Super Male God System Chapter 51 - Conclusion

Ling Huanhuan, who came to the hospital this time, changed her previous gentle style. She wore a dark blue women's suit, and the sound of her high heels displayed her domineering aura. The hair that was gentle on the shoulders in the past were also combed and lifted. Zhou Heming had never seen such a side of his mother.

Now she was Ling Huanhuan, the sole legal heir and president of the Zhou's enterprise. At this time, the look she gave to her son was also complicated. She never imagined that the son she raised for many years was not her own son. Her own son, because he was born in that place, caused the child to be replaced...

In the past, Ling Huanhuan always thought that this child was not the same as Zhou Kun because of his poor health. For this reason, she was thankful that she was able to give 100% love to this child, but now, she knew that the other party was not her own son, and her own son was with someone else. Although Ling Huanhuan was also surprised, she did not intend to give up the child. Moreover, she already knew why her husband could be sanctioned so quickly this time.

The man who raised her own son turned out to be the biological son of Gu Pao, the richest man in the country. If the child follows him, wouldn't he be in a better situation than with her?

Thinking of the photo of the child that she saw, in fact, the child looked a bit similar to Zhou Kun, so Ling Huanhuan didn't really want to recognize him but she still took out a red envelope and sent it to him to fulfill her responsibility as his mother.

Not to mention, since God had separated the mother and son for 14 years, it proved that there was really no fate between them, so Ling Huanhuan did not intend to recognize the child. Her son's relationship with his foster father's relationship was excellent, which made Ling Huanhuan very satisfied.

And she already has such a well-behaved child. Although Heming had a heart disease, he was the most excellent and obedient in her own eyes.

"Mom, why did you suddenly change your style?"

Zhou Heming didn't know why he was nervous. During the month, he guessed a lot of things and tried to find out when Zhou Heyang would come to this home, but dreams are dreams after all, and of course it was not clear. In time, Zhou Heming felt like he was a prisoner waiting for trial. As long as Zhou Heyang appeared, everything that happened in his dream might happen in real life.

"If you want me to change, I can change. In addition, I came here today to tell you something." Ling Huanhuan gently looked at the son in front of her and reached out to touch her son's head. This month, she deliberately made people control the news so the child did not know what Zhou Kun had been sent to prison.

"Huh?" Zhou Heming didn't know why. He felt that when he looked at his mother in front of him, he felt that something had changed. His previous mother was so gentle. Now, it seems that his mother had become stronger.

"It's about your dad, and I don't want to hide from you either. In addition to your dad's business and the company's business this month, your dad has been sentenced to prison for murder. For nineteen years, the Zhou family is now ours, and the company is mine, so Heming, you must get better. When you are well, when you grow up, come to the company to help your mother take over the Zhou's company. Can you do it?"

The more tender her words were, the more he could not believe it. Listening to the words his mother said, he didn't know why but he suddenly thought of the mother in his dream. His mother 's eyes were filled with hatred. Then she stabbed the sharp scalpel into In Zhou Kun's body and after that, she had a look of relief.

"Mom..." For a moment, Zhou Heming didn't know what he should say.

Ling Huanhuan was peeling oranges for Zhou Heming, and looked up at her sluggish son and said.

"I personally sent him to prison, Heming, do you know? Mom has been waiting for this day ever since he killed my boyfriend and raped me. I tried to call the police at that time, but no one dared to deal with him but now, he has to pay for his arrogance and he received a painful price."

Talking about it, Ling Huanhuan laughed and an uncontrollable happiness appeared in her smile, allowing Zhou Heming to understand why his mother would stab Zhou Kun in his dream.

In fact, Zhou Heming grew up and loved Ling Huanhuan the most. Although Zhou Kun was his father, he didn't like him very much because his father didn't seem to like him very much. Zhou Heming was sad for a long time when he was a child. Now, when Zhou Heming grew up, he already knew that Zhou Kun did not dislike him but he liked no one except Ling Huanhuan.

His father had killed his mother's boyfriend and also did something like that to his mother. Zhou Heming didn't know that so many things had happened. No wonder Zhou Kun was always embarrassed when looking at his mother at home.

"No need to say anything, the man will not show up again. When you leave the hospital, I will take you to live with your grandparents. Grandpa and grandma will like you and will take care of you. The doctor has said that as long as you are not agitated, your condition will not recur."

Ling Huanhuan's past tenderness seems to have disappeared. At this time, she is like a sword that has been sheathed.

Later, Ling Huanhuan took Zhou Heming back to her former home, and later became a strong woman. Under the care of his grandparents, Zhou Heming gradually improved a lot. The time flashed for five years. During these five years, Zhou Heming worked hard to learn painting and was now also a famous genius painter. Among them, the first painting, called "Survival", made him famous and was even liked by many people.

The painting "Survival" was created by Zhou Heming after he was discharged from the hospital after half a year. The painting was a raging fire. In the flame, a black shadow was burning in the flame. Everyone thought it was a painting about a person escaping or this was a redemption, but the more they looked at it, the more they felt that the person seemed to dance in the flames, and seemed to be willing to be in the flames...

This painting was very famous in the industry. Many people thought that there were so many things to express in this painting and Zhou Heming also later created more works while studying. Now, his life is very calm and is full of happiness. It is getting better and better, he had even forgotten that there was a Zhou Heyang in this world, who was his mother's biological son.

However, he never expected to see Zhou Heyang again. He saw the boy with a familiar face in the draft TV show. Zhou Heming, who was 19, froze because isn't the person on the TV Zhou Heyang?

And who is the other person introducing himself as? Is it... Xiao Ming?

Xiao Ming has also been very happy in the past five years. Because he wanted to be a star, Gu Aiguo did not object. He helped find a lot of famous teachers to teach him, from simple etiquette to dance performances, singing, playing musical instruments, and various things that Xiao Ming had to learn in order to be a successful star.

After Zhou Kun was in jail that year, Xiao Ming knew that his biological mother, Ling Huanhuan was in Beijing, but Xiao Ming didn't go to see her. Even if he later got the other side's red envelope, he didn't spend the money because he felt that he had nothing to do with the other side. Moreover, from her behavior, he had already realized his biological mother's choice.

Ling Huanhuan chose the weak Zhou Heming and gave up her biological son.

Xiao Ming used to think he would be lost, but after getting the news, Xiao Ming was suddenly relieved, because finally he didn't have to worry about leaving his Dad. Compared to his Dad, he didn't care about anyone who had a blood relationship with him.

They had never met even until now. Xiao Ming has been working hard to enrich himself, but he was really talented in the field of performance, and has been praised by many teachers. According to the plan, he originally planned to make a movie debut but his Grandpa invested in a variety show so he did not need to make a movie debut and just went straight in.

The feeling of being on the stage was very strange. It was a feeling that Xiao Ming had never experienced. All the fans below were cheering for him and shouting his names, which made Xiao Ming like this stage.

Soon, Xiao Ming's fans reached 10 million, and his versatile talents fascinated all fans.

A star who can sing, dance, and play musical instruments, who wouldn't like him? Moreover, Xiao Ming was fluent in four languages and could even sing songs in four different languages.

Xiao Qingrong had also worked for Gu's enterprise in the past five years. Because Gu Aiguo protected him, his identity has not been exposed and he did not even have to change his name, but because Gu Aiguo has always been very busy recently, Xiao Qingrong specially went abroad and got himself a little girl. After returning, she was held in the palm of her hand by Gu Aiguo. Gu Aiguo, who had never brought up a child before had successfully turned into a mad monster with a baby, and completely ignored the company. [TN: Doesn't say how she was born. MC must have gone and got a girl pregnant.]

As the child grew up, she inherited Xiao Qingrong's IQ and had a unique method of management. She entered the Gu family's company early, and Gu Aiguo did not die young, he was almost ninety. At that age, he died with a smile.

Xiao Qingrong handed over the Gu family's business to his daughter. Seeing that Xiao Ming was in his forties but he wasn't married yet and it wasn't until Xiao Ming was forty-three years old that he finally decided to get married and he had a baby shortly after the marriage.

When Xiao Qingrong became a grandfather, he felt a lot better, teasing the child when he had nothing to do, and when he left the world, he heard the voice of 618 again.

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