Super Male God System Chapter 55 - Xia Fan

She never expected that Dr. Xiao, who was extremely cold in the eyes of her colleagues, was interested in something like this? Tang Liming suddenly lost her nervousness, she laughed and showed the photo to Xiao Qingrong.

Hehe, he is not a star, he is my brother, isn't he good-looking? I've never seen anyone who is more beautiful than my brother. (TN: Keeps saying he's beautiful, he's also a kid, so Imma keep it ¯\_(❍ ³❍)_/¯)

She said, with a smile and a touch of pride, Xiao Qingrong's eyes fell on the screen.

The young man on the phone screen was wearing a white shirt, his skin was as delicate as milk, his black hair was slightly curly, and his exquisite beautiful face was unreal.

Xiao Qingrong who had seen countless beautiful people, had never seen such a beautiful young man, especially his eyes, they were really attractive, enough to charm many.

Very good, may I know his name?

According to Xiao Qingrong's intuition, he wasn't a simple person.

His name is Xia Fan, the name also fits right? My brother looks much better than the stars outside! Not to mention he's only 14 years old this year, there are already many girls writing him love letters! Many girls offering him gifts ~

Tang Liming finally managed to have an opportunity to show off her cute younger brother. It was impossible for her to let it go, she didn't even notice the indifferent expression of Qinrong.

Xia Fan? I seem to remember you're called Tang Liming, aren't your last names different? Xiao Qingrong continued to ask.

Yes, he's a pitiful child, he was a prisoner. When the criminal was arrested, I felt pity, so I begged my parents to adopt him, but he's still a bit lonely and likes being alone. Although we adopted him, he doesn't live with us.

Speaking of this, Tang Liming seemed a bit sad, she felt bad for Xia Fan, but she had been living with Xia Fan for several years, so she was very fond of her younger brother.

Fourteen years old... Xiao Qingrong took back his gaze and stopped questioning.

That's really sad, but with such a good sister, I'm sure he'll be happy.

Although the teenager in the photo had a little impatience in his eyebrows, he was still very close to the person who took the photo, otherwise, he wouldn't have allowed such a photo to be taken.

I will be good to him~ Tang Liming nodded with a smile, feeling that Dr. Xiao didn't seem to be so indifferent.

After the two of them said goodbyes, Xiao Qingrong went out and Tang Liming glanced at her younger brother on the screen, she reached out without touching his face.

Xia Fan, your sister finally encountered a big case! Yay!

What happened between Tang Liming and Xiao Qingrong was unknown to anyone here, and in the conference room, a death certificate sorted out by Xiao Qingrong had been put on the big screen. From the written proof to the pictures, they were very shocking.

The body of the deceased has certain components such as ketamine, phencyclidine hydrochloride, etc., which all have an anesthetic effect, but after testing, these narcotics have been diluted to a certain extent and should've been used at the beginning. The victim was injected with anesthetic. The wounds on the outside were all caused by human injury. From the wound division and color, they were all traces left by the deceased when she was alive. The killer was very clever and did not leave any fingerprints, and the origin of these scars may also be caused by many ordinary items. The deceased was not violated during her lifetime, but the head was nailed with seven steel nails, which was also the cause of death. You can see through the dissection that these steel may be nailed by the murderer while the victim was conscious.

It was Wang Qi who was presenting the evidence, since Hao Liang appeared very uncomfortable. Wang Qi took the initiative to talk, but Hao Liang sitting below was holding his head. No one knew what he was thinking.

After Wang Qi finished speaking, he looked at Ha Liang, he sympathized for his losses.

Because of his particular case, it has been determined that the murderer was the rainy night killer who appeared three years ago. We have submitted the information to the police station over Yuntai City. There should be a task force dispatched immediately. The citizens also need to fully cooperate in order to catch this rainy night killing demon!

Through many investigations, Wang Xuezhen had not offended anyone except for having had small frictions with her classmates. After being certified by her roommate, Wang Xuezhen was out of school five days ago.

Three days ago, they had a record of Wang Xuezhen in the Nanling Avenue Police Station, she had been recorded. After she left the police station, she didn't go back to school or to a hotel. Wang Xuezhen seemed to have evaporated out of thin air and disappeared.

Until she was found this morning...

The meeting was temporarily dissolved. After all, before they were given approval from the higher ups, the information about the murderer couldn't be shown to ordinary police officers. After people went out one after another, Wang Qi quietly came to Hao Liang's table.

Are you okay?Otherwise... don't hurt yourself by participating in the case.

It was unfortunately true. As the families of the victims, they were affected more by the circumstances of the case. Furthermore, if they continued to investigate, they would see more of the brutality, which would be bad for their mental health.

After a while, Hao Liang raised his head. His eyes red and bloodshot, he gritted his teeth.

I will definitely bring this demon to justice! If it doesn't work... I will kill him myself!

He couldn't control his emotions anymore, his eyes were full of murderous intentions, Wang Qi stared at him for a while and then patted his shoulders.

Hao Liang, don't forget your identity. You're a police officer, a man of justice. After more than a year, the other party committed another crime. Isn't this a chance for us? According to your statement, it was established that the last failure proved that the murderer was very cunning. If you lose your mind at a time like this, you can forget catching the murderer, so you should be calmer than anyone right now.

The pain of the death of a loved one, Wang Qi understood this was common, he had seen too much sadness and joy, but as police officers, who knows when they would see the sun again.

Hao Liang heard these words, his hatred filled eyes gazed at Wang Qi.

I won't let the killer go, even if it kills me! I won't let him go!

He didn't know if he was saying it to Wang Qi or to himself.

However, Wang Qi was in deep thought at this time. He did not participate in the case that year, so all the information he knew came from Hao Liang, but since he was originally a family member of the deceased, he wasn't allowed to participate in the case. The case that year itself was obscure. The best they could do right now was to wait for the task force to come.

Because of the murder case, the police station on Nanling Avenue was very busy these two days, and hosted Wang Xuezhen's parents who walked thousands of miles. When they saw their daughter lying in the morgue, they silently wept. They kneeled and begged for the officers to quickly find the truth.

When Tang Liming saw such a scene, the joy that she had encountered a big case suddenly disappeared. She never thought about how painful it was for the families of the victim.

After work, Tang Liming dropped by to go to the grocery market to buy vegetables. Since starting her internship on Nanling Avenue, she rented a house and arrived in less than half an hour by bike. After buying the vegetables, she returned home. After opening the door, she found a pair of shoes on the ground, and immediately laughed.

Xia Fan? Are you here?

She shouted while changing shoes, someone inside seemed to hear her voice. A boy in a white sports suit came out of the room with curly hair and delicate eyebrows, as if coming out of a comic. The beautiful young boy made Tang Liming happily jump over in an instant.

She was one meter six five, and Xia Fan was only about one meter five, so Tang Liming could easily hold Xia Fan in her arms, and then hugged him.

Why are you here, Xia Fan? Did you miss me?

The teenager, Xia Fan, looked at the girl full of vitality in front of her eyes, he smiled.

Mnh, I miss you sister.

His voice was as sweet as ice cream, and with his impeccable smile, Tang Liming, who used to look like him, suddenly covered her chest and tilted her head.

Don't laugh at your sister, Xia Fan, let your sister calm down for a while, you laugh too cute, your sister won't be able to hold your little face!

She said, only then remembered the vegetables she bought, she turned to the cabinet and brought them over.

After awhile, Tang Liming felt that she finally recovered from the little heart attack. she looked at her cute brother again and smiled.

Xia Fan, what a coincidence. I just bought a lot of ingredients today. What do you like to eat? I will make it for you.

Xia Fan nodded, followed Tang Liming to the kitchen, the two talked and laughed while cooking.