Super Male God System Chapter 46 - Gu Aiguo

There are many people who know about Gu Aiguo, the nation's richest man. The most famous incident is the kidnapping of Gu Aiguo's wife 30 years ago. At that time, Gu Aiguo's biological son was also abducted. Gu Aiguo cooperated with the kidnappers but the kidnappers still took the money but did not return his son and his wife back to him. Gu Aiguo's wife died by those kidnappers that year and his only biological son is missing. Even if the kidnappers have been arrested later, Gu Aiguo's son's whereabouts are still unknown.

At that time, Gu Aiguo was not the richest person in the country but he later became rich afterwards. At that time, he was already 34 years old. Gu Aiguo, who was born with some physical defects, managed to have a child, but ended up in such a fate. Many people who have been exposed to criminal cases knew that the kidnapping incident of Gu Aiguo was very cruel.

Thirty years have passed since the kidnapping that year. Gu Aiguo is still alive, perhaps because the death of his wife and the disappearance of his son had hurt him so much. For so many years, Gu Aiguo has never remarried. Many women wanted to carry his child but unfortunately others didn't know that Gu Aiguo's weak essence makes women's chances of getting pregnant very low so those women who want to have his child, it is basically impossible.

For thirty years, even people around him have always told Gu Aiguo that his son is dead, but Gu Aiguo doesn't believe them. After the disappearance of his son, he not only prayed to Buddha for a long time, but also contributed to the national charity. Every year, the money donated to charity alone is an amount that others can't even imagine. On the Forbes World Richest List last year, Gu Aiguo was ranked in the top ten and ranked first in China so he became the richest man in the country.

In the early years, the Gu's family history was very chaotic and the family can be considered well off but not very rich. Later, Gu Aiguo was very clever and went in a very broad range of stuff. Gu Aiguo went into real estate, Internet companies, and he even went into the entertainment industry. Gu Aiguo's industry has been flourishing and the main reason the country is flourishing is because of Gu Aiguo's annual donation to the country so this country's richest man is also well liked and respected.

Gu Aiguo, lying in bed, was struggling with cold sweat. In the dream, he saw his wife who had been dead for many years and saw someone who seemed to be his own son... Then he opened his eyes suddenly and woke up from the bed.

Gu Aiguo sat up directly while sweating. This year, he is in his sixties but he is all alone besides his relatives. He has no blood of his own. Why do you need so much money for? It's not that he hasn't tried having children through scientific and technological means, but it has failed after countless tries. Over time, Gu Aiguo has lost hope.

As time passed, Gui Aiguo gave up on having children and could only think about the lost child of that year. He thinks about where the child is many times but he has no clue where he is and can't find him. Now, the wife in his dream made Gu Aiguo finally think that the effect of praying to God and worshiping Buddha was useful!

Quickly wiping the sweat, Gui Aiguo got up from bed and went directly to the study in his pajamas. It was early in the morning, and the servants in the villa were all sleeping and it was extra quiet but when Gu Aiguo arrived in the study he quickly started painting.

Everyone outside knows that Gu Aiguo likes to collect ancient paintings and antiques, but few people know that Gu Aiguo has a good hand and is a very skilled painter.

Thinking of the person he saw in the dream, Gu Aiguo frowned, and began to sketch it with a paint brush. For so many years, his skills have been constantly refined so two hours later, he finally painted the man in his dream.

On the white paper, a man with burgundy red hair was there. His eyebrows were similar to Gu Aiguo's wife when she was young. His eyes were peach eyes but they were a bit sharp when looking at people. When looking at this man, Gu Aiguo felt that the man's lips and nose were like himself.

Looking at the man on the white paper carefully, Gu Aiguo believes that this man must be his son. If this person is really his own son, does it prove that he has a son living in this world?

Gu Aiguo was thrilled at the thought of this, but then frowned again. After all, he only knew what he looked like. There are tens of thousands of people with similar looks in the world, and it would not be easy to find them...

Thinking like this, he suddenly remembered the pattern that his wife brought out before the man appeared. Thinking hard about the pattern, then drawing it, it looks like a map.

He thought that this was the reminder from Buddha and his wife. Even though it was four o'clock in the morning, Gu Aiguo found a map and started to search one by one, but this workload was destined to be huge, and one person couldn't complete it in a short amount of time.

Seeing it was dawn, the housekeeper Wang found out that Gu Aiguo was not in his room and found him here in the study.

"Xiao Wang, you are here now, find out where this place is for me."

He has been looking for a long time, his eyes with glasses have been dazzled, but Gu Aiguo was so excited when he thought of his son waiting for himself in this place, he did not want to sleep at all.

Mr. Wang was a high-paying butler hired abroad. After hearing this, he came to help find the address.

Here they are looking for the address where Xiao Qingrong is located, and Secretary Fang has also contacted the private detective, intending to let people start looking for Xiao Qingrong and Xiao Ming directly from the village. After all, as long as people are alive, it is impossible to not use their identification card so it's easy to find them.

In less than a day, private investigators discovered that Xiao Qingrong and his son had once withdrawn money from Jiangcheng County, and then there was no movement. They found out that the two took a train so they had to investigate where they went.

And Xiao Qingrong? Since he has money in his hand, he is not in a hurry. When he thought of his son's desire to be a big star, he gave his son the beauty pills the next day.

Xiao Ming doesn't know what his dad gave but he ate it very obediently. After eating, he felt a little worried about their future life.

"Dad, with us like this. If we want to go out to work, would anyone want to hire us?"

One yellow hair and one red hair, normal stores wouldn't hire them at all.

"No need to work, I came out with a lot of money in my hand this time, but I think those people have found a private detective to investigate us. The money won't last for years but I still have nearly 20,000 in my hand, which is enough for us to eat for a long time. During this time, first fix your skin color, you are too dark."

Looking at his son, Xiao Qingrong glanced at his hand again. This son can be darker than an old man in his thirties.

When Xiao Ming heard that he was too dark, he felt helpless. Him and his and his dad have both been out in the sun but after so many years, his dad had not tanned. Instead, he became so dark and Xiao Ming was also helpless.

"Let's go to town. I bought a computer on the Internet. When the computer arrives, I will teach you how to use the computer."

Xiao Qingrong feels that even if there is no way to go to work, if there is a computer, it is relatively easy to make money. No matter what he does, Xiao Qingrong can do it.

"Really? A computer? Can I use it?" Xiao Ming was instantly excited. You should know that before, Dad also wanted to buy a computer for himself, but the village was too remote, and people who bought the computer could not connect to the internet. At that time, Xiao Ming knew that getting a computer was basically impossible. Now, he suddenly knows that he can use a computer soon, of course he would be excited.

"Of course you can. Learn from the computer for a while"

Now, even if he intended to invite a teacher for this child, it may not be possible in a short while. Xiao Qingrong intends to let the child learn by himself before his so-called mysterious identity is exposed….

"Dad you are so good!" Xiao Ming said happily!

Xiao Qingrong then took Xiao Ming out. He knew that in the central area of ​​the city of Hangzhou, there was a person who creates a false certificate for people. It is no problem to deceive ordinary people. Xiao Qingrong feels that as long as he obtains this certificate, it will be easier to move around.

When the father and son went outside, they became two brothers. After spending 3,000 yuan, they got their latest fake ID cards.

Xiao Qingrong is the elder brother, 24 years old this year, and Xiao Ming is the younger brother, 18 years old. Although this ID looks a little shameful, Xiao Qingrong is very satisfied.

If it is not necessary, Xiao Qingrong does not want to use such false identity.

The things happening these days are really shocking for Xiao Ming. From the sudden appearance of his biological parents, he has come to a strange city and started again, which has filled the child with curiosity about everything. After all, he is still young. In such a big city, he always looks like a child, but Xiao Qingrong is willing to take care of him a little bit more.

Who makes Xiao Ming always look at him like a poor puppy?

The life of the father and son gradually calmed down, and in Shangjing, Gu Aiguo finally determined the location of the map drawn by his wife, Hangzhou in China.

Does this mean that his wife is telling him that his son is in Hangzhou?