Super Male God System Chapter 47 - Search

After getting the news, Gu Aiguo rushed to Hangzhou. Although he used to travel to Hangzhou before but it wasn't so often. This time, in addition to people who came with him, he also contacted the police station in Hangzhou City to help find his son together.

If you are looking for someone, it can be estimated that the police will not be very enthusiastic and useful, but who was Gu Aiguo? Every year, he donates more than one billion to the country alone so when Gu Aiguo landed here, he met Mayor Wei Jianbo of Hangzhou City. The two have seen each other four years ago. This time, Gu Aiguo hurried over, which made Wei Jianbo a little confused.

Mayor Wei, I know this is sudden but I dreamt of my wife and she told me that my son was in this city of Hangzhou. Hence, I came here to find my biological son.

After hearing this, Wei Jianbo thought of the incident that happened years ago. The wife of Gu Aiguo was killed by the kidnappers. Even though Gu Aiguo gave the money, he only received his wife's body and although the kidnappers were caught later, the child was still missing. Many people thought that the child had died but Gu Aiguo still continued to search for him for so many years. He prayed to Buddha and also donated so much money all in hope so he could find his son. The people above were very clear, so anything that might be related to this case was naturally given special care by them.

Gu Aiguo came to Hangzhou four years ago, coinciding with the campus support activities held in Hangzhou. Gu Aiguo also donated 10 million to build a school here. It can be said that he was a very charitable person.

Outsiders looked at Gu Aiguo as the richest man in the country, and thought he had a good life but no one knew about his pain. Now Gu Aiguo was already in his sixties but he had no children or grandchildren...

Mr. Gu, rest assured, we will cooperate to find your son for you.

Wei Jianbo respects Gu Aiguo. Although the other party was a businessman, in the past 30 years, Gu Aiguo's donations have been used where they should be used. Every time the country suffers a huge disaster, Gu Aiguo donates a lot. Gu Aiguo was very welcomed by every mayor of a city.

Thank you, Mayor Wei. Actually, I came here this time because my wife made me see my son in a dream. For so many years, I have been practicing my painting skills and now, I have painted a portrait of my son. I hope Mayor Wei can find the man in this portrait. I believe that the person in the portrait is my son

As Gu Aiguo said, he took out the picture he had painted and a man with red hair was displayed on the paper, but he was very young.

Mayor Wei picked it up and frowned after looking at it for a while.

The person in this portrait doesn't look like he is in his thirties.

The man was too young! Therefore, Wei Jianbo was really afraid of Gu Aiguo being deceived, but he could not directly say that he was deceived. He could only say that the person in this portrait was too young.

When Gu Aiguo's child was lost, he was only two years old and he should be thirty-two years old this year but the man in this portrait looked like he was in his early twenties.

Mayor Wei, I may not paint well, but since my wife told me in my dream, I believe my son must have grown like this. You look at this nose and mouth, it is like me. His eyes are peach eyes just like my wife's…

Okay, Mr. Gu, rest assured, I will arrange for the people below to start looking. Please rest for two days and wait for the news. If there is any news, we will notify you.

With that portrait, in fact, everything was easy to say. You can first find a person similar to this person in the personal information database of the police station, and then filter by age to determine whether they have this person in Hangzhou... If not, there are other ways.

Soon, the major police stations in Hangzhou got the latest news. They wanted to investigate a man with burgundy hair and sent a so-called ‘photo'. Of course, the police station first used the information database. They started to look for this portrait because it was extraordinarily exquisite. They also found a few faces similar to the people in this portrait and after the age elimination method, they narrowed it down to a few people and Xiao Qingrong was one of them...

Xiao Qingrong's appearance was considered handsome and with his pair of peach eyes, the police soon began sending people to investigate his identity. They then found out about his background and saw that he used to be in Heping village. At the same time, they also discovered that a private detective was investigating Xiao Qingrong.

People in Heping Village saw so many policemen for the first time. There were more than a dozen policemen who came to investigate this time. After all, the above attached great importance to this matter. This involved their development in Hangzhou, so this time, among more than a dozen policemen who came here, there were also two criminal investigation officers. Although it was a little overkill to find people, they wanted to find the person as soon as possible.

The people outside didn't know who this person was, but the people inside the police station knew a lot. He was the son of the richest man in the country! If the son of the richest man in the country was found in their city of Hangzhou, won't the richest man want to continue to invest and praise them?

You know, the richest man may lack a lot of stuff but there was one thing that he was not lacking, and that was-money!

Take us to Xiao Qingrong's house, is he from your village?

The police questioned and showed their identity documents. After seeing the villagers who suddenly trembled, they narrowed their eyes and felt that the village was abnormal.

Officers, has Xiao Qingrong been arrested for the crime?

The people in the village thought that Xiao Qingrong was a trafficker, so when they saw the police, they thought it was Xiao Ming's family who called the police. The police came here to investigate!

Hearing this, the policeman hesitated, and then laughed.

What's wrong? This guy has committed a crime in your village?

The policeman said vaguely. Thinking of the file in the police station, this Xiao Qingrong was someone with no criminal history and was a normal villager, why do these people expect him to be arrested?

The person questioned thought that Xiao Qingrong was arrested and hurriedly said.

Officer, although he didn't do anything in the village, he was a personal trafficker. Even the child in his family was stolen from someone else, so you have to arrest him for the benefit of the society… The child's family came to our village to take back their child. They are all driving cars but in the end, Xiao Qingrong did not return the children...

A few police officers on the side also came to hear this, and looked at each other. You must know that everyone was familiar with Xiao Qingrong's information. Naturally, Xiao Qingrong had a son who was 14 years old this year. Xiao Qingrong's wife who was in the hospital gave birth to a child for Xiao Qingrong at that time but unfortunately, she died after the child was born.

Wait, you said that someone driving a car came to the village to find Xiao Qingrong?

It was known that Xiao Qingrong was not in the village, and the police naturally wanted to ask for some useful information so they kept on investigating.

The villagers who didn't know much just nodded

Yes, officer, Xiao Ming's parents are rich and they wanted to take him back but Xiao Qingrong was unwilling to return the child and took Xiao Ming secretly away from Houshan...

This time, the officers understood the context, and then asked some questions to the villagers separately. The information they received was very similar. One of the criminal investigation officers met the village head alone and sensitively noticed some things from the village head's anxiety. Xiao Qingrong was no longer in the village, so they could only continue investigation.

From the Heping village, the police have identified a few points. First, Xiao Qingrong did exist, and he was extremely similar to the portrait. Second, he seemed to be threatened, so he fled secretly and he should be hiding now. Third, the police was confused about his wine-red hair but after this, they understood that he did it to disguise himself.

The police have also determined that the private detective who is secretly investigating Xiao Qingrong's whereabouts seemed to be working for someone so they directly invited the person to the police station and learned that the person who hired them was Zhou Kun's secretary, secretary Fang.

In addition, in all the streets of Hangzhou City, none of the barbershops have been let go, all of them were questioned. It had only been a few days since Xiao Qingrong had fled so these hair stylists should still remember the faces of their customers if they were shown a photo of the person.

In the afternoon, they found the barber and got the news about Xiao Qingrong. The police learned that Xiao Qingrong dyed his hair wine-red and he had another person with him, presumably his son who dyed his hair yellow.

The easiest thing for the police to do was to follow the lead, and with this lead, of course, finding people has become faster.

Secretary Fang was questioned at the police station, because if Xiao Qingrong was not in danger of his life, why would he run away? The sudden addition of the 200,000 on the village head's account became the crux of investigation.

And what about Xiao Qingrong? He just bought a computer for himself and his son and the two were playing on the computer.

Dad, have I become whiter recently? Can I really become a star?

Xiao Ming, who was looking in the mirror, felt that he has become whiter recently.

Xiao Qingrong, who was watching the stock market, glanced at Xiao Ming and nodded.

You have. When you get more whiter, you can be a star.

It has to be said that beauty pills were very useful...

At this time, Xiao Ming was holding a mirror and looking at his handsome face. He would've never thought that he would become the grandson of the nation's richest man. At this time, his wish was to be a star but even after becoming a rich man, he still wanted to become a star.