Super Male God System Chapter 43 - Run

In fact, what Xiao Qingrong said was natural. Since the child was found to be swapped, it should be normal to return the child back to his original family.

But it was a pity that this hard truth only existed if the two families had equal status. For example, compare the boss's family and Xiao Qingrong, are they the same? Secretary Fang knew the boss wanted to take the second young master back since he was his child but the first young master was also the boss and the boss's wife's beloved child. How could he agree to send him back to this man? Moreover, the young master had a weak constitution, if he was really sent back to this rural place, it is likely that his life will not be guaranteed.

Thinking of this, Secretary Fang didn't conceal anything, and spoke directly.

Mr. Xiao, regarding the first young master, I can tell you that the young master has not been very healthy since he was born. He had a weak constitution for many years and has continued to suffer from minor illnesses. Therefore, the boss and his wife are very fond of the first young master. Young master is not yet an adult, and his health is not good. It is better for the young master to stay with the boss and his wife. I believe that as the father of the child, Mr. Xiao, you must know what I mean. We, the Longcheng Group, is one of the top 500 companies. With the young master growing up in such a family, he will have a bright future ahead of him… [TN: Can't deny that]

He had seen too many poor people greedy for riches or maybe he really wanted his son back but that had nothing to do with him. Secretary Fang knew his boss's character, according to him, he would never let the young master return to this man.

Xiao Ming who was sitting next to Xiao Qingrong also heard secretary Fang seriously and summed up the information he heard from his mouth. His father's biological son's body was not good so he didn't come and he also estimated that he does not intend to accept his father, such an idea made Xiao Ming very unhappy. ‘Dad is so good. Why does he refuse to accept his father?'

And Xiao Qingrong? Listening to the words of Secretary Fang, he raised his lips and looked at the secretary Fang.

Is that so. Ming'er grew up with me since he was a child, and now he is healthy and so good, yet you want to take him away with just a few words. That sounds like a nice idea but I won't take the money, and I won't let you take Ming'er away. If you have to take Ming'er away, then send my so-called biological son back and let me see if he is truly my biological son or not!

After hearing this, Secretary Fang wiped away the smile on his face. He originally thought that this matter would be easy to deal with, but he didn't expect to encounter such a hurdle.

Mr. Xiao, I advise you not to refuse the toast that you are given. If you are not satisfied with 500,000, I can give you two million. The second master is the boss's child, not your child. I hope you understand.

Xiao Qingrong's sneer tore off his mask of hypocrisy this time, and Secretary Fang no longer pretended. Such a change surprised Xiao Ming.

What Xiao Qingrong hated in his life the most was being threatened. Now looking at Secretary Fang, he snorted, stood up and walked towards the kitchen. Even Xiao Ming didn't know what his father was going to do. When they were thinking of what he was planning to do, they saw Xiao Qingrong come out with a kitchen knife, he stabbed the kitchen knife directly on the table and said.

Secretary Fang, right? I don't know anything about the law, but if anyone tried to take my child away from me, I don't mind using this knife on him. Let's see who is faster, you guys or my kitchen knife?

Secretary Fang was startled by the sudden appearance of the Qingrong, especially Xiao Qingrong's murderous look, his cold eyes made Secretary Fang and others dare not move, their bodies froze and they could only open their mouths to negotiate.

Mr. Xiao, you have something to say.

They came to negotiate this time so they didn't bring anything for protection. If they really got injured in this remote mountainous area, it will take a while to reach the hospital and Secretary Fang cherished his body very much.

I've got nothing to say, you can scram now. If you can bring that young master, I can think about letting Ming'er go with you.

Xiao Qingrong who was holding a kitchen knife with a callus in his hand really missed his scalpel, but the scalpel was in the space and he needed 618's help to take it out. Xiao Qingrong couldn't use it now...

In the end, Secretary Fang and others fled and left the house. As for whether they really left or not, it had nothing to do with Xiao Qingrong.

Xiao Ming saw his father being so angry for the first time, he took out a kitchen knife and threatened others. At this moment, everyone was gone, and he hurriedly pulled his father's hand, then assured him.

Dad, rest assured, I will definitely not go with them. I only have you as a father. I don't believe that I am not your biological son. If I am not, why would you treat me so well?

From childhood till today, Xiao Ming was very much loved. Although there was only his father, there was no lack of love. Xiao Ming may be referred to as a wolf cub and feared by other children, but at home, at best, he is a little pup.

After growing up a bit, because he knew that his dad was not good at cooking, he learned to cook by himself. For so many years, Xiao Ming cooked for his Dad and himself. He also likes cooking.

Xiao Qingrong set his sights on this son of his. He was not interested in women, nor was he naturally interested in men. He became accustomed to it. Now this son of his made Xiao Qingrong feel a little strange. Seeing this child, although he was tall and big, his clean eyes were full of respect. Like a puppy who was afraid of being abandoned, he felt it was a bit cute.

Xiao Qingrong reached out and squeezed the child's face, making the child's face red, and then spoke.

Have you made your decision? You won't go with those people?

Nowadays, if you think about the conditions of being raised by a family who owns a company that was in the top 500, the child will be very well off. However, the child just now made a promise. Who knows if he will regret it later?

Xiao Ming's blushed after being pinched by his dad. Although it was a little painful, he was happy. In front of his dad, he was just a child.

Why would I go with them, Dad, I'm your son. Moreover, even if those people are not child traffickers, what is true is that my so-called rich parents didn't come to me, they just sent someone to come over and pick me up and I can tell from a glance that they don't like me very much, I'm not stupid. Aren't they just rich? Well, when I'll grow up in the future, I will earn more money and I will take dad to travel all around the world and annoy them!

After all, he was only fourteen years old, and he was still a child so he will have such childish thoughts. His innocence and simplicity made Xiao Qingrong smile.

Okay, dad hasn't raised you for nothing. I think the same way as you do. In my heart, you are dad's only son and no one else.

These words made Xiao Ming very happy. He was a little worried that his father would dwell on the matter of the chance that he might not be his biological son. But now that he saw that his dad didn't care about the matter at all, he suddenly smiled, and looked a little silly.

Okay, go and change your clothes, we will leave for Zhoushan. I don't think those people are ordinary. I am afraid that something will happen. We are both weak and can be bullied.

When Secretary Fang left, Xiao Qingrong looked into his eyes, knowing that the other party was a person who could use whatever means to achieve his purpose. Since the peace talk did not succeed, he would definitely use special means...

Xiao Ming was startled, looking at his dad he couldn't believe it.

They will come for us again?

Didn't he just refuse to follow them back, do they have to deal with him and his dad? Xiao Ming couldn't figure out what was going on.

They're not against you, it's me. If I die, your custody will go to them according to the law.

Xiao Qingrong sneered. As a businessman, he knew the thoughts of those people. In the eyes of those people, ordinary people were worthless and expendable. In order to achieve a certain purpose, unscrupulous means have become a necessary means. Xiao Qingrong believed that the other party would definitely not give up Xiao Ming. Then he, the father, would not compromise, and he would definitely take measures. [TN: Idk if it is our original mc but I think he is our original mc now since he talks about him being a businessman. The author did not state if he is Shadow or another personality]

Isn't killing him...the easiest way?

Xiao Ming was so scared that he looked at Xiao Qingrong worriedly. He couldn't believe what he heard, he was full of fear.

They... will they kill the villagers too?

If that's the case, it would be terrible... it was something that Xiao Ming never thought of.

Oh, what are you afraid of? The people in the village are not too close to our family, and I didn't have much contact with the people in the village these years. If I die, they only need to spend money to seal the mouths of the people in the village and then take you away

Xiao Qingrong knew that his current physical condition was not suitable for confronting people, so the best way was to leave first.

Xiao Ming was pale and scared. He wanted to say something, but Xiao Qingrong made him arrange for a change of clothes. Then Xiao Qingrong went to his room and took all the money that the previous owner of the body has been storing. The money was almost about 300,000 yuan. The previous owner of the body has saved this money for the sake of buying a house in the city for his son to take root in the future. Now, it was being used, just to escape.

The father and son quickly changed their clothes, put on masks, and slipped out from the back door and ran towards Zhoushan.

The father and son hurriedly left from the back of the mountain, while Secretary Fang came to the village chief's house and brought some good wine that the village chief had never drunk before.

I know that Xiao Ming looks nothing like Xiao Qingrong. At the time his wife got sick she was already pregnant, even if he went to the city, I don't think he would've brought back a child so soon. Many people said that Xiao Qingrong's child was adopted but I didn't expect he would actually steal a child…

The village chief couldn't believe it while drinking, while the secretary and others were sitting in front of him making sad faces.

You don't know how many years our boss and his wife have been looking for the second young master. When the child was stolen from the hospital, it was very hard to find evidence that the young master was taken away by that Xiao Qingrong. Now we have come here and want to take the young master home… but the young master has been blinded by that thief, he doesn't believe us at all, and he refuses to go back…

That's really sad. The village chief shook his head when he heard the story, felt that Xiao Ming had a great fortune. His parents turned out to be so powerful. His father was the president of a company. This made the village chief sigh.

Hey, it's not that the child was blinded. When Xiao Qingrong brought the child back, and looking back at our village although the conditions were not good, Xiao Qingrong really took care of Xiao Ming with all his heart. I am afraid that in the whole village, Xiao Ming had the best life. Although he didn't have a mother, he was loved by Xiao Qingrong and he got new clothes every year…

The village chief chatted while drinking. Secretary Fang and others had smiles on their faces, but they still didn't let Xiao Qingrong off.

Village chief, even if he was good to the young master, the young master was born to be the future president of our company and the boss and his wife have missed the young master for so many years. Xiao Qingrong is a human trafficker, a criminal who stole a child, and he is not a good person. Now, when we went to the village and wanted to take the young master back home, he even threatened us with a kitchen knife and said that we would be hacked to death. We were so scared that we had to find the village chief and we wanted to ask the village chief to help us…

It was noon right now, the village chief could naturally understand the meaning of secretary Fang, he wanted nothing more, than the villagers help to control Xiao Qingrong and let these people take the child away, but even after drinking so much wine, the village chief did not say anything, until Fang took out a card.

This is 200,000. I bought wine and drinks for the village head. I ask the village head to do a good deed and help us till the end and let our young master hurry home with us...

This time, the village chief raised his eyebrows and knew that these people were rich, but still was being a little stingy.

Secretary Fang continued to talk with the village chief. Xiao Qingrong had taken Xiao Ming towards the foot of the mountain. Both of them grew up in the village here, so their physical fitness was still good. They ran all the way until it was noon but they didn't meet anyone. They soon left Heping Village and then hitchhiked to Jiangcheng County in less than 20 minutes.

I'm going to get the money first

It was definitely impossible to fly since they would need to use their ID card and they will soon be found out. After all, there were still many private detectives these days. Xiao Qingrong had many ways to avoid these people.

At the ATM, Xiao Qingrong took out 20,000 yuan, and then pulled Xiao Ming to the train station.

Even if the economy was prosperous today and the country's verification was strict, you don't need an ID card as long as you don't go to the station to get a ticket.

The two successfully found a train that would take them from Jiangcheng County to Hangzhou City. If Jiangcheng County was still a small place, then Hangzhou City was the country's largest transportation hub and it was the best place to hide.

Xiao Ming was still a little nervous when he got on the train. Xiao Qingrong fed him a motion sickness pill, and he fell asleep.

On the side of Heping Village, Jiangcheng County, Secretary Fang finally negotiated the price with the village chief, one million yuan. According to the plan, they will cause an accident and let Xiao Qingrong, the damned trafficker, die. The secretary was also willing to compensate 20,000 yuan for each person in the village.

Such a good thing, of course, the village head will not miss it. The Xiao family had no relatives in the village. Besides, it was also said that Xiao Qingrong was cursed so the village head felt that it was better for him to die.

This village was pretty far from the Public Security Bureau so if an individual dies abnormally here, it was still easy to handle.

It was rare for a villager to report a case and have it investigated by a forensic doctor.

The village chief gathered all the people in the village and they all planned to work together. After all, they had to make it look like an accident. As long as everyone sees the accident, it will be easier to explain to the authorities later if this incident was investigated.

He felt it was fine to murder someone for a million.

People in the village heard the village chief saying that Xiao Ming was actually not born to Xiao Qingrong. Not only was he not his child, Xiao Qingrong turned out to be a child trafficker! Now the rich people want to bring their child back and they also want to catch the trafficker. As long as they all help, every family can get 20,000 yuan!

20,000 yuan was not something that the villagers can earn casually, so naturally they were all very excited, and immediately gathered a lot of people and arrived at the door of Xiao Qingrong's house, but what they did not expect was that the house was empty the moment they went in...