Super Male God System Chapter 48 - Found

The police investigation gradually got the news and Gu Aiguo was both happy and nervous to hear the news. After all, he was quite impulsive and did this just because he saw a dream of his wife. What if he can't find his son?

But when he heard the latest information from the chief of the police in Hangzhou City, Gu Aiguo was a bit surprised, because he never expected that so many things happened to his son.

Fortunately, as a teenager, although his family was not rich, his adoptive parents were very good to their son. Later, he married his wife, but his wife died after giving birth. After all these years, his son raised his child all by himself, which made Gu Aiguo really distressed.

So, those people are going to be bad for my son?

As a businessman, Gu Aiguo has seen more things, and he has already understood that the reason why his son dyed his hair wine red was to hide because those people seem to deal with his son!

Thinking about the Zhou family in Beijing, Zhou Kun's secretary, and his son's 14-year-old child turning out to be someone else's son. All these things made Gu Aiguo feel distressed for his son because he understood that when a powerful person wants to deal with an ordinary person, it is simple.

Why did Secretary Fang give 200,000 to the head of Heping Village? In addition to bribery, Gu Aiguo was afraid there were other purposes...

Yes, Mr. Gu. After our interrogation with the village head of Heping Village, we learned that in addition to secretary Fang giving him 200,000 for bribery, he also hoped to unite the villagers to kill Xiao Qingrong so secretary Fang could smoothly take Xiao Ming away.

As the director of the Hangzhou city police department, Xie Ning was originally from the Criminal Investigation Brigade and because of the special emphasis on this, he was also dispatched in person. After the village chief of Heping Village was taken to the police station, a series of interrogations were conducted. It took only one day and one night to pry open the other's mouth, although this news was not very happy news.

If Xiao Qingrong was really Gu Aiguo's son, then the situation will certainly change afterward, remembering that secretary Fang oppressed and forced Xiao Qingrong to run away with his son. This was indeed not a piece of good news.

Gu Aiguo was also frowning. At this time, even his veins were bulging. When he thought of his son's possible death, Gu Aiguo hated himself for being so useless and not finding his son sooner. He also thanked his wife for appearing in his dreams. He also felt that the reason his wife appeared must be because his wife found that his son was in danger, so she wanted to remind him.

Having believed in Buddha for so many years, Gu Aiguo had already believed in this matter. At this time he was quite sure that this Xiao Qingrong was definitely his son!

Thank you, Director, no matter what, I know that you will definitely find the results and let the truth come out. If you can find my son, I will be really grateful!

Now that his son was on run, Gu Aiguo was a bit relieved. He said something to Director Xie before sending him off.

Hangzhou was a bit strange recently. It always felt that there were more policemen on the roadside but no one knew why. However, in a big city, there are always snakes and rats hiding there and although the police would deal with them on the surface, in actuality, there was a special relationship between the police and them.

The police investigation soon reached a part of the town in the city, but the part in the city was very chaotic. In addition, there were a lot of outsiders there. The investigation was particularly inconvenient. Therefore, Police Officer Wu went directly to a person called brother Jiang who knew this part of the town very well.

Isn't this officer Wu? I haven't seen you for a long time. Why have you come looking for me?

Brother Jiang also smiled when he saw Officer Wu. Although he was the boss of the town in this city, he was a serious person and he didn't engage in gangs in this part of town in the city, if you want to know any news, just look for him.

Brother Jiang, of course, there is a reason for why I came to you this time. It's a big thing. If you find this person, there will be a big reward for you

Officer Wu certainly knew that brother Jiang knew that the police were looking for someone so he didn't conceal anything. The police recently made so much noise. Others don't know, but Brother Jiang's news network was so big so how could he not know?

Hehe, Officer Wu, you know me well. To tell you the truth, I've met these two before. They bought false certificates on my site. They seem to be hiding from enemies. Officer Wu should always tell me the truth. Is this man... Gu's?

Brother Jiang has been around for so many years. He was the most powerful person in the underground world in Hangzhou City. If the police want to find someone, it may take a bit of time to find them but with the connections in his hand, it would take less than half a day for him to find a person in Hangzhou City.

This time, the police were dispatched after Gu Aiguo flew over to meet the mayor of Hangzhou City. Gu Aiguo later met with the director of the police. In addition, the police station did not bother to hide the fact that they were searching for someone so for someone like brother Jiang, he already guessed the identity of the person they were looking for.

Oh, I really can't hide anything from Brother Jiang. We are not sure if this person is from the Gu family but we were told to find him. If Brother Jiang knows where the person is, give us a hand Officer Wu took out a cigarette and handed it to brother Jiang. Police Officer Wu understood what Brother Jiang meant but he couldn't easily compromise.

Brother Jiang smiled when he heard this, but he was not angry.

Of course I will help, but how about the land on the west side of the city? How about giving me a hand? The father and son have been hiding in our territory in order to avoid enemies. There are two private detectives outside. If it wasn't because of me, would the father and son live here alive?

In this place, let alone two more people, even if there was one extra bird, Brother Jiang would know it all.

Hearing this, Officer Wu exhaled a smoke ring and frowned. Thinking of the latest news from the police station, he also felt that these rich people were lawless. If it wasn't for Xiao Qingrong's cleverness, he would have been killed by the villagers because of the bribe.

Okay, this is easy. Brother Jiang, please lead the way. Let's go and see. If one day the dragon is able to fly, we can be regarded as the ones who helped it to fly.

Thinking of the news given above, it could be estimated that Xiao Qingrong's identity had almost been determined, the son of the richest man in the country basically meant that he will also be the richest man in the future. Thinking about the amount of money Gu Aiguo donates to the country. If he really finds his son, wouldn't he be set for life?

It's always a pleasure to work with Officer Wu. Let's go, the father and son are safe. They haven't been out since they came here!

Seeing that the deal was made, Brother Jiang directly took officer Wu to the house rented by Xiao Qingrong and after looking for the landlord, they stood at the door of the house together.

After all, the other party's identity was different and he could not be treated as a suspect, so the landlord knocked on the door.

Xiao Qingrong was playing a game with Xiao Ming in the room and they both heard the voice at the door but no one moved.

Glancing at his son, Xiao Ming suddenly pouted, released the keyboard, and then saw his character stopped in place. He then walked towards the door, his face upset.


The landlord outside the house quickly explained his identity. Xiao Ming remembered the landlord's voice and opened the door. As a result, he saw a group of people standing outside the door, not only the landlord but also many strangers.

What are you doing? Startled by so many people, Xiao Ming instinctively closed the door, but the door was directly pushed open by officer Wu who then took out the police card in his right hand.

Police! There is a case that requires your cooperation!

When Xiao Ming saw the police card, he didn't know if it was true or false, but he could only let the other side open the door. At this time, he was quite pale, and with a pair of frightened eyes, he was really cute.

Seeing everyone barging in, Xiao Ming turned his head to look at his dad and found that Xiao Qingrong had calmly stood up. After police officer Wu entered the room, he set his eyes on the burgundy-haired man standing there. Officer Wu has seen a lot of photos of this man, and he was already familiar with him.

Mr. Xiao Qingrong? I'm a police officer. It's like this...

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Officer Wu introduced his identity and then explained the situation in detail. Xiao Qingrong was calm throughout the process, while Xiao Ming on the side was stunned, listening to the police saying that his Dad's father was the richest man in the country. He didn't know why but he was thinking of Secretary Fang and his people and he felt that it was strange.

Xiao Qingrong also understood that his mysterious identity referred to this and nodded calmly. He then followed police officer Wu into the car with his son, the destination was Gu Aiguo's Hotel.

Almost half an hour later, Xiao Qingrong and Xiao Ming arrived at the hotel, and Gu Aiguo, who had received police information before, was also waiting in the lobby for his son.

When seeing the person with the same burgundy hair in his dream appear, Gu Aiguo felt that it was a dream come true. His eyes fell on Xiao Qingrong's face, peach eyes and nose similar to his wife and with a mouth like himself...

Until the two faced each other, Gu Aiguo stretched out his hand tremblingly, and seemed to want to pat Xiao Qingrong's shoulder, but retracted it back. Then, with red eyes, he said.

My good boy, you must have suffered...