Super Male God System Chapter 50 - Arrested

Zhou Kun was also stunned. He had been waiting for Secretary Fang to bring his son back but he would've never thought that instead of his son, he would see the police come for an investigation!

Because the higher ups attention to this case directly led to the so-called inter-provincial investigation of the alleged murder, Zhou Kun, one of the world's top 500 presidents, was also invited to the police station directly from the company!

Although Secretary Fang did such a thing, after all he was only a secretary. If no one above him ordered, can he do such a maddening thing? Therefore, when the police interrogated him, of course, in order to get off more easily, Secretary Fang unceremoniously snitched on his boss and even published information about them chatting.

After all, after Secretary Fang was arrested, he was told that the person behind Xiao Qingrong was Gu Aiguo. He was definitely not someone who he can mess with, so at this moment, he chose to snitch on his boss.

On the Beijing side, Zhou Kun's people were shocked to see their boss being taken away by the police. They hurriedly arranged a lawyer to see what was going on and then notified their boss's wife.

When Ling Huanhuan, who was caring for her son in the hospital heard that her husband had been arrested by the police, she was stunned. In fact, Ling Huanhuan was even a little happy because when she learned of the truth after her marriage with Zhou Kun, she hoped to punish this person with the law, but it was completely useless. Zhou Kun's money can make those people open and close one eye, just like her ex-boyfriend who died then. Soon, all her forgotten memories rushed back to her.

She felt that her opportunity had come!

Zhou Heming felt his mother was a bit strange after she answered the call.

Mom, what's wrong? Who called?

Ling Huanhuan didn't want to tell this to her sick son and just showed a helpless smile.

It's okay. It's just a small matter over at your dad's company and I need to go there to sign a document. Stay at the hospital for now and Mom will come visit you soon.

A few days ago, Zhou Heming was going to be discharged from the hospital but his body suddenly got worse again so now he was still in the hospital. Ling Huanhuan didn't want to stimulate her son anymore.

Zhou Heming didn't say anything, he could only watch Ling Huanhuan leave, but his hand under the quilt was tightly clenched, and the blue veins on his forehead were popping up.

The sudden onset of his illness a few days ago was not a normal one at all, but because of his dream... Starting from that scene of the fire, he finally dreamed of another person... a person named... Zhou Heyang.

He is completely different from himself but he looked like his father, Zhou Kun.

It was during this time that his father would bring home a boy named Zhou Heyang and tell him that it was his younger brother. He was very happy at first because he heard that he was the child of his mother who was lost but was finally found so he couldn't wait to share everything with each other, but later, Zhou Heming found out that something was wrong, because although Zhou Heyang was obedient, there was a sense of loneliness reeking from him.

He watched Zhou Heyang court his father and mother, had a healthy body, and was able to work in his father's company. As he grew older, Zhou Heming realized what the inconvenience this weak body had brought to him. As long as he walked around a few times, he would be breathless, and usually he couldn't stay by himself at all.

Even though this was the case, Zhou Heming didn't pay much attention to money, but the person he valued ​​most was Ling Huanhuan! The last thing Zhou Heyang should do was take away the love of Ling Huanhuan!

In this family, his father Zhou Kun was always indifferent, only his mother was good to him. But after Zhou Heyang came, everything changed. The mother who had set her eyes on himself started to use a strange gaze as she looked at Zhou Heyang until... that thing happened.

In the dream, ten years later, Zhou Heyang, 24, turned over the entire Zhou family with his own power, driving his father Zhou Kun out of his original position, turning Zhou Kun into a bereavement dog, and his mother Ling Huanhuan, although he didn't know why, after his father was kicked out, she stabbed herself with a fruit knife, and then committed suicide in the bathtub.

Before he died in the dream, Zhou Heming knew that he was not the biological son of his parents at all. The only son of his father and mother was Zhou Heyang, the one who forcefully took over the Zhou family.

From Zhou Heyang's mouth, Zhou Heming knew that the man burned by the fire was his biological father. For Zhou Heyang, the man was willing to die...

Thinking of the recent dream, Zhou Heming didn't know if it was a dream or reality anymore. Was the man dead? And Zhou Heyang, will he appear in his world like the dream?

Ling Huanhuan didn't know her son's worry. At this moment, an inexplicable sense of fate came to her, and she didn't know why. Before going to the police station, she returned to a single apartment she had secretly bought and brought all the information about her ex-boyfriend's death that she had saved up all these years.

At the police station, under the police's explanation, Ling Huanhuan knew that her husband sent Fang's secretary to a small village to pick up a child. As a result, secretary Fang secretly struck a deal with the village head to kill someone, and her husband also played a role in it.

After hearing this, Ling Huanhuan didn't know whether she should cry or laugh because even after so many years, Zhou Kun was still the same, and disregarded human life.

Officer, can I report Zhou Kun now? I would like to report him as he was suspected of killing my ex-boyfriend Gao Yuchen 15 years ago.

This time the policemen were also shocked. They didn't expect that the family members of the suspect would actually report him of a crime.

This report needs evidence. Do you have enough evidence of your husband murdering him?

Ling Huanhuan didn't know how long she had waited for this day. During the time she gave birth to her son, she received a phone call from her ex-boyfriend's parents. She only knew that her ex-boyfriend had left a lot of things. After Ling Huanhuan got those things, she went back to the Zhou family and became Mrs. Zhou. All these things are to avenge that man!

Ling Huanhuan didn't know how long she had been waiting. When she thought that she had no chance in this life, God sent this opportunity over!

Yes, Officer. This is the evidence I've investigated. It contains audio data from fifteen years ago, as well as video data, and information about my husband's alleged killing of my ex-boyfriend.

Does Ling Huanhuan love Zhou Kun? No, she hates him!

In fact, many people are envious of Ling Huanhuan being able to have such a husband because Zhou Kun had a lot of money. He has been married to Ling Huanhuan for so many years but no one really knows how Ling Huanhuan conceived Zhou Kun's child. It was r*pe! The Zhou family was stronger than others. Ling Huanhuan's family had no power to resist. They could only watch Ling Huanhuan compromise and then help when Ling Huanhuan secretly leaves, thinking that their daughter will never come back forever but they did not expect that Ling Huanhuan would go back afterwards and also married Zhou Kun, this terrible man.

For fourteen years, the Ling family didn't like becoming in-laws with the Zhou family, but no one cared about them. Zhou Kun was old and his parents were no longer there. The Ling family felt Ling Huanhuan was pitiful and decided to advise her to escape but she has already decided to take revenge. She could only tell her parents that she was very happy so she could appease her parents. She had been waiting for an opportunity to avenge her ex-boyfriend. Now, God has finally given this opportunity to her.

Now that Zhou Kun has been taken to the police station, and the lawyers' group has lost their effect, it must've been a big case, so Ling Huanhuan knew that she must seize this opportunity!

The police did not expect that Mrs. Zhou would also privately investigate so much information about her ex-boyfriend's death enforced by her husband, and hurriedly notified people in other departments to come and investigate the information. After all, Zhou Kun, who treated the law as nothing was someone they really hated.

Zhou Kun's team of lawyers was working hard to plead for Zhou Kun. The police said that Zhou Kun had allegedly instructed the murder of someone but since Zhou Kun refused to admit it, his detention time was only 24 hours and he would be let go unless there was any evidence against him. However, they did not expect that Mrs. Zhou sent an evidence of Zhou Kun's murder of 15 years ago!

Twenty-four hours was enough for the police to investigate everything.

Ling Huanhuan has never been so calm before. She just sat in the police station and called her ex-boyfriend's parents. Her ex-boyfriend was the only child. Since her ex-boyfriend died that year, Ling Huanhuan secretly provided money to her ex-boyfriend's parents every year, hoping to be able to make up for them in this way, although all this could no longer be undone.

The police station was also working hard to investigate the information given by Ling Huanhuan. After looking up the information of Ling Huanhuan's ex-boyfriend, they really found something wrong. Among them, Ling Huanhuan's ex-boyfriend was originally a talented person, but he suddenly decided to jump off the school building. After jumping off the building and leaving a suicide note, the case was determined to be suicide but the parents of Ling Huanhuan's ex-boyfriend did not agree with this and asked the police to continue in the investigation, but for some reason, the case was pressed down...

Now, the police found the anatomy of Gao Yuchen in the database again, and found that in addition to the death cause of suicide by jumping from the building, the other party had supposedly have a history of drug abuse, but according to Gao Yuchen's situation, it was impossible for him to be a drug addict, and those materials of Ling Huanhuan's connected everything together.

Fifteen years ago, Zhou Kun fell in love with Ling Huanhuan at first sight, but Ling Huanhuan already had a boyfriend. She didn't accept Zhou Kun's pursuit, causing Zhou Kun to become furious. He then found someone to deal with Ling Huanhuan's boyfriend Gao Yuchen! Gao Yuchen was secretly infected with drugs, then, they threatened him with drugs and finally forced him to leave a suicide note and jump off the building. The life of a great young man was thus destroyed.

Also, I was raped by Zhou Kun. At that time, my boyfriend had an accident. I guess it was related to Zhou Kun. I asked him to come out and I wanted to know the truth of the matter. As a result, he drugged me and took me to his house, raped me, and made videos, which I found in his computer.

When the police's investigation of Gao Yuchen's case made further discoveries, Ling Huanhuan once again gave the most valuable information, that is, a video recorded 15 years ago with the recorded time on it, which can best determine the truth of the matter.

The police woman looked at Ling Huanhuan's indifference when she said these things. She didn't know why, she felt that this woman was very pitiful but she also felt that she was a bit scary. How painful must it have been for her to marry someone who had raped her?

In order to find out the truth, of course, this video needs to be viewed so many police officers were viewing it together. When Ling Huanhuan was willing to take this thing out, she had already stepped out.

In the video, it can be seen that it was shot from the first perspective, and with Zhou Kun's narration, everyone understands the ins and outs of the matter...

It turned out that because Zhou Kun was rejected. He dealt with Ling Huanhuan's boyfriend Gao Yuchen, and then when Ling Huanhuan questioned him, he drugged Ling Huanhuan, and this kind of coercion happened. This video was full of Zhou Kun's arrogance as he described the event. The police who watched the video all scolded the beast one by one because anyone could see that Ling Huanhuan, who was in a coma, was really drugged.

Because more and more people were involved in the case, of course, the police will have to work harder to investigate. After Gao Yuchen's parents came, they brought more clues.

Regarding Ling Huanhuan, Gao Yuchen's parents can't say that they don't hate her. They always felt that their obedient son wouldn't had committed suicide or jumped off the building if it was not for a love relationship with Ling Huanhuan, how could all of this happen?

But now, when they saw Ling Huanhuan again, the two old couple greeted her. Their son died years ago, and the two old couple couldn't continue to hate her.

On the side of the Beijing Municipal Police Station, Zhou Kun's involvement in the planning of someone was almost determined. In addition to his wife's reports, what Zhou Kun did 15 years ago was also investigated. The case of Gao Yuchen, for some unknown reason, it went on hot search.

In order to get justice for the death of her boyfriend, Ling Huanhuan married her enemy for revenge for many years and it soon became an ethical drama. Many people who liked this kind of stuff watched with passion. After all, this was basically a true story and it was as interesting as those in novels...

Xiao Qingrong, who had followed Gu Aiguo back to Beijing City also knew about this matter. After giving all the information to Xiao Ming, he spoke.

These are the truth of everything, and what is happening outside now, you should already know, you can tell me what you think after reading it.

Xiao Qingrong originally planned to do it himself, but he did not expect that Zhou Kun really regarded the law as nothing and trampled on others' lives for his selfish desire. Now he was bitten by Ling Huanhuan. Xiao Qingrong felt that it was normal.

After all, life isn't a novel. The heroine does not automatically love you just because you are the president. There is always a price for everything.

Whether it's calculating killings or forcing women, it's against the law.

In recent days, Xiao Ming didn't have a good mood. After confirming that his dad was not his biological father, his mood has not been good. Now he calmed down and looked at the information in his hand.

The above information was completely inaccurate from what he originally knew. On the surface, the love and affection of the Zhou couple was actually a woman's revenge? And Zhou Kun's affection for his wife turned out to be the price of killing her ex-boyfriend?

All these things made Xiao Ming feel that it was unacceptable. As a young child, Xiao Ming really can't believe that his biological parents would be such people.

After carefully reading the materials, Xiao Ming was silent for a long time before putting the materials back on the table.

Will Zhou Kun pay for his actions?

Even if he lives in a small village, Xiao Ming knew that killing was an illegal act and the perpetrator would be arrested.

Yes, Ling Huanhuan personally reported him. If the case has been verified, I am afraid he will not be able to come out in 20 years.

Even if it was only 20 years, can the other person live in prison for 20 years?

Dad, I hate him.

This kind of person is someone that Xiao Ming hates. Even if he knows that this person has blood relationships with him, Xiao Ming could only hate it even more.

Ming'er, you are a good boy, Dad knows.

He reached out and patted Xiao Ming's shoulder, knowing that these things caused a lot of pressure on Xiao Ming, but Xiao Qingrong felt that children, under pressure, can grow up. After all, they can't be under the protection of their parents forever.

Gu Aiguo also knew about Xiao Ming's background but he liked the grandson very much. He felt that Xiao Ming was well educated by his son, and he was not the same kind of person as his biological father.

After investigating Zhou Kun's case for almost a month, the final result came out. Zhou Kun was sentenced to 19 years in prison for instigating murder, 15 years ago for murder, four years for r*pe. It was Ling Huanhuan who watched the police bring him to the police car.

Today, Ling Huanhuan was in the power of the Zhou family. No one dared to speak for Zhou Kun anymore, and Zhou Heming who was in the hospital finally met his mother Ling Huanhuan after a month...