Super Male God System Chapter 45 - Mysterious Identity Gift Package

The mother and son were talking in the ward, and outside the ward, a tall man in a tall suit stood there with a cold face. Only when his eyes fell on the woman was there a change in expression, this person was Zhou Kun.

When it comes to Zhou Kun, many people in Beijing actually don't understand this man. Although everyone said that they have a satisfied marriage but that really isn't the case. At that time, when Zhou Kun met Ling Huanhuan, she already had a boyfriend. As a result, Zhou Kun used a trick to force Ling Huanhuan's boyfriend to death. At the time, Ling Huanhuan was only 20 years old. Seeing her boyfriend jump out of the school's building, she wondered what kind of situation led her boyfriend to commit suicide but she didn't know that he was forced to die. [TN: We all know the outcome of this man]

After that, Zhou Kun carried out a series of clever tricks on Ling Huanhuan. Although Ling Huanhuan was a little silly, she didn't like the feeling of being controlled, and chose to run away. But she didn't expect to be pregnant while she was escaping. Finally, after struggling for a long time, she decided to give birth to his child.

It can be said that there were many people who knew the matter between the two. The reason Ling Huanhuan came back was because her son was sick. When Zhou Heming was brought back, he did a blood test and knew the child was not his child at all, nor Ling Huanhuan.

However, so what? As long as Ling Huanhuan could stay with him, Zhou Kun felt that the child's existence was meaningful.

For many years, Zhou Kun thought he could make his own child with Ling Huanhuan but he did not expect that her mind was all on this weak son, so even though Zhou Kun wanted his own child, the matter was delayed again and again, until now.

At that time, Zhou Kun was 32 years old when he married Ling Huanhuan, and now he was almost 50 years old. If this age was placed in a normal family, he would have embraced his grandson. Zhou Kun was distressed about this and only then did he investigate what happened that year. From this investigation, he knew that he had a biological son. The child born by Ling Huanhuan was taken carelessly at that time!

It was for this reason that Zhou Kun hid the news from everyone and asked Secretary Fang to pick up his son. Even if the child grew up in the countryside, he was still his biological child.

Staring at the back of his wife in the ward for a long time, Zhou Kun felt that he would be in the hands of this woman for his entire life. So many women outside would like to have children for him but why must he insist on having children with this woman instead? His biological child is so old now that he is probably unfamiliar with him.

At this moment, a male secretary who accompanied Zhou Kun to the hospital came over and brought his mobile phone.

Boss, it's Secretary Fang's phone.

Hearing Secretary Fang's phone call, Zhou Kun held out his hand, took the mobile phone over, and walked to the side.

Boss, I'm sorry, Xiao Ming ran away with his adoptive father, Xiao Qingrong. We're chasing them now, should we look for a private detective to investigate?

If you are looking for someone, the best way is to find a private detective.

Zhou Kun, while holding the mobile phone, sneered. He didn't expect that these people would actually fail to pick up his son.

Look, if you can't find him, there is no need for you to come back.

After talking, he hung up the phone, and threw the phone into the hands of his secretary. Zhou Kun looked a little unhappy. He thought that the child would definitely leave his adoptive father for him because he was just a poor ghost. What can one do with a person like that for a lifetime?

And at this time, Xiao Qingrong, whom Zhou Kun considered to be a poor ghost has taken Xiao Ming to Hangzhou City. Although the living conditions there were not so good, there was no need to really use your identity card and since there were a lot of people here, it was the perfect place to hide.

Before arriving, Xiao Qingrong dyed his hair burgundy by himself, his son Xiao Ming also dyed his hair yellow, and changed his clothes to the trending outfits of the young people. In such clothing, the two looked like brothers and no one felt they looked weird. After all, children these years are rebellious and they are always whimsical about these messy things, so no one would think that these two would actually be a father and son. [TN: Burgundy is a reddish purple color]

In a room, Xiao Ming was still looking in the mirror and looking at his yellow hair. He couldn't help rubbing it. He just felt that he was a bit too fashionable. He had never dyed his hair before...

Turning his head to look at his father who was packing the things at home, his cool wine-red hair made Xiao Ming feel a bit weird.

With Xiao Qingrong's original handsome face and his wine-red hair, he now gave people a sense of arrogance, but in this way, since they now live in such a place. When others see this look, it could be estimated that people who wanted to mess with them would need to think twice, after all, young people can do crazy stuff very easily..

After clearing things up, Xiao Qingrong sat down and then let Xiao Ming sit next to him. He thought that his next step should also be related to the child in front of him, so after sitting down, Xiao Qingrong seriously looked at the child in front of him.

We are now escaping. Those men must still be looking for us so you can't go to school for the time being. What do you want to be in the future?

Originally, Xiao Ming's skin was on the dark side. Now he was dyed with yellow hair, he looked a bit darker.

Xiao Ming was confused, he always followed his dad and would always listen to him. Now his dad suddenly asked this question. Of course, there was some confusion. Any 14-year-old child really wouldn't know what he would want to be in the future.

However, Xiao Ming was thinking of the stars on the big screen on the roadside. He had watched TV and knew that those people were big stars. He could be liked by many people and earn a lot of money...

Dad, since we escaped, do we have to go back later? If I stay in the city, can I be a star?

Xiao Ming looked at his dad with anticipation. He didn't know how funny his looks were at this time. Xiao Qingrong strangely glanced at his own child who had a ‘dream'. He wanted to say that although you look good, but you are so dark, how could you be a star?

However, anyway, he was his own son, Xiao Qingrong could not afford to lose face, so he said.

Oh? It's not impossible to be a star but it will be very hard, can you do it?

Xiao Qingrong looked at the child in front of him with a smile, and felt that if cultivated well, Xiao Ming could truly become a star. Xiao Ming didn't know his father's thoughts, but he was excited to be a star.

Of course I can do it, Dad. I heard that a star can make a lot of money. I'm willing to learn anything, as long as I can be a star!

The dream of a teenager is always so far out of reach. Although Xiao Ming's dream was only to make more money, although he was a child, he was also very sensitive to the people who came to their house that day. They simply looked down on his father because they were poor so he must make a lot of money, so much as to make his father do whatever he wants...

Well said, I'll find you a teacher in a while. You can study with peace of mind.

Xiao Qingrong nodded, thinking that the child's wishes were pretty easy to complete.

At this time, Xiao Ming didn't know that he would become a real star and moreover, he would become really famous in the entertainment industry since all he wanted to do was become a star to make money for his dad...

Xiao Ming went to bed at night, and Xiao Qingrong also laid on the bed. Then he opened the system mall and found that there were more than 5 million male god points in the mall. Then he remembered 618 said that the world consciousness no longer has an upper limit. He had earned a lot of male god points in the previous world.

In fact, compared with the modern world, the male god points in the ancient world were more valuable. Since he was an emperor, he would be remembered in history books and this was worth more male god points.

Searching for the word star, Xiao Qingrong saw the first golden finger system, the all-around star system.

However, this reminded Xiao Qingrong of the not-so-good-looking tycoon system. He glanced at it and gave up the gadget, and found that the best cosmetic medicine in the system was about one thousand male god points. Thinking of his son's dark look, he bought about five directly as he planned to use it on his son.

After buying these, Xiao Qingrong suddenly saw the latest gift package recommended on the system homepage, the mysterious identity gift package.

[Mystery Identity Gift Package: User will get a mysterious identity in the quest world.]

This thing should be integrated with the consciousness of this world, so the price was not that expensive, which was only half a million. Xiao Qingrong decided to buy it, and then chose to use it directly.

He wanted to see what the so-called mysterious identity gift package was.

At the same time that Xiao Qingrong decided to use this mysterious identity gift package, the personal information about him in the world changed and updated rapidly. The country's richest man, Gu Aiguo, had a dream, dreaming about his lost son for many years. It was said that his son was dead, but Gu Aiguo never believed it, and this time, he not only dreamed of his son, but also his appearance. [TN: Lmao…]