Super Male God System Chapter 58 - Evidence

Tang Liming's mind unconsciously moved to Xia Fan. Xia Fan was always sensitive. He was obviously a boy, but his mind was as slender as a girl. Perhaps his mother was killed by his father's violence. He also suffered for the sake of domestic violence, besides her, he was always indifferent to others, and it was because of this that she had been sticking to him for the past four years. For Xia Fan, Tang Liming even moved out of the dormitory for them to live together.

She likes this child who looks like an angel, and feels sorry for everything the child had encountered. Because of this, she even hopes that the child would see a bright light, and not a barrenness.

Mnh, it's Xia Fan, my brother, in fact, I didn't mean to hide it from you, but he wasn't a prisoner, his father just a heavily drug addict. His father killed his mother and died from an overdose. Before long, the police discovered that everyone was dead. On that day, I went to the police station with the teacher of the school and met Xia Fan, which was four years ago. He was only ten years old, sitting there like an angel.

As she dug deeper, Tang Liming remembered what she saw Xia Fan for the first time, they probably thought she looked ugly? (TN: She's staring too hard…)

After all, Xia Fan really looks like an angel, everyone who saw him would be amazed and think how could there be such a beautiful child in this world. As he grew older, his attractiveness was growing, even if he didn't want to be known, people would most likely post a picture of him the second they got a chance.

Xiao Qingrong listened to Tang Liming, and the boy's picture appeared in his mind. The child in the photo really did have good skin and a strange beauty.

In order to take care of him for the past four years, I moved out of school to live with him. Because my parents were busy with work, I did not live with my parents. Instead, I had a close relationship with Xia Fan, and Xia Fan was also very close to me. But, I know, the more he sticks to me, the more insecure he feels. He seems very scared when I leave him. There was no way I could tell him that I won't leave him, and even if I did, he's still very insecure, Dr. Xiao, how can I make him trust me?

When Xiao Qingrong glanced at Tang Liming, he could also feel her concern for Xia Fan. At this moment, her eyes were full of worries.

From a psychological point of view, even if a child who was injured grows up, the persecution suffered during childhood will still leave a heavy trace on a person. According to you, Xia Fan, should've been taken care of by his mother, and it might have been a violent relationship. So after living with you, he had been dependent on you. This is a normal phenomenon. Now that he's 14 years old and a minor. His thinking and ideas are gradually developing and perfecting. His instability does not exist in him alone. Even ordinary teenagers will have a clear sense of insecurity. Parents are usually the ones to comfort them, but in this case, it should be harder due to his previous experience.

Just like a child's puberty, at the age of 13 or 4 years old, children of any family will have a period of psychological anxiety, and the final result will be rebellion or rebellious psychology. All of this comes from growing up, they gradually accept the world after a while, and then forms a sense of disapproval.

Tang Liming listened and nodded. Although she didn't quite understand what Xiao Forensic said, Tang Liming knew that Xia Fan's matter was very difficult.

But since he depends on you, this is a good thing because it proves that he's trusting you and tries to put a sense of security on you. If you take him out to play more, it should help him, since people who come from such a violent family are less loved. The best way to let him trust you is to be closer to him and let him know that you won't betray him.

In fact, what was lacking for what, like this kind of child adopted by others, the mind was the most sensitive, I am afraid that there was nothing but love, this Tang Liming looks like a decent little girl, if you were willing to spend some time in that For the child, I believe that the child will be good.

This was a little girl full of love.

Perhaps there was a strange feeling among the same kind. Even if Xiao Qingrong had not seen this Xia Fan, he was sure that he could be changed by Tang Liming. Xia Fan also paid a great price.

Well, Dr. Xiao, I will definitely treat Xia Fan well. He isn't a bad kid. He just met an unlucky family. I had been with him for four years. He's been a very good child!

Tang Liming never doubted this, so she nodded in excitement and expressed her thoughts. The two discussed the formation of underage psychology, and made Tang Liming feel that she shouldn't be busy with work every day. Go play with Xia Fan...

After the talk between the two, Tang Liming left the office, and Xiao Qingrong continued to look at these cases, which was different from other people's ideas. He felt that this case was by no means done by one person, at least... Judging by the look of it, it seems like it was done by multiple people.

On the surface, these deceased were all similar in appearance, with beautiful youth, thin lips, and a mole on the right side of the lips, but in fact, the candidates for these girls were very different, and there was also the strangeness in their methods...

Tang Liming did not intend to speak. After all, she wasn't quite sure what she knew was true or false, but after talking to Dr. Xiao, Tang Liming wanted to do something more for the victims.

Wang Qi, I happen to know a little about the origin of this cross...

Wang Qi was looking at other things at this time, but suddenly he heard Tang Liming's words and turned to look at her.

You mean ... evidence?

Of course, Wang Qi has seen the cross. This time the task force came over, not only the materials, but all the evidence of that year was also brought over.


Let's go, I'll take you to the exhibit room.

The two walked towards the exhibit room together. The exhibit room was also attended by a special person. He heard Wang Qi come to see the exhibits, accompanied them together, and then put on their disinfection gloves. They carefully examined the evidence of the murders from three years ago. The object was taken out, and it was taken out of the deceased's chest. It had been cleaned, so when it was taken out at this time, it looked very brand new, exactly like the one in the picture.

The cross was very small, and the size didn't exceed two centimeters, and there was no pattern on it. It was quite simple. Like the police said, there were many such things, even on the street, not to mention there were so many accessories like crosses. This style was the most common among cross styles.

Is this all there is? The manager said, while Tang Liming lay on his face and looked through the evidence bag to the cross inside.

Are you able to show me this?

After all, it was evidence. The management all looked at Wang Qi. Wang Qi nodded, he put on his gloves with Tang Liming, and finally took the small cross in his hands.

France's very niche brand Chopin Nocturne, let alone Chinese people who didn't hear much of it, this type of brand wasn't well known even in France, because this niche brand was created by a group of students, each jewelry was limited and the price was quite expensive. Of course, the reason why it was expensive to sell was also because of people's ingenuity. Do not look at this cross necklace as some simple design, it has a lot of potential.

I need to remove my gloves to touch this chain, may I?

Looking at Wang, although Tang Liming had determined the brand of this thing, she still needs to prove it.

Wang Qi agreed to Tang Liming almost without thinking about it. The exhibit has been stored for three years. As long as there were clues, everything was fine.

Tang Liming took off his gloves, then reached out and slowly touched the necklace ...

In the men's restroom, Xiao Qingrong and Hao Liang, who has been in a bad state of mind recently, met by chance. Looking at Hao Liang's solitary appearance in the past few days, Xiao Qingrong opened his mouth.

Hao Liang had just washed his face, and his hair and face were covered with water. He opened the neckline, and looked at something shining around his neck. Xiao Qingrong saw that it was a ring on his neck.

Dr. Xiao, I will definitely catch the killer!

Xiao Qingrong met his muddy eyes and suddenly felt as if things had become more fun...