Super Male God System Chapter 59 - Tension

On the way home from work at night, Tang Liming was thinking about Dr. Xiao said. She thought that Dr. Xiao was right and Xia Fan did not feel safe. In addition to the reason of the original family, it may also be because she asked her parents to adopt him, they didn't have enough reasons to love another person. Otherwise, it would've made the child look pitiful.

Tang Liming had no regrets at that time. She met Xia Fan for the first time in the police station. Little Xia Fan sat there conservatively. Probably because of chronic malnutrition the ten-year-old child didn't even look as big as a seven-year-old child. When a pair of innocent eyes stare at someone like that, it always makes people unconsciously warm.

Tang Liming also wanted to adopt this child after knowing Xia Fan's situation, but her parents weren't able to adopt someone openly, it was only after many pleas did the adoption go through, albeit in name. Although he was adopted by her parents, they only saw him a handful of times. Most of the time Tang Liming would be accompanying him. Fortunately there was not much work in the university, besides that there was also a primary school near the police school. Tang Liming was able to take good care of the child.

On the way back Tang Liming went to buy Xia Fan's favorite snack. When she got home, he saw Xia Fan sitting on the sofa reading a book.

Xia Fan, I'm back and I bought you your favorite snack. Would you like to eat sweet and sour pork ribs today?

She said that after changing to slippers, she walked to the sofa and saw that Xia Fan had set his book aside, she briefly glanced at it, which turned out to be her book— Crime Psychology.

As a police officer, almost every student from a police academy had read this book, it describes criminal behavior, and investigating their psychology. Everything was in this book. Tang Liming often held this book.

Most people would feel bored when looking at this kind of thing. Even Tang Liming's friends didn't like this book.

No, it's interesting. These are the things my sister learned. When I grow up, I will also be a police officer.

Xia Fan's smile was beaming with joy and beauty, and his voice was very soft. A pair of black pearl-like eyes looked at Tang Liming with admiration, which made Tang Liming unable to hold it.

Really? That's really good. Being a police officer, serving the people, catching prisoners, in the future, if you were to become a police officer, maybe I would be your leader...

Thinking of these beautiful futures, Tang Liming was unfortunately teasing herself, she didn't know if there would be that day, after all, life was a fickle.

Sister must wait for me to become a police officer.

Sister will be waiting for you, Xia Fan, you're very capable so you'll be the best policeman in no time.

Tang Liming, who was holding Xia Fan, didn't know that the teenager she was holding didn't smile, with his expressionless pair of black pearl-like eyes were already bleak, it was extremely creepy, his hands were a little shaken and he slightly placed his hands on Tang Liming's back. It seemed to touch, but he restrained himself again.

Soon, Tang Liming let go of his hand and touched Xia Fan's hair.

I'm going to cook first, you can continue to read the book, I'll call you when it's done.

She walked towards the kitchen, Xia Fan stared into the direction of the kitchen, he stood there looking for a long time, then sat on the sofa again, picking up the Crime Psychology, reopened, and saw the powerful writing on it.

[ He already doubts me a little bit, and if the truth is revealed, I will commit suicide. ]

After sitting there for a while, Xia Fan came to the kitchen door, and stood there, watching Tang Liming's busy back, he suddenly went a little out of control, walked over and hugged Tang Liming while she was washing vegetables .

Her body stiffened, and the temperature attached made Tang Liming a little overwhelmed for a moment, but knowing it was Xiao Fan, she quickly relaxed her body.

What's wrong? Were you bored?

Her voice was gentle and soft. It fell into Xia Fan's ears, and it was even more gentle than ever. He held Tang Liming's hand tightly and his face was stuck behind hers. Xia Fan thought that if he could keep his sister for a lifetime how good would that be?

But... He couldn't eat the meals made by his sister, he couldn't hold his sister, he couldn't hear his sister's voice anymore, it seemed a bit lonely.

Sister... will we be together forever?

Of course, from the moment I brought you home, we are a family, and we'll always be together.

Tang Liming made a promise, only to see Xia Fan's smile, she couldn't help thinking Dr. Xiao was right. For an insecure and loveless child, just telling him her love will make him feel more and more secure!

The atmosphere was very warm, while the police station was busy and hectic. Tang Liming recognized that the jewelry was from a luxury brand in France. The police station contacted the French brand as quickly as possible. They learned that one thousand crosses of this kind were made in the beginning, which was a limited sale and the price was relatively expensive, so once they were released, they were sold out within an hour...

Now, if the police needed to investigate, of course, they could only find a needle in the haystack once again. Fortunately, the luxury brand's manifestation three years ago was still there, and it was possible to continue the investigation after it was taken back.

The cross...represents love and redemption. When the red rose blooms in the dark night, in the swamp, the person holding the white rose is full of fragrance, and the girl waiting for redemption, she is tied to the cross blood that is blooming on the skin... (TN: Mental :v)

Wang Qi was looking at the original concept of this cross necklace. In addition to these slogans, there were also pictures with the girl tied to the cross, and the person holding the white rose, just like a red rose in the night.

Xiao Qingrong didn't go back, and instead went to Wang Qi's office.

Come in!

They had been investigating those who had bought the cross. Wang Qi was currently studying it.

I heard that you guys have made some progress regarding the case?

Wang Qi nodded, but shook his head again.

It's true to say that we have made some progress, but I still feel that we are getting nowhere, except for those who can go abroad, most of the French necklaces were purchased by foreigners. This is not generally difficult to investigate, but this doesn't seem like such a small thing. The small necklace has more than 8,000 pieces. Can ordinary people afford it? If it is really the killer's property, it proves that the killer's spending power must be good, otherwise, there was no point in buying such an item.

Xiao Qingrong heard this and looked at the comments on the computer. After a while, he laughed.

Love and redemption? The cross was originally a type of punishment of Christianity. It was used to punish those who did not respect god. But now, it has become love and redemption. If this is the murderer's property, then...this necklace couldn't be his own, someone must've given it to him, because...the person who gave him the necklace wanted to redeem him with love.

After hearing this, Wang Qi turned to look at Xiao Qingrong.

You are right to say that, most men are not interested in this, then this necklace must've been given to him by a woman. But the deceased's family isn't that wealthy, so it's impossible for them to buy this. And this thing was found in the stomach of the deceased!

Xiao Qingrong was speechless. After watching Wang Qi for a while, he suddenly spoke.

How's your relationship with Hao Liang?

It's good. Hao Liang is a good man. He's the most righteous policeman I've ever seen, but there were many things that happened to him. It's a bit pitiful. I heard from the director of our Nanling Avenue that Hao Liang's girlfriend was killed, and she was pregnant at that time. Later, Hao Liang tried to personally catch the murderer, but he did not expect his sister to be killed within two years...

Xiao Qingrong suddenly laughed, making Wang Qi a little uncomfortable, he did not understand what happened to Dr. Xiao. (TN: Psycho)

Interesting, really interesting...