Super Male God System Chapter 52 - Murder

It was August, Yuntai City finally got a lot cooler after the rain. In Beiyuan Park, Nanling Avenue, Jiangyuan District, many people were even exercising in the park.

Beiyuan Park was one of the more famous parks in Yuntai City. People come and go almost every day. In the evening, many people dance in the central square. Today, because of the unexpected rain last night, it was even more popular in the morning. It was extraordinarily cool. There were also a lot of older people who were exercising in the Park, and many were hogging the fitness equipment.

An old man with his grandson was playing with a ball but the ground was still wet the grandson lost his footing and fell into a bush.

When the old man saw this, he hurried toward his grandson. As soon as he got to the bush, he saw a section of white and tender flesh. He was frightened and tried to cover his grandson's eyes, and on a closer look, he saw what looked like a naked woman. (TN: Always think white and tender as fish meat, then it slowly becomes a human, freaky.)

Except for the woman's clean arms, the rest of her body had traces of abuse. Just looking at it, the old man was scared and took his eyes back. Although he was scared, he thought about the girl's safety and quickly called the police.

Fortunately, the other side answered fast. The old man told what he saw, but he didn't know if the girl was dead or alive. He hoped the police would send someone over soon, otherwise, with so many people coming to the park, it would be bad for others to see the situation.

Hanging up the phone, the old man stood aside and glanced around. If someone came over, he would stop them. In case the girl was just in a coma, they would wake the girl up and check for injuries. How unfortunate...

Until now, the old man didn't consider the woman to be a corpse. He glanced back and forth, thinking that it was just a hangover girl had been bullied and her clothes stolen.

This year was really not safe. These little girls are daring and even secretly come out to play at night. But they don't know to protect themselves. When this kind of thing happens, there was no way the old man didn't feel sympathetic?

The alarm in Jiangyuan District was finally assigned to the police station on Nanling Avenue. Four police officers, two formal police officers, and two trainee police officers were sent over. The trainee police officers were two newcomers who had just graduated from the police academy. The reason why the four came together was because they heard what was said in the alarm call and thought it was a rap*ng incident. This was a very abominable case.

One of the trainee police officers was a girl, and she brought clothes, hoping to protect the little girl.

The police car did not make a sound or flare any light, it silently arrived outside of the Beiyuan Park. All four of them also entered the Beiyuan Park in plain clothes. After that, a policeman took out his mobile phone and called the witness.

The old man had been there for almost half an hour and finally got a call, he told them his location.

"Brother, right over there!" Hanging up the phone, Xiao Liuzi gave detailed directions, four people walked towards that side, and sure enough, they saw an old man holding a child standing there anxiously, they hurried over.

"Hello, this is my ID."

The man named Wang took out his police ID card and let the old man take a look. Then the old man said with gratitude.

"Oh thank goodness, the little girl is behind the bush. Poor child, her clothes must have been stripped out, she's still lying there now. I can't go look since I'm a man. You can let the female police officer take a look... "

Wang turned his head and glanced at the only woman among the four, namely the policewoman Tang Liming who had recently graduated from the police academy and practiced on their Nanling Avenue.

"Go ahead and see."

Tang Liming nodded, holding the clothes prepared for the victim, and hurried towards the bush. The other two policemen asked the old man about the situation.

As the only woman among the four policemen, Tang Liming usually could not participate in such activities. But as a result of the report saying that the victim was not wearing any clothes. Several of them couldn't go to see... Finally, they chose to bring Tang Liming over.

Tang Liming was twenty-three years old this year. She was small but extremely proficient in Sanda(Chinese Boxing). She graduated with honors in the police academy and was excellent in all aspects.

Walking through the grass, Tang Liming also thought that this was a r*pe case, and had some vague sympathy for the victim. She started her internship at the end of June and stayed at the police station for at least one month. During that time, there had been six cases of girls being violated.

Soon, Tang Liming saw the woman lying in the grass. It was only an instant that the scars on that woman's body made her tightened her pupils. It was almost unbearable to know what kind of abuse the woman had received.

The woman was fortunately covered in grass, otherwise, it would have been seen by those uncles who came to exercise. Only her two arms were left clean, everywhere else was damaged, there was almost no visible skin in good condition. Her long black hair flowed down her face covering it up.

Tang Liming stepped forward and took out the clothes in her bag, intending to cover the girl first, but the moment she crouched down, she felt something wrong, holding the clothes in her hand, she tried to dress the girl. But when she was dressing the girl, her eyes fell on the girl's chest, she looked again and again...

The chest was not beating at all! There was no fluctuation! Before, Tang Liming only paid attention to the scars on the woman, so she didn't care about them. At this moment, looking at the calm chest, it was almost instantaneous that Tang Liming's face changed.

This is a dead person!!!

This was actually the first time she saw a crime scene in the true sense and a deceased person. Tang Liming felt that her face was a little pale, she wanted to get up slowly, but suddenly he felt a feeling of weakness, she finally managed to shout out without stuttering.

"Kings! Come here!"(TN: Cringe ´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)

The Kings' team consisted of the police officers who came. The one with the most experience and the highest position among the four was the captain of their team. They were transferred from the center of Jiangyuan District in their early thirties this year. They participated in many large criminal investigation cases. The real veteran criminal police officer was sent to Nanling Avenue because they seemed to offend some people, but no one knew the specific situation. (TN: Peeps get transferred into another facility due to offending some ‘little monster' aka spoiled rich brats?)

The team leader, also known as Wang Qi, heard the new intern police officer shout, gave the remaining two people a wink, and walked towards the brush. He was a big man, not to mention tall, he saw Tang Liming squatting there with a piece of cloth.

"Well, let's go! Aren't you going to put on her clothes!"

They moved forward with their hands covering their eyes.

Tang Liming was still stiff at this time and was totally unable to keep up. Looking at the reaction of the Kings team, she showed a weak smile, and then stood up, she walked over with numb legs.

At this moment, there were a lot of people in Beiyuan Park. At least there were two or three thousand people. If they went out, those aunts and uncles would definitely come over and watch.

Walking to the Kings, Tang Liming lowered her voice and spoke.

"Uhmm, the girl is dead. She's motionless. This should be a crime scene."

This sentence made the team, who was still covering their eyes, removed their hand and walked directly to the scene. They had seen a lot of dead people, and there were also weird ones, so as soon as they came saw the situation, she was likely dead.

The girl was scaly all over, her head was tilted aside, everyone didn't were to look as she wasn't wearing clothes, so no one saw that she was dead.

After looking at the situation, they determined that she was dead. This was a vicious murder! The team sighed, Wang Qi got up and walked to Tang Liming to explain the situation.

"You will be watching over the body, don't let anyone approach, I asked Xiao Zheng to evacuate the scene."

There were many people in the park. If they knew someone had been killed, wouldn't it be a mess?

Wang Qi went to the other two policemen and said a few words, he went back to the crime scene, intending to guard the body with Tang Liming.

It was Xiao Zheng and Xiao Zhang who went out. The two went directly to the car to change into police uniforms, and then began to enter the Beiyuan Park to evacuate the crowd, especially groups must be evacuated!

Wang Qi had already taken out his mobile phone to call the bureau. They had to send someone over there. This murder case could not be dealt with in such a simple way. If news of the situation was leaked, they would be live tv.

Tang Liming, who saw the deceased for the first time, stood there blankly, her eyes slowly gazing at the body...