Super Male God System Chapter 44 - Zhou Heming

Secretary Fang never expected that after everything was planned, the father and son would actually flee under their eyes!

If it was Xiao Qingrong who had fled, it would have been normal, but even the second young master fled with him. Doesn't he know how rich his biological father is? Wouldn't it be better to go back to his biological father than stay with such a poor man?

The people in Heping Village also looked at each other. They did not expect Xiao Qingrong to run away with Xiao Ming behind their back. Although the villagers knew that regardless of whether Xiao Ming was Xiao Qingrong's child or not, Xiao Qingrong treated Xiao Ming very well. Xiao Ming's willingness to leave with Xiao Qingrong didn't seem to be an unacceptable thing. However, the thought of missing 20,000 yuan because of them made the people in the village somewhat unhappy.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Qingrong turned out to be a human trafficker and he has also fled with Xiao Ming. Village chief, we can't tolerate a crime like this, we must call the police!

One of the villagers came up with an idea. When they thought that they might not receive 20,000 yuan, they were very angry. They thought that if Xiao Qingrong was sent to the prison and Xiao Ming went home with them. Isn't it still possible to get the money?

When the villagers thought of it, they felt that the idea was very good, and everyone was very supportive of this idea. Only the village chief and secretary Fang were grim-faced because Xiao Qingrong and Xiao Ming escaped, there were no clues of them at all. Even after their estimation, they did not expect that those two would flee from the village like this!

Village chief, since they have ran away, I'm afraid I can't agree with the things we discussed before, but I'm not a stingy guy, so I won't take the deposit I gave you and you can share it with the folks. We will go after them now. Otherwise, I'm afraid we won't be able to catch them.

Secretary Fang said with a grim face. There was a loophole in what he had planned carefully. This made the secretary who had a strong desire for control a little irritable. When he spoke, he also broke all the pretensions for the village head, but the village head also knew that this matter was beyond recovery so the best way was to eat his loss in silence.

In the end, Secretary Fang and others left from Heping Village. Sitting in the car, Secretary Fang, who was already in a bad mood, even felt that the road was bumpy. He picked up his mobile phone and saw his boss's number, but he didn't know how to explain it to the boss.

At this time, in Beijing, thousands of miles away, in a high-level private hospital, in a 30-story high-level ward, a boy with a handsome face was sitting on the bed, and a gentle woman was reading a French novel for him. The soft voice, coupled with the tenderness in French, made the boy smile brightly.

After reading a paragraph in French, Ling Huanhuan looked at her son near her and couldn't help but touch her son's hair with care and concern.

Heming, how are you feeling? Is it comfortable? If you are uncomfortable, you must tell your mother, do you want to drink water now?

Her look was soft, and her beautiful appearance exuded an elegant and gentle temperament, which made people comfortable at first glance.

Zhou Heming looked at the woman near him and smiled lightly.

Mom, my body is not that fragile and recently, the doctors said that I'm fine and I will be able to go home in two days. Don't worry about me so much. Seeing that you've been here all the time and have not had enough rest, I'm so distressed

Holding his mother's hand, Zhou Heming coquettishly said. With his handsome face and the pair of peach eyes, he gave a different feeling when people looked at him, so although he was a teenage boy at this time but he still liked to act coquettish in front of his parents. Of course, his father was a serious person so Zhou Heming was a bit afraid of him so he always sticks to his mother.

Mother cares about you because she cares about you, and mom is happy to see you well. Dr. Chen said that as long as there is no problem after this inspection, you can go home. Once you are home, mother will make you your favorite sweet and sour pork

Looking at her son who was overly fair, Ling Huanhuan felt that the last thing she regretted in her life was to make trouble with Zhou Kun in annoyance, causing her to hide in a small city and giving birth to a child. She did not expect that her running would affect the child in her belly. This child has had congenital heart disease since he was a child. If it was not for this child, Ling Huanhuan would not have gone back and married Zhou Kun until now. Although she and her husband tried their best to treat their child, however, after seeing the child suffer, Ling Huanhuan still felt sorry for the child.

Okay, of course I want to eat, but Dad said that boys don't eat sweet things. Zhou Heming pursed his lips, remembering his tall and handsome dad, he was a little depressed.

Perhaps because of his heart disease, Zhou Heming felt that he was not the same as his father from an early age. He was obviously his biological son but his favorite things were completely different. His father liked to eat spicy food, but he liked to eat sweet food. His father was so tall, while he was only 1.16 meters(3.8ft) at the age of fourteen and he doesn't know if he can grow taller. In short, Zhou Heming hoped that if he could get better one day, it would be best if he could be a little taller. [TN: Midget]

Don't listen to your dad's nonsense, you are like me and I also like sweet food. If he doesn't like to eat sweet and sour pork, then I'll tell him not to go home for dinner.

Ling Huanhuan smiled to appease her son, but she was not worried about Zhou Kun. Even after being married for so many years, Zhou Kun may be indifferent to outsiders, but he was very good to Ling Huanhuan.

In this world, People tend to cherish things that are hard to find. It can be said that because Ling Huanhuan, Zhou Kun made a fortune by hand. At home, the person who really has the most authority was Ling Huanhuan.

As long as Ling Huanhuan said something, Zhou Kun would not object.

So... mom, can I continue to paint after I leave the hospital?

For a moment, Zhou Heming's eyes were glowing, thinking of his unfinished painting, he was a little excited. At this moment, two blushes appeared on his pale face, and Ling Huanhuan hurriedly reached out and touched her son's chest.

Don't be excited. You can't be excited now. Of course, painting is ok but mother has to be besides you as you paint. It can't be the same as last time. Otherwise, I will seal your studio later!

God knows how great of a stimulus it was for Ling Huanhuan to see her son faint in the studio. This time, her son stayed in the hospital for so long. Ling Huanhuan was really worried and didn't want her son to touch a paintbrush again, but she was afraid that her son would be sad...

Mom, rest assured, I assure you that it will never happen again. I fainted because I was concentrating on it very hard. I will take a good rest this time. Besides, I have been in the hospital for a few days. I have been dreaming. I have dreamt of a fantasy and it is amazing. I want to paint it for you.

Because Zhou Heming was weak from a young age, his painting skills were considered to have been cultivated since childhood. In addition to being proficient in the four languages, he was also a very good child. In Ling Huanhuan's view, this child, other than his weak body, he was the best kid ever.

Oh? What were you dreaming about again?

Ling Huanhuan was actually afraid of her son's dreams. The reason her son started painting was because he had dreamt something, now he started to dream again.

I dreamt of a big fire. It was a raging fire. It was in a desolate mountain village. Someone inside the fire reached out and called for help, but I couldn't save him at all. I just watched him drown in the fire. In the middle, watching him burn black to charcoal... I saw his pain and struggle, and his determination to live... Mom, I will be able to draw better works this time! Although that man could very well come out, In the end, he chose to die… Why is that? What is the reason that made him willing to bury himself in flames?

When talking about this dream, Zhou Heming's eyes flashed with confusion and redness. He was surprised by such a dream, and wanted to record it with a paintbrush. He felt confused because of everything he saw, because in this fire, the man in the scene obviously had a chance to escape, but he chose to burn in such a fire in the end. What caused him to be willing to die?

Such a dream has been going on for several days. Every time, Zhou Heming saw the figure of the man, as well as the struggle and pain of the man. However, he could not see the face of this man, making Zhou Heming want to approach the flame again and again but before he could get close, he felt he was being burned, causing him to wake up from the dream...

Ling Huanhuan realized that her son's dream was a dream, but a nightmare. Looking at her son's excitement, she was embarrassed to pour cold water as she said.

The reason you might be dreaming about this is because you have seen these small villages in the TV series recently. You can only dream about them if you look at them twice. This man in your dream is willing to die willingly in the fire? I think it is because there is someone inside the house that the man really cares for. The person that mother cares for most in this life is you. As long as you can get better, mom is willing to do anything

Zhou Heming was even more touched when he heard his mother speak. He reached out and hugged his mother. In fact, many boys of his age had a period of rebellion. However, Zhou Heming has always been well-behaved because of his poor health. There was no such thing as the rebellious period. It was because of his good manner that made Ling Huanhuan more distressed.

Mom, rest assured, I will definitely get better. Now that the technology is so developed, I will definitely get well in the future and be a good son for a lifetime...

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