Super Male God System Chapter 57 - Cross

The rainy night serial killer case was also the most difficult case Dragon had encountered in recent years. Other cases had more or less traces to follow, but this case was endless.

The scenes were too clean. It was impossible to be a killing scene. But this one was enough to give the police a headache, because an adult woman in her twenties was usually five about 10 kilograms, if the murderer wanted to carry the corpse, they needed to at least carry things around 50 kilograms, this made things harder.

Was the murderer a man or a woman? In the beginning, the murderer's speculation was of course a man, so did he commit the crime alone or in partnership? The police also need to consider when analyzing these. At least one thing can be determined. Whether the other party was committing crimes alone or in partnership, this person had a certain economic level. There was a place needed to hide the body and transport the body.

These were the thinking of normal police, after all, many things need to be told by facts.

And the killer was keen on girls with beautiful looks, thin lips, and a mole on the right of the lips, which was a very obvious clue that such people had a huge relationship with the killer! The police also launched a network to investigate these, but the results of the investigation were not satisfactory.

At the same time, there were not many girls who needed to meet these conditions. How did the killer find these little girls from the crowd?

It was also the first time that Wang Qi and Hao Liang had been exposed to a series of homicides in which so many people had been killed. Psychological portraits couldn't be drawn. The only thing that can be determined was that the killer was indeed a male or a male proficient in anti-reconnaissance.

After looking at these corpses, Xiao Qingrong was a little more curious about the killer himself. What kind of person would continue to do such cases? and also……

A year and a half ago, the murderer killed three people in a row, and killed one person almost a year later, then reappears today. What was going on?

From a psychological point of view, the murderer's abuse of the deceased's body proves that the murderer must have been abused at an early age. He likes to deal with girls and proves that the woman who abused him was a woman with thin lips and a mole on his mouth… But there was no one who could match the killer. The only possibility was that there was a problem in the direction they were looking for.

As for where the problem lies, Xiao Qingrong didn't think about it for a while.

The killer had some anti-reconnaissance capabilities, and even said that, as Dragon speculated, may be a police officer? Otherwise, how did he know the police's investigation process so well? Also perfectly circumvented these things?

The task force can be said to be very busy for this case. As one of the assistants, Tang Liming was also busy organizing information for other police officers, but in these materials, he saw something and made her stunned.

Team Leader, look at the necklace in this information... was this found on the body?

Holding the information to ask Wang Qi, others may not care about it, but she was clear on its importance. Tang Liming was walking through the back door and entering Nanling Avenue. Someone behind her said plainly that her family history was prominent. Of course, it was impossible to give a cheap roadside stall as a gift, so the cross that was given to Xia Fan was a very niche jewelry brand in France, and it was also Tang Liming's favorite brand. Even to this very day, she was still buying that brand of jewelry .

Yes, it was found on the deceased. It was dug out of the first deceased's stomach. We suspected that it was the murderer's belongings. But three years ago, the police investigated the cross necklace. The conclusion was that this cross was too ordinary...

For a group of elders, it was really difficult for them to see the brand of jewelry at a glance. Moreover, although this cross was a French brand, it was not engraved with any iconic symbols. She knew only people with certain interest would recognize it

Is the evidence in our station?

Although it looked like a niche brand in France, Tang Liming was still not sure. If she could see the real thing, she would definitely recognize it.

Wang Qi turned to look at the intern police officer, but he remembered that the girls seemed to be particularly sensitive to these jewelry and the like.

Tang Liming froze, and she didn't know why she suddenly swallowed when her words reached her mouth.

I, I don't know, it looks similar to the cross I bought before... She said.

Wang Qi was not surprised, after all, the cross necklace was indeed very similar, and this necklace was the most ordinary one. Seriously, there were a lot of curbs on the roadside. There were so many girls' jewelry, some similarities were also normal.

This kind of cross is too ordinary. It's like investigating in a haystack, but it should be the only thing that can prove the identity of the killer.

While talking, Wang Qi collected the information in his hand and continued to summarize the case, but Tang Liming was still thinking.

But Tang Liming was already an adult at that time, and she remembered very well that Xia Fan was sent to the police station because his father died of overdose and his mother was killed by his father. Ten year old Xia Fan was like a little angel, although suffering the most terrifying abuse in the world, it was still so distressing that Tang Liming stubbornly asked her parents to adopt him.

But three years ago... Xia Fan was only eleven years old. How could he be related to the case?

For a moment, Tang Liming felt that she had just become a police officer, and began to doubt. But wasn't this cross a bit too familiar? Maybe her brother lost it and was just picked up by others...

Thinking about this, Tang Liming went a little dizzy. As a result, she didn't notice and hit Xiao Qingrong again.

Xiao Qingrong could have avoided it, but when he saw it was Tang Liming, he did not move. He had a strange feeling. He always felt that the teenager in Tang Liming's phone was not a good person.

Those obsidian-like dark eyes should have been shining, but when looking at people, they were full of gloom, like the abyss.

Seeing that the person he bumped into was Dr. Xiao, Tang Liming woke up in an instant. For a moment, she could only express her regrets in her heart. Why was she always bumping into Dr. Xiao?

What's wrong with you just now?

Xiao Qingrong was not as indifferent as he had been before. The words he spoke made Tang Liming feel warm, and immediately thought of Xiao Qingrong's identity, she hurriedly asked.

Dr. Xiao, I remember Wang saying that you were not only a forensic doctor, but also proficient in psychology. You are a very good psychologist. Can I ask you something?

Tang Liming thought of Xia Fan's sense of insecurity for so many years and wanted to get answers from a doctor. It would be great if she could know how to make Xia Fan no longer care about the things of the year.

Of course you can, it's better if we discuss in my office.

The two went to Xiao Qingrong's office together. Xiao Qingrong went to pour tea for Tang Liming and handed it to her.

Sit down. Ask anything you need.

A person wouldn't consult a psychiatrist for no reason, it must be because either them or the people near them need help. Xiao Qingrong had learned a lot about Tang Liming. Her mother was the deputy mayor of Yuntai City. Her father was also the head of a bureau. Such a family, at least Tang Liming, should not need help.

Tang Liming hesitantly sat down, then held the tea like a student questioned by her teacher, and spoke with anxiety.

Dr. Xiao, what if you want to eliminate a person's inner insecurity?

Such a clueless question left Xiao Qingrong confused, looking at Tang Liming, he gave the answer.

It depends on the relationship between the person who had a sense of insecurity inside you and whether it was in the relationship, friendship, love, and human interaction, it will produce a different sense of insecurity, which is normal behavior. Don't deliberately eliminate it, unless the person's sense of insecurity had radiated from the inside out, Officer Tang, can I ask, what does this person have to do with you?