Super Male God System Chapter 53 - Corpse Whisperer

After receiving the news, the Interpol team on Nanling Avenue sent people at the first instance. Seeing that such a vicious case occurred in a place with lots of people, they must prevent this incident from spreading. Almost twenty minutes later, a new batch of police officers arrived, and quickly pulled up the cordon, and then expelled those who already knew more or less what happened.

Most people around were curious about the situation. Even if many people were afraid of the police, some people came to ask if they could see the situation, but naturally they could not have a look. Before the forensic doctor came, the police needed to maintain the integrity of the crime scene, in addition to the criminal police protecting the crime scene, the forensic doctor also needed to check the corpse. If someone destroyed the scene, then there would be certain impacts on the detection of the case.

The police were already busy, while Wang Qi, Tang Liming, and others were waiting for the main person in charge of this case, which was Hao Liang, the Interpol captain of Nanling Avenue. He was a legendary criminal police captain who cracked down several major cases in succession, not to mention he was only 28 years old this year.

Tang Liming was also very surprised when she saw the man walking in the distance wearing casual clothes, this was the first time she saw such a handsome appearance as a police officer! Even the simplest inch, this man seems to have a different kind of charm, which makes people unable to remove their eyes. The special-colored smiley eyebrows made people feel comfortable for no reason.

This comfort probably comes from the unobstructed justice he has.

Wang, how's the scene?

Hao Liang came and put his hand on Wang Qi's shoulder. Wang Qi was already accustomed to the appearance of Hao Liang and frowned. (TN: Woah there lel)

A woman died. There were traces of abuse on her body. I'm afraid this is not the first scene. I have already checked. Because of the rain last night, Beiyu Park also has the most traffic. There is no trace, the deceased was thrown to the scene by the murderer, but we'll have to wait for a forensic doctor to be sure.

Wang Qi actually had some resentment toward such vicious cases. Many people thought that he was demoted because he had offended people. In fact, he was good enough, and had contacted a lot of big cases, those cases more or less affected Wang Qi's psychology, which was why he was sent to Nanling Avenue.

It hadn't been long since he saw such a case, but he was already receiving such a case already.

Oh? Hao Liang raised his eyebrows, then let go of his hand and walked towards the place where the deceased was located. There were police officers there who were taking pictures for evidence. Before the forensic doctor came, everything around it was evidence.

Hao Liang walked over and also saw the dead girl in the grass. In order to maintain the integrity of the scene, except for Tang Liming who had squatted in the beginning, the people who got evidence stood far away, and the close-range evidence needed the forensic doctor to do it.

After taking a look, Hao Liang closed his eyes. His bright eyes went dark for a moment. They didn't know what he was thinking. After a while, Wang Qi couldn't help but ask.

Hasn't the forensic doctor arrived yet? Wang Qi has been here for almost an hour. Knowing this kind of case, in fact, the most important thing was not their police officers, but forensic doctors, as long as the forensic doctor's results came out, there would be more clues to the crime.

He should be here soon, rest assured, this time, as long as he sees the corpse, he will know what happened.

Hao Liang looked at Wang Qi with anxiety and gave an answer. This answer made Wang Qi think of something, his was suddenly surprised

You mean the whisperer?

He... didn't he only appear in big cases?

Just as Wang Qi was about to speak, he saw Hao Liang lift his head and looked toward the front. His voice full of excitement.

Finally, he's here.

Wang Qi raised his head and looked along Hao Liang's eyes. What he saw was a man with long hair wearing a white robe and golden glasses. The man's long black hair was combed high above his head, and there was some fringe on the front, but there was no cover. Through the lens, you can see each other's deep eyes. At this time, they look extraordinarily indifferent, without any fluctuations.

This is the first time Wang Qi met the legendary corpse whisperer since he came to Nanling Avenue. The so-called corpse whisperer was the name they gave to this magical forensic doctor. His name was Xiao Qingrong, and after coming to Yuntai City, he helped the police successively crack down several cases of vicious serial killings, which allowed the body to speak, which was judged by the police. After a long time, the other side was also known as the corpse whisperer. (TN: Necromancer?)

Xiao Qingrong also saw Hao Liang and Wang Qi standing there. After looking at them, Hao Liang waved at him with a smile. A pair of clean eyes made Xiao Qingrong look twice. Every time he saw Hao Liang, Xiao Qingrong always felt that it was strange that such a person should not be followed by perverts. (TN: Confused)

There was also Wang Qi, his eyes were a bit cloudy, his spirit was not crowded. It looks like he has a mental illness, it's not uncommon as most police officers have some sort of mental illness.

Xiao Qingrong followed the policeman to the grass, beside him was his assistant.

Arriving at the scene, he saw the corpse at a glance. Xiao Qingrong's eyes did not change much. In this world, he had seen a lot of corpses, so there was no strange feeling at all, he didn't have any fear..

Living in any world is more terrifying than the dead.

Give me something.

He spoke, his voice sounded like Leng Bingquan, jingling, cold and clean, making people want to listen. Tang Liming was currently looking at this forensic doctor and remembered what her brother told her. He was the only forensic doctor who dared to keep his hair long, and was the treasure of Yuntai City, a corpse whisperer.

The assistant hurriedly opened the carry-on box, took out tweezers and handed it to Xiao Qingrong, he had put on medical transparent gloves that he carried with him. A pair of long and beautiful hands took the tweezers, he squatted in front of the body.

Holding tweezers in his left hand and gently touching the corpse's scar with his right hand, Xiao Qingrong's face didn't even change much.

The deceased's body had multiple external scars, the color of which are blue-purple. This formed as the body slowly died. It is estimated that her time of death did not exceed four hours. There are also multiple injuries on the body that were not the cause of death.

By pressing the wounds on the body, Xiao Qingrong spoke, and the assistant on the side quickly recorded everything.

After looking at the scars on the body, Xiao Qingrong's hand gently pulled the hair of the deceased, revealing her face. Xiao Qingrong glanced at her and was surprised, he had seen her three days ago.

Her name is Wang Xuezhen, 21 years old, currently studying at Jiangyuan University, a junior student…

He felt some inexplicable stickiness on his hands as he was talking, his eyebrows tightly wrinkled, the corpse's hair was cut using the tweezers, the scene he saw made Xiao Qingrong froze.

The deceased's head is embedded with nails. The exact number is unknown. It should be a fatal injury. It needs to go back for further dissection. There are too many people here to check it in detail. Take the person away.

He retracted his hand, and after touching his blood on the gloves, he couldn't help twisting it. The stickiness of the blood spread on his hand, making Xiao Qingrong involuntarily excited, his eyes lit up.

The assistant on the side was a little scared when he saw this, and glanced at the corpses on the ground. Anything that Xiao Qingrong had to dissect must be a major case of malignant murde... That is to say, the specific cause of death was not something most could handle.

The assistant hurriedly called for help, he was organizing the corpse and planned to carry it back, while Xiao Qingrong walked towards Wang Qi and Hao Liang.

Hao Liang and Wang Qi smoked one cigarette each. When they saw Xiao Qingrong coming, Hao Liang rushed to choke the cigarette. Wang Qi also hid away, hoping this magical forensic doctor hadn't seen it.

Xiao Qingrong, how is the situation?

When Hao Liang saw Xiao Qingrong approaching, he felt a little worried, and now he was very nervous.

I'll have to take the corpse to the lab. This is not the place to speak. People talk a lot, Officer Hao. Let's go somewhere else?

For a moment, Hao Liang considered his speculations. He nodded and followed Xiao Qingrong to an empty place. He was mentally prepared to hear what Xiao Qingrong was going to say.

The deceased has only one fatal wound, on the head. The head was embedded with steel nails. Officer Hao, do you have any clues from this?

Xiao Qingrong glanced over, Hao Liang was now pale, he turned around and ran towards the back. At this moment, the corpse had been put in the bag, it hadn't been pulled up yet. Hao Liang was in a hurry. He rushed over and crowded the other staff aside, he stared at the dead body with a dull look.

He saw the woman lying there, the right side of her pale and bloodless lips had a black mole that was especially familiar…

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