Super Male God System Chapter 54 - Investigation

The case of Beiyuan Park attracted the attention of Nanling Avenue Police Station. The corpse was quickly sent to the post-mortem room of the police station for an immediate dissection. After all, it was absolutely impossible for the victim to commit suicide.

Back from the scene, Hao Liang was a little nervous, and went to the data room without anyone noticing. No one knew what he had taken out. Only Wang Qi knew what was wrong and saw Hao Liang mysteriously shut himself in.

Standing at the door, Wang Qi knocked.

Come in.

Hao Liang sat behind the desk, with scattered paper on the table. He looked very bad, sweating even, and looked very apathetic. After seeing this, Wang Qi paused for a moment.


He seemed to want a smile, but looked even worse.

Do you know anything about this case?

When he came back from the scene, Hao Liang's mood had been bad, so it gave Wang Qi a speculation. When he came over, his eyes fell on Hao Liang's desk involuntarily, there were a bunch of photos from another case. In the photos, half of the deceased's body was exposed, and looked completely abused, it made Wang Qi think of the recent murder.

Hao Liang knew that his actions could not be concealed. He looked at Wang Qi with a bitter smile, his voice was unprecedentedly numb.

Brother... this time, I'm afraid this case is not as simple as an ordinary homicide case, it may be a serial homicide case, because... because the last victim was my sister, my biological sister. (TN: AKA serial killers, 3 or more kills.)

Hao Liang explained, his face suddenly burst into tears, a pair of bright and righteous eyes, but at the same time, it was full of unstoppable tyranny, countless dark thoughts rushed into his heart. He felt so useless, his sister passed for so many years, and yet he was still clueless about the murder...

What? Wang Qi was also frightened by such an answer. He didn't know everything about Hao Liang, but he was shocked to hear the development.

Three years ago, a killer appeared in Yuntai City. This person only likes to kill young and beautiful girls around 20 years old. He would physically abuse these girls and kill them by staking steel nails into their skull. During which they were still alive… (TN: Brutal, I'll remove that comedy… :V)

Hao Liang's hands kept shaking, his eyes widened. He was afraid that as soon as he closed his eyes, the tragic appearance of his sister would appear in front of him...

In the lab, Xiao Qingrong was wearing a white robe and holding surgical equipment in his hands, he opened the mouth of the deceased.

"The deceased's tongue was neatly cut. Looking at the wound, it can br determined that it was cut off when she was alive. It is missing. There's also a black mole on the right corner of her mouth, thin lips..."

"This rainy night killer likes to choose a girl with beautiful looks, thin lips, and a mole on the right side of her lips. My sister was the fourth victim. At that time, Yuntai City set up a task force for this case, but the killer has not been caught. So far, he hasn't left any clue. After he committed the crime again last spring, he disappeared. Although the police have been tracking the situation of this perverted murderer, they have not been able to find detailed clues... "

Hao Liang said in pain, his hands clasped his head. At the time of the case, he was a family member, he could not participate. When he saw his sister's file, Hao Liang was extremely traumatized, her body was mistreated, her tongue cut off and four steel nails were nailed to her head.

For a moment, Wang Qi didn't know what to say. He reached out and picked up the information that Hao Liang had specially taken from the reference room. He looked at it carefully...

Ding… A blood-stained steel nail fell on the sterilized iron plate, the assistant holding the plate could not help but admire Xiao Qingrong's dedication in removing the nails from such a bloody region. (TN: Psychopath)

Xiao Qingrong's body was completely armed, all in sterile clothes. At this time, the steel nails were slowly taken out of the deceased's head with tweezers. 618 took a look at it with interest, but it was still full of mosaics...

In the end, all the steel nails were pulled out. These steel nails were about seven or eight centimeters long and a thickness of five or six millimeters. It is inconceivable how painful it would've been for this to be embedded into your head.

Xiao Qingrong was sure that the tongue was pulled out to prevent the deceased from making a call, and to enjoy the painful appearance of the deceased before they died. As for these steel nails, maybe the little girl was still conscious even when the first nail was inserted into her head...

This was destined to be a heavy-taste anatomy. In addition to taking out the body of the deceased, it is necessary to use various subtle physical manifestations to determine what the deceased had experienced before their lifetime.

After the surgical treatment of the head was done, Xiao Qingrong continued to cut down, opening the chest, and looked at the organs one by one. Do not underestimate these habits. When the dead are silent, these organs are evidence of speech.

[ Host, why are you interested in corpses? ]

618 finally couldn't help but ask. After coming out of the small black room, he found out that he clearly gave the host a dream, but why did the host seem even more perverted?

Xiao Qingrong continued to dissect without changing his face, but took the time to answer 618's question.

"Because corpses never lie, they are the most real existence in the world."

Thinking of the so-called tasks in this world, Xiao Qingrong was quite interested, because the task of this world was very simple, it was to live! Live well!

This body died in an extreme homicide case, perhaps because it offended people or something else, he was killed by a perverted killer. He hopes to save more people by allowing the dead to speak.

618 didn't understand what Xiao Qingrong's words meant. Many times, as a beginner system, it was ignorant of many things, especially humans, it felt they were a bit incomprehensible.

The dissection took more than three hours, followed by the death certificate of the deceased, as well as on-site information that was displayed on the deceased, all of which Xiao Qingrong needed to do by himself.

Sitting in his office and personally writing down the death certificate, Xiao Qingrong thought of his first real dissected girl, that was, Hao Liang's biological sister. Her name was very cute, she was called Hao Mei, and of course she was also very beautiful. She had thin pink lips like a cherry blossom and a small mole on the right.

At that time, Hao Liang was not qualified to participate in the case, and according to the provisions of the police station, family members of the people involved were absolutely not allowed to participate in the case. At that time, Hao Liang looked like a trapped beast, it gave Xiao Qingrong a deep impression.

When the death certificate was completed, it was already four o'clock in the afternoon. The police had informed Wang Xuezhen's parents. However, because Wang Xuezhen's parents were not locals, they received a voice call and they should be there around midnight. In addition, police officers had gone to Wang Xuezhen's school for investigation, and a meeting was held.

With some evidence in the past, Xiao Qingrong saw Hao Liang standing there through the glass, and seemed to be analyzing the case with other team members. On the whiteboard was the name of Wang Xuezhen and various personal relationships and photos. (TN: Investigating)

He walked to the door and knocked the glass, Hao Liang saw Xiao Qingrong standing outside the door through the glass.

"Dr. Xiao is here. Let's take a look at the autopsy report. It might give us more information."

He waved toward the door, Xiao Qingrong pushed in. Although it was not the first time the officers had seen Dr. Xiao, they were always a little curious every time. Xiao Qingrong was like the flower of Kao Ling, which made people dare not approach too close. (TN: Seems kinda...homo? :^ jk hehe)

"Here's the information. You can take a look, I have some things to do. I'll take my leave."

Putting the information down on the table, Xiao Qingrong was still expressionless, his golden glasses reflected a kind of cold, speechless indifference, which made Hao Liang, who was standing there, feel pressured again.

Xiao Qingrong left the conference room. The case resolution was something police officers needed to do. What Xiao Qingrong needed to do was express the words of the dead.

As he went out, a policewoman rushed in through the outside door and slammed into Xiao Qingrong. Maybe the phone was not properly held and fell to the ground.

This policewoman was Tang Liming, and she did not expect that she would hit someone. When she saw it was Xiao Qingrong, she was startled and squatted down to pick up her mobile phone.

Xiao Qingrong also lowered his head, but his eyes fell on the mobile phone of the policewoman. The screen was turned on, and an image was exposed. It was of a teenager who looked very beautiful that he did not seem like a real person, but his eyes...

"Sorry, sorry, Dr.Xiao, I'm really sorry, are you all right?"

Tang Liming hurriedly apologized, thinking that everyone else said that he liked cleanliness, she was even more embarrassed. Just as she was about to apologize again, he said.

"Hello, is the person on your phone a popular star right now?"