. He is a coward! ]

A teenager sitting quietly in a bus reading a book, even if someone from the window gazed at it, they would think, what a beautiful view... But who could've thought that this beautiful teenager was reading some depressing book?

Hao Liang was sitting in his office, his hair was about to be bald. He felt that his memory had begun to become fuzzy, he could not tell whether it was good or bad. It was something that had happened in the past, but now it was a bit fuzzy whenever he thought of it, Deja vu? (TN: I got an idea what's happening :D )

This feeling made him feel very bad, which was definitely the reason why he could not get a good rest recently.

Captain, if you're feeling uncomfortable, you should go see Dr. Xiao?

A police officer suggested that since Dr. Xiao was not only a forensic doctor, he was also a psychiatrist. It could be said that on their Nanling Avenue, he was very powerful.

Eventually he made his decision and went to Dr. Xiao's office.

When the other party said to come in, Hao Liang opened the door and walked in. He saw Dr. Xiao in a white coat holding a magnifying glass and studying the skeleton hanging there.

Oh? I've been waiting for you.

Xiao Qingrong turned to look at Hao Liang, who was very welcomed. Hao Liang froze a bit, came over, and sat down.

Dr. Xiao, did you find out? I think... I'm a little bit sick.