Super Male God System Chapter 56 - Dragon

Nanling Avenue Police Station, at ten o'clock in the morning on the third day of the incident, the task force from Yuntai City finally came over, and brought along the data of a case regarding the rainy night serial killer that happened three years ago.

This time the boss of the task force was a veteran of the criminal investigation team. He was also the most famous special task force leader in Yuntai City, Dragon.

After receiving the news, Dragon Team immediately dropped the case in their hand and brought the files on hand. The case about the rainy night killer was something they wouldn't forget. To catch this terrible murderer, they were at the heart of the case.(TN: he's called Dragon, team is called Dragon Team.)

Hello, Wang Qi, right? I had heard of you. I didn't expect that you were also on Nanling Avenue. Such a small police station is indeed a hidden dragon.

Shaking hands with Wang Qi, Dragon spoke. He was 50 years old this year, his hair was half white, but he looked very spirited. His eyes were like eagles. When he looked at a person, it seemed to see through people.

Dragon, I also heard of you. You've been my motivation to work hard. I hope that one day, I can also set up a special task force like you to avenge more dead people.

Wang Qi's statement was true. Many police officers admire this task force, because except for the rainy night serial killer three years ago, they had completed every single task they were given.

Lad, I didn't expect to see you here.

Hao Liang lifted his head, and the pair of bright eyes stabbed Dragon's eyes with questioning. He was just like this that year. After knowing that his sister had experienced such things, he tried hard to investigate all the truth. Dragon promised him that they would surely catch the killer, but... Dragon never found the killer, he broke his promise.

This time, I will catch the killer with my own hands. He spoke word by word while gritting his teeth.

Dragon knew that the child was still unable to forgive him for the event. He retracted his hands and nodded.

I believe you can do it. We're also here to catch that murderer.

After speaking, He placed his retracted hands behind his back, they were slightly trembling. He would rather face Hao Liang's questioning than see Hao Liang's appearance, which seemed to be drowned by hate all the time.

Walking aside, he saw Xiao Qingrong, Dragon smiled a bit.

Dr. Xiao, I didn't expect you to be in this case as well, it must be fate.

Because Xiao Qingrong was so skilled, the task force had worked with him a few times, knowing that Dr. Xiao never shaked hands, Dragon did not reach out and just came to say hello.

Xiao Qingrong looked at Dragon, remembering the man who spent many sleepless nights investigating the case.

Un, the seventh body is intact, except for the tongue. I believe the murderer kept it as a trophy.

This case was not easy, and there was too little information.

At first, in order to investigate this case, the task force searched all over the place, and even carefully tested the nails. However, there were thousands of steel nail factories in the world. It had already reached tens of millions, just like a needle in a haystack, without any details at all.

Dr. Xiao, I hope you will also participate in this case. Let's look at the data 3 years ago, I heard that Dr. Xiao also studied psychology. Perhaps there's something here that we missed.

Dragon still appreciates Xiao Qingrong. If only every police force had him.

Yes. Xiao Qingrong nodded. Now that the other party had already killed seven people, he was even more interested in this person.

The crowd quickly moved to the conference room. This time, the case was under the special operation team, in addition to those brought by Dragon.

The door of the conference room was closed, the lights were on, the projector had been opened, and a picture was projected on it, a woman's body.

Both Wang Qi and Hao Liang looked down at the information of the first deceased, and Xiao Qingrong did the same. Looking closely at the information, they found that the forensic results revealed a lot of things.

This should be the murderer's first act of killing. The technique was very sloppy. The woman's body had many traces, including burns from cigarettes, knife cuts, and other unverifiable things. The murderer's behavior was like that of discovering a toy, and experimenting with it, but it was basically torture.

The distance between the wound and the death of the deceased was too long, it had to had been 10 days, the first few days were basic torture. On the sixth day, her tongue was cut off, and since it was the murderer's first operation, the tongue was only cut off half way. Later, she was nailed...

As for the accuracy, it can be seen that the victim was painfully killed, since she was conscious during this event. (TN: I think I would just tell my body to die at this point, R.I.P)

Compared to those materials later seen, what happened to the first deceased was even more cruel, Xiao Qingrong's gaze suddenly fell on a place in the photo and said.

The twenty-eightth photo, enlarge the lower right corner.

What is this?

Xiao Qingrong opened his mouth to ask, while Dragon nodded to the police officer brought by the task force.

The handwriting here has been investigated three years ago. The team found the most skillful writing expert. It seems to be Greek, but because some strokes were missing, it was hard to make up the words.

At the beginning, everyone was very excited when they found the writing, thinking that they could find relevant information. But unfortunately, they could only determine that the text above was Greek and because the text was too messy, they couldn't determine what it was saying.

Xiao Qingrong glanced and didn't speak anymore, Dragon continued to speak.

Everyone who has any doubt can ask questions. All of you now had information about the deceased, in my opinion, this is the first time the murderer committed the crime and left it carelessly. After that, he's been more careful and increasingly harder to catch.

Countless saw the scene, it had all kinds of restoration, but it was like fishing in a haystack, his traces always disappeared somehow, there was fewer and fewer evidence as time went by, Dragon even thought it might've been someone from the Police...

Because only if the murderer was a policeman, could he erase all traces when committing a crime.

There is a saying that the genius policeman is also the most genius criminal.

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